Friday, October 4, 2013

Forbidden Fruit -Fun at the Sleep Center :)

What I hope I look like in a few hours from now ...well sort of.   Cute, but not wrinkled a dreamy state of sleep.  Oh and maybe my legs shouldn't be straight up like that.  Would make for an interesting study though. ;)

...or something like that.

So ...of course today ...I wanted (still do), what I can't have.

And why is that?

What is it about humans ...many of us anyway ...that once we are told, "No.", THAT is exactly what we do want?

Post-it : Forbidden Apple

So ...what is this forbidden fruit she speaks of, you ask?

Coffee ...specifically Keurig's fabulous Pumpkin Spice coffee.  But even beyond that ...COFFEECOFFEECOFFEE all I have wanted all day ...a-l-l day.  And ...I did kind of inadvertently drink more beyond ...high noon.  On a normal day - it wouldn't have mattered.  Here is where the justification came in to play tho was just one of the sleep ctr people telling me not to drink coffee past noon.  But when I printed out the instructions ...and there were many ...including wash your head ...there wasn't any mention of restricting coffee.  I rest my case ...assuage my guilt ...well sort of ..with the guilt thing.

Hmmm ...I'm thinking this doesn't bode well ...that my whizzie winkles at 7:pm reek of coffee. (I know - TMI) This is not at all the norm for me.  Must because I was so engrossed in doing the War and Peace version of pre-admission medical forms, that I sipped it way too long ..even tho it did get cold. And the few business calls in between.

And the other forbidden thing ...a NAP!  Heck ...I wanted a nap as soon as I opened my baby blues this morning ...just because I knew they said naps.  And as I was making the bed was like a magnet drawing me in, like an insect into the spider's web.  I actually have avoided the bedroom and all comfortable furniture today.  Or ..this non napping SeaSpray would've napped. 

So ...this SeaSpray ...did taste of the forbidden fruit Keurig Pumpkin Spice coffee much as she could this morning.  3 12 0z cups ...although I never finished one because I always end up doing something and come back to it cold.  So ...technically 6oz per cup or so.  Like smokers that leave their cigarettes burning - that is how I am with drinking anything... usually, anyway.

However the forbidden part came after high noon.

And I caved ...I justified ...until I could justify no more.  Now maybe if I could've taken a NAP ...I wouldn't have minded the coffee ban.  Mind you ...I n-e-v-e-r rarely take naps.  But today was forbidden ...and so ...of course ...I have been craving a nap all darn day ...even now ...I want a nap.

So ...what's the big deal you ask?

SLEEP STUDY tonight!

I waited too long to print and fill out all their forms and I am finally down to the last one.  There are so many questions I am now wondering if this sleep center is in cahoots with the never ever invasive IRS. ?  ;)

 I still have to shower and I hope that doesn't wake me up. (I think it will tho) They said something about having a clean head in their instructions.  Well ...I'm going for the whole clean body/head package.  Why wouldn't they just say ...take a shower everyone? Clean head?  So weird sounding.  "Wait ..I can't go yet - I still have to clean my head!"  :)

And no body creams.  If there is ever a pre-surgery, pre-test  medical rule I am tempted to break is not slathering on luxurious ...pretty scented lotions and creams.  Again's a girl thing.  Of course (I've written this before), at 24 ...I and my hospital roommate, slathered on Keri lotion which is so thick and greasy and we put it all over our bodies ...after showering before going to the OR.  (This old hospital actually had a large community shower to use before going in the OR)  We had to be glistening for that OR because Keri lotion always gave that greasy shine to skin. I'm surprised we didn't slide away from them ..or maybe we did.  ;)

And I am bringing my own fabulous, best pillow in the world ...that I bought from Sleepy's this past summer.  And they are putting a fan in there for me.  A SeaSpray has her demands.  If I have to comply - THEY have to comply.  I am kidding - of course ...yes ..I am ..kidding.  ;)  My PCP said he wants me to do whatever I normally do when I sleep.  My first thought was - I don't know what I do when I sleep ...because I am SLEEPING when I sleep.  But I thought better of saying it.  Seriously tho - Mr SeaSpray and I sleep with a box fan every night.  he calls it  his sea breeze.  I think of it more as flying in a B-52.  I'm so used to that sound.  I hope there fan isn't one of those whisper quiet fans.

It's so weird knowing they will be watching and listening while you sleep ...and I am guessing awake.  Oh joy ...they get to watch me doing my ...time to make the donuts tinkle walk to the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning.  And knowing how some medical staff conversations can go ..or bets can be made, etc., I wonder what they do to amuse themselves all night?  Nope - don't want to know.  :)  And I made sure I've had nothing gassy - just covering my bases.

For the record - I pretty much don't think this test is necessary, but PCP wants to do it before clearing me for knee surgery.  So a SeaSpray's gotta so what a SeaSpray's gotta do.

Well ...I have to go pack now.  I know I am already bringing too much.  It's a girl thing.  We always bring our in case I need items.  Part of me feels like driving in in my PJ's ..ready for bed.  What could go wrong with that plan?  I am having a baked potato at 9pm.  Partly because I didn't eat enough today and partly because I hope the starch makes me drowsy by the time I sleep.  And I am having it with my Bedtime tea that I have been drinking every night instead of eating.  Hopefully that will settle me too.

I am so not in the mood to do this ...but I'll just think of it as a kind of pajama party with the girls.  I guess there could be male employees, but I think of it as only women working there.

Well ...sweet dreams everyone.  :)

PS ..Oh Gee!  Ha ha!  I guess I am tired.  I read the instructions wrong.  They didn't say wash your head. They said take a HEAD SHOWER!  I just kept picturing everyone only washing their head.  Ha Ha ha!  They also say excellent beds and mattresses with pillows for your convenience. (I'm glad they think pillows are convenient.), in state of the art decorated rooms.  Now ...I'm curious.

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