Wednesday, September 4, 2013

That Moment ...

Yellow Box Jello Flip Flops Size 8.5 
I love the bling.  :)
  ...when you realize ...that last week ... you wore 2 different bling sandals.  Both pairs black with rhinestones.  One sandal has bling in a v and the other sandal has bling in a v that turns into an x at the top of the main bling.  The latter ones are newer.  They are what I thought I put on. And when I was in the dental chair, I noticed that the right bling strip was beginning to lift up and I was disappointed.  Then I forgot all about it ...until organizing my closet today.  OOOPS!  The OLDER sandal bling was beginning to lift off.  The NEWER ones are fine.  So ...yes ...I had two different  sandals on my feet.  Oh but I wanted to do that ...right?  Subconsciously?  Yeah that's it ...I CHOSE to be different.  ;)

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