Sunday, September 8, 2013


bermuda triangle map
  I'm listening to beautiful piano music in my Spotify account.  So ...uplifting! I also feel myself procrastinating.  Okay ...THAT started with my first post.

SO!  I will not be back in here to blog (ohhh how I WANT to though), until AFTER my projects are complete.  But ...I'm going in!

A-l-t-h-o-u-g-h-h-h ..if it is too long had better send some one to come looking for this SeaSpray because... I could've broken my buddy system rule if  impatience takes over and the rope anchoring me to the first floor could have broken and then ...I could be MIA up in our Bermuda Triangle attic.

Just saying ... just in case.  ;)


Scots little sister said...

If I don't hear from you in a few days time I will alert the EMS...!

SeaSpray said...

Ha ha! I made it back down. :)