Monday, October 21, 2013

Diagnosis? (Update from previous posts)

I can't believe I don't know the diagnosis.  Guess I was just focused on arm movements and shots, etc.

Something about a calcium deposit that tells him there has been a strain for a while and is natures way of helping the situation.  But then something happened ..maybe swelling in between?  Anyway ...even tho I am really adverse to cortisone in my system ...I'm also adverse to horrendous pain and so I went for the big guns - 2 cortisone injections.  (There is more ease of movement although pain very much still there) Rest (no straining, lifting, pushing excessively) and when feeling better by end of week ...begin walk walks with my fingers while standing exercise to strengthen.

If I over do it ...I could inflame area again and to quote the Dr, "That would not be good."  Also ...something about surgery if I over do it and it doesn't heal properly.  So ...I will take it easy.  Maybe it is a blessing in disguise because I will use the time to focus on my business I want to open a web page for and get going with.  :)

Interestingly he described the only position I would be comfortable sleeping in with that diagnosis and he was correct.

I don't know how I am going to totally rest it since I do use my arms to get up if sitting really low.  I guess find other options.  I have been using other arm more but that is mildly aching and I told him and he said that is because I am compensating with it.

I was surprised both the m/a and he noticed I lost weight, since I gained SIX pound over the weekend.  yes I caved with eating comfort food Saturday and Sunday,  Some one else laughed today when I told her I gained six pounds in 3 days.  She said - that's not fat ...that's WATER weight!  Dug!  The comfort food did have more salt than I usually have.  I feel a bit better.  Also now that I know what the problem is I feel less stressed in one way and am back on track with eating better.

If you think of how some people will toss back a couple of drinks after a bad day, stressed ...whatever ...that is how I am with food.  Same thing - different substance.

But if ever I have the motivation to lose weight is NOW.  I almost feel like going to all liquid diet and lose fast.  But I also know that losing weight fast causes more loss of skin tone, muscle if not enough nutrients, and is a set up to regain the weight because you didn't retrain yourself with a healthier lifestyle.  I was doing really good until this weekend and will just go back to that.

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