Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Not Giving In!

Zinnias are just so pretty ...with such vibrant colors.  My camera does not do them justice.

I am trying so hard to stay HEALTHY!!!

Over the weekend I felt like I was getting a UTI, but those symptoms went away and now a stupid upper respiratory infection is trying to get me.  Mr SeaSpray was hit hard with it ..and germaphobe me has been wiping everything down, giving him his own tissues and bag to put them in and taking whatever precautions I can.  He even slept separately from me.  But that is because I can't give up a/c in the bedroom yet.  Plus I actually thought no respectable virus would dare want to inhabit the bedroom.  Then again it was so hot and humid and windows were closed in the house when I came home from a party Sunday evening.  When I walked in the house I was sure it had become an incubation center in which this virus now thrived.   Not to be daunted ....I still maintained my usual SeaSpray precautions.

That being said ....

All day I have been taking Manuka honey because of it's antibacterial properties and other things, Herbal Aloe Force juice, Acai juice and Green synergy drink.  But the last thing I did was make a HUGE container (32oz) of Green Synergy drink, with a splash of Herbal Aloe Force and some Acai juice and mixed it all up - my reasoning being that it would be akin to the SUPER WOMAN of drinks and no dastardly infection would dare mess with her.  ;)  But evidently my "splash" of Herbal Aloe Force (sour) was a bit more than a splash. Talk about pucker power - YIKES!  *I* needed to be Super Woman to drink it ...but I drank it all down anyway so as not to waste it.  Tough one though.  I've also been quoting healing scriptures and saying I am fighting this.  Got Vitamin D outside and kept myself busy.  And I am going outside right now to water the front Gardens.  I did the back gardens earlier and I've noticed that fall really does seem to be coming extra early this year.

I really wanted to go in the pool and I may tomorrow if the sun is on it.  I am just not sure if one is fighting an infection ...should they go in water that is lower than their body temperature?  Would that weaken  the autoimmune system since something is already trying to compromise it?  And I know this is no big deal ...but darn if it isn't annoying!  I wanted to do some before the kids go back to school activities and now I m staying away because they all don't need to be sick too.
So ...I'll know soon enough if these efforts to thwart the cold make any difference.  I have the sore throat and sniffles are sort of ....seemingly kept at bay and so I hope it will just never quite land on me long enough to take up residence.  A SeaSpray can believe.  :)


Scots little sister said...

Your zinnias are gorgeous! They are such pretty colours - just looking at them and having sunshine would be enough for me to stay healthy! Not sure I could do juices - I once tried some kind of special herb juice when I was in California - it was supposed to boost the immune system and keep cancer at bay. It tasted really revolting. Some juices interfere with the metabolism of some drugs - like statins and grapefruit juice. Pity that, I like grapefruit juice!
I hope you stay bug free and healthy. I will send positive thoughts your way :)

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Scots little sister. :)

I used to love unsweetened pink grapefruit juice. I forgot about that! I wonder if I should drink that too. In those days, I believed it helped me lose weight. :)