Friday, September 27, 2013


This house is baby proofed.  I am also very careful to always check everywhere just before the little ones come over to make sure nothing has been left out.  Last night, just before bed after washing up in the bathroom I put nail polish remover and two cold medicine bottles at the top of the bathroom closet.  I am careful about these things with a capital "C" and yet as I've written previously ...I had a few occasions (ahem) call POISON CONTROL.  Yeah ...I began wondering if I should continue giving out my zip code.  I didn't, anticipate their chewing on the toilet bowl brush, eating eyeliner pencils, sucking on my high heel that had been all over the ER/hospital the night before, munching on a house plant and a few other surprises.

So ...this morning I was at the sink washing some vegetables for our pot roast crock pot dinner when I heard little 32 month old M call out, "Mum mum!  Keaning?"



"I don't understand ..what?"

And then I looked more carefully to see he was putting his finger on the nozzle of the cleaning bottle that was in the carrier I use to conveniently carry cleaning supplies from room to room.  Oh NO! NOT POISON CONTROL again.  Someone ...Left the cleaning caddy on top of their big toy basket and then a folded blanket had been tossed on top of it.  Suffice it to know I would never place a clean blanket over a cleaning caddy filled with products and used cleaning rags.

Drying my hands and hollering out to him in the next room, "Wait M ...DON'T touch that!  Did you touch that?!"  


"Come right over here please!"

And he did.

"Did it spray on you?"


Where?  (I didn't see anything on him)  It was a bottle of Murphy's oil that I haven't used in ages and just leave it in there.  He pointed to his eye.

So ...I began sniffing his fingers, face and eye.  (So primal.  Btw - he is now AGAIN coming down with another cold and has a runny nose and there I was ...right up to him ...breathing right near his face to see if I smell the product.  I didn't.  Also ..while he did rub his eye a bit, it wasn't red or irritated.  So I just took a very wet paper towel and wiped his eye and the another one and squeezed some water over it.  (He's been fine.)  But then he was in this inquisitive touching mode ...quickly going from one thing to the other in the kitchen ...asking, "What's this, what's this?", and so on.  He went on the other side of the counter ...asking, "What's this?", as he plunged his fingers onto the RAW pot roast.

"M! STAY there! Don't TOUCH anything else!  Don't touch yourself ...don't touch ANYTHING!"  He froze in position and I wanted him to because I didn't want him to touch his face or potentially contaminate anything else ...because of the raw meat exposure.  (I admit, I am fanatical about safety precautions regarding raw meat and poultry, etc., but evidently never anticipated a young child being able or even wanting to reach it.)  So, I washed his hand with a warm soapy cloth and dried it and then in frustration ...admonishing him ...I blurted out, "M ...I don't want you touching ANYTHING!  No touching this meat!  NO touching anything else!  You CAN touch your knees, your hair and your TOYS!  But NO touching ANYTHING else!  CAPISH?!


We hugged and he ran off to play.  (Gosh ...I love that sweet ...precious little guy soooo MUCH!:)

I never said I was being rational.  :)

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