Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's That Time Again ...

And I'm having Keurig Hazelnut Cream.  Only my second one today and it is going to taste sooooo very good.  A definite pick me up.  I'm in the middle of a major cleaning out project.  Also, I hope to have a big yard sale in October.  I know we could make at least a few hundred dollars or so ...depending on how willing I am to let go of things.  But I am being more hardcore than I usually am. 

A couple of things I am having a hard time with is old vinyl albums that were my uncle's and are in mint condition.  I have a huge box of them and have been stored in a cool dry closet and I haven't played even one time since I got them in summer 2004.  What do I do with them?  Also ...I have so many cassettes!  A ridiculous amount, really.  I guess I should just pull absolute favorites. ??  or a donut maker my mom gave that I n-e-v-e-r use - but my mom gave it as a present.  or an unopened ice cream maker she gave ...or ..well so many things.  The problem is we've accumulated so much and have inherited things and will be inheriting things.

I keep finding ways to store and make room ...but we're NOT using them and wouldn't it be better to give to someone who would use them?  Or just get rid of them if I am feeling stressed with too much clutter.  I am surprised the attic floor doesn't bow downward - seriously.  Don't know what to do with it ..put it in the attic!

 Now you can see why we never go up into our Bermuda Triangle attic without using the buddy system - someone else knowing about it and being tied to a rope that is anchored down here in the house.  Otherwise we'd be MIA with everything else up there.

Anyway ...a yard sale would be fun.  I only did it one other time ...early October, 1979 (such a warm, beautiful weekend) ...and then we hardly owned anything. It was actually a lot of fun!  I admit ...I do like making a sale.  Always a good feeling. :)

Oh and BOOKS!  I LOVE books.  I have too many.  Some I will never part with.  I have some good books - old - first editions that were passed down. Poets and other books.  So many books from past to present. A set of the classics given to my grandfather from my mother. Get rid of some?  Why not just throw out babies and pets too?  ;)  I have a thing for books - I admit that.  I did try to weed them out during the summer and decided to get rid of 5 books.  I can do better, especially with paperbacks.  Not today though.

And now I had better get back to the tasks at hand ...with coffee in hand.  :)


Scots little sister said...

I can empathize with you...I have just had a huge clear out of my clutter but it has taken ten years to be able to make the definitive "Yes, that CAN GO" decision on many of the items. (Like the ones that have emotional ties, mostly.)
From what you have written I get the feeling that you are still quite attached to a lot of the things you have in the attic? Do you feel you 'ought to' or 'should' get rid of 'all' of your stuff?
I do hope no-body is pressing your buttons! You need only to clear out what you WISH to throw out/sell off. If you are not 100% convinced in your heart and mind then you may have regrets later. I have experiences of clearing out my things both before I was ready (and I have forever had regrets about that to this day) and experiences more recently of clearing out stuff that I was ready to get rid of (and that was a really good feeling).

I'm sure that items like your donut maker and ice cream maker from your Mom won't make the attic ceiling fall in! Why not keep them and anything else that is really difficult to make a decision on at the moment. Then after many years have passed you can look at them again and reassess them.
Same with your books - I love books too, so does hubby, but we kept keeping them and soon there was literally no room to move ; they were spilled outside the bookcases and on the floors and gathering dust, they had been read, but we usually did not re-read them. So, we did the same thing - chuck out those we hadn't re-read in 10 years. (But keeping the antique-type valuable books.)
It is a nice feeling when you have cleared away some of your clutter, so if you can do that then well done! But don't fret if you can't clear much this time around. Many people have been there and experienced the same difficulties and I am sure it is because they are just not ready to part with that bit of life that little bit of clutter represents. It may be small, but it may remind you of something really important, just like a jigsaw puzzle piece.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Scot's Little Sister - I really appreciate your response. I look forward to responding, but have to get going on some things right now.

Your comment is so good - it could be a post. :)

Would it be alright if I use it as a post and then respond to it - giving you the credit of course? If not that is certainly okay too.

I woke up feeling down and purposeless. I know feelings are transient. I felt it when I first opened my baby blues and so turned over and went back to some much needed sleep. but it stayed with me.I am very tired. And I wonder if the flu vaccine I got is contributing in anyway. My arm is so swollen and hot. This too shall pass. ha ha! never heard of the flu vaccine side effects causing depression and purposelessness. :) But I mean from the feeling so wiped out.

But ..I've got more calls to make and places to go will come back later. :)

Scots little sister said...

Sure, you can use it as a post! I hope that you are feeling better soon. :) I am struggling to keep up with all your posts - you are writing so many! Or maybe they all download on my computer at the same time, because I tend to check daily and sometimes there are none, and then sometimes there are so many new ones...must be my computer :)

SeaSpray said...

Thanks. I may respond in the post then otherwise you see it back in here. I love your comments. never feel obligated tho. Only if passing thru. :)