Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We Can't Close Our ...

 Deep Cosmos

I love the new rug we had installed in the family room yesterday   So pretty (sapphire blue with a subtle two tone deep blue - much prettier than a navy.  It's called Deep Cosmos.  Our previous rug had been sapphire and eventually faded to navy, thanks to the sun shining in through the 6 foot sliding glass doors.  This new one is rich in color.  I do think of sapphires when I look at it.  :)  And the padding is so thick too.  I am a very happy SeaSpray every time I look at this rug.

And so is our dog, Faith.  I noticed last night that she was opting to sprawl out on the new rug instead of the sofa.  (That works for me. :) Even Mr SeaSpray commented that he thinks she thinks the rug is her new bed. I thought our previous carpet had good padding, but I feel like I need hiking boots to step onto this rug now.  ;)

And we also had the same rug put down in the hallway.  I love it there too.

The installers were very nice and I would recommend them ...unless ...you are fussy about closing your bedroom doors.

Yes ..great carpet ...but we can't close our bedroom doors. 

  And I mean hardly close said doors.  I thought maybe I just had to force it, but quickly gave up that idea as I was pretty sure the door hinges would break off.

They didn't put that carpet edger down or whatever that is called ...stating that it looks nicer with out.  I agreed because I liked the contrast of the rug against the hardwood floors in the bedrooms, but it never occurred to me to see if the doors closed after the carpet was installed.

It apparently didn't occur to the installers either.

So ... I called the store and the owner said we could shave the doors.  But ...I don't want to shave the doors because if we ever decided to go back to hardwood there, then the doors would be too short.

So one of the guys will be back by the end of the week. *sigh*

I'll just say, that you don't realize how much you like your bedroom door closed ...until ...you can't close your bedroom door.


Scots little sister said...

What did the carpet 'guys' do? Did you decide to shave the doors or not? That is the dilemma we have had when we have gone carpet (aka rug) shopping in the past. i.e. do we get a thick pile carpet and have to shave the doors, or do we get a standard carpet and make do with the doors the way they are. Usually the thick carpets are more expensive and having dogs and cats we usually go for the low cost option so we don't have to shave the doors!

SeaSpray said...

Hi - we went with shaving the door - only an eighth of an inch and am so glad we did. It is better than before with those straddles down or whatever they call them. Shuts better than before.

I hear you about the pets. Our cat claws everything and I am praying he will not pull up nubs again. He claws door frames too and see scratches. Upsets me because he really does damage and he gets to go outside.

I got the better carpet because it HAS to last and we have the money now. Plus I lOVE the feel of it. To bad so much furniture covers it. It is just part of the family room raised up from the tile at other end. And we have a bulky couch and love seat and bulky coffee and end tables and some other things and so there isn't much showing. We use a baby gait to block the dog when we aren't able toilet her out. She was terrible when we first rescued her and was always piddling on the old rug. Thank God I have a carpet steamer. But after almost two yrs she has learned to ask to go out more often. Still the gate goes up tho.