Wednesday, September 11, 2013

OMG! Spiders, Snakes and Bats - Not a Halloween post

I must've been shaking with fear when I took this of this spider over the weekend.  These spiders are big and really do scare me and I will do anything if anyone else will remove them for me and I don't care what they do ...just take it A-W-A-Y!  Doesn't that look way scarier than a snake?  And I am no fan of snakes - believe me.

So ...I just walked into the kitchen to see the garbage pail in the middle of the floor ...lights on in the kitchen...lights on in family room and 2 camping lanterns out with my husband holding one with the light turned on .... walking warily around the family room. 

"What's wrong?"

No answer.

"Mr SeaSpray ...WHAT'S WRONG?!"

"Oh I saw a SNAKE in the house." 


"Yeah it slithered right past me on the tile and I thought it crawled under the cabinet ...only it didn't come back out when I poked at it."

"Well maybe it crawled somewhere ELSE when left to get the broom and the lamps."

"I don't know.  Those %$*&&^% guys left the sliding doors open yesterday!" 

 He was referring to the carpet installers.  There is a pond very close to our property ...not too far from those doors.

"How big is it?"

"Not that big."

"Well how big?"

"Under a foot maybe."

Well I HOPE it doesn't have babies like what happened to my friend with the SEVEN snakes in her Jacuzzi!  Mr SeaSpray was most definitely non plussed with that comment.

Mr SeaSpray continues, "You know ...I thought I saw a snake slither into the mint the other day." (Right near the house)

"NOOOO ..I didn't KNOW that - you didn't TELL me that."   I fully expect snakes to be around here at times but expecting and knowing are two different things.  I'm always getting herbs for something or weeding and watering.

"Maybe it crawled into the cabinet." 

And then I added ...or maybe into the kid's toy basket, the coat closet or under any number of things in this house.  We HAVE to find it.  Maybe the cat could EAT it?  A SeaSpray can dream...  but DO cats go after snakes?  They bring everything else home to the doorstep.

Anyway ...I had just washed to go to bed and really wanted to go to bed, but the idea of a snake loose in the house put a damper on that.  Instead, I decided to put the solid baby gate up between rooms.  I know a snake couldn't slither over it.  I had to do something.  So ...I either corralled it out by him in the family room or in the rest of the house with me.

"Well ...I am going to bed anyway."  Then I remembered, Oh NO!  We can't close the bedroom doors now!"  (see previous post about that)

But ...I decided to blog a bit more and he has been watching TV with the lights on.  He never watches TV with the lights on,  I on the other hand am blogging in the dark.  Hmmm.  Years ago ...while outside ...sitting in the back yard under a full moon ...alone ...I heard a snake slither right past my feet.  Goodbye full moon - HELLO safe house!

And now ...snake or no snake ...I need to close these baby blues.  Maybe it is better if we can't close the doors.  For all I know the snake slithered into one of the rooms.

Ugh ...I hope I can sleep.  The idea of anything slithering on or near me in the dark ...YIKES!!!  It's bad enough that this time of year I worry about those stupid big muscular hairy spiders that get  inside. They freak me out. 

In the daylight, I could hold a snake easier than a spider.  But in the dark ...a snake is definitely creepier.

And a bat would be even worse.  I'm not afraid of the bat but of the rabies if a carrier.  The whole rabies series thing - not fun.

Sweet Dreams time now....

Update almost 48 hours later:  Have not found snake.  I'm pretty calm about it although I did say to Mr SeaSpray that when it gets cold, I hope it doesn't come heat seeking near us.  And I do forget, but then feel a tad concerned when the room is dark and my feet are on the floor.  I haven't even thought about it in the wee hours of the morning when I am making the whizzie winkles run.  Too tired I guess.  Besides must've found a way back out - right?  It has to eat. ?

What the heck is a SNAKE thinking when it slithers into a house for Pete's sake?!  I mean it's not a natural habitat or anything snake friendly ...except for warmth ...maybe.  ?

Oh and the carpet guys came back and shaved the doors and actually ...they close better than they ever did.  I didn't tell them about the snake.  But had to have come in through the sliding door they left open.  And it had to be more than an hour that it was open like that.

back to the snake ...what was it thinking?  "I'm just slithering along ..dotsie dotsie doe ...what?  Heh!  What's this...  a new territory to inhabit?"   or "Oooooh ...I like their new rug like a lake ...I must slither upon it." ??

And to think for all those hours ...since MORNING ...that critter was probably hanging out under the couches.   {{{SHUDDER!}}}

He/she (please be a HE) still could be.  Could even crawl up into it.  OMG!  Do they make nests?

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