Saturday, October 12, 2013

GOOOD Morning! :)

Strike a Vogue Pose

I haven't heard anything about the sleep study I did last week.  But, the tech did say she didn't see any sleep apnea moments. I figured as much.

Of course I had to tinkle after being all hooked up to everything.  I chuckled out loud, the first time I saw myself in the bathroom mirror.  Amusing for sure.  Also blackmail worthy.  A-n-d would be a great Halloween costume - sleep study patient.  :)

Anyway ...the next morning it was kind of weird when another sleep study patient and I got a look at each other.  This is because the tech left my door open while I was sitting on the bed, as she was removing the leads from my head, face and elsewhere.  I didn't think anything of it either ...until I saw a man come out of bathroom directly across from me ...sporting red boxer shorts, looking sleepy ...with messy hair ...and he saw me sitting there in my nightgown.  Fortunately, my nightgown was more like a feminine summer dress material, not clingy or see through.  No big deal I guess. 

Oh except the leads.  I'm pretty sure sporting those leads all over my face and in my gunked up hair thanks to the gooey stuff she used to attach them  ...with a  Breathe Right on my nose ...oh and sans makeup  ...wasn't my best look.  :)

Although sleep study standards ...I suppose I was a veritable fashion plate.  ;)


Scots little sister said...

Definitely a fashion guru, Seaspray! You will be this Autumn's catwalk favourite :)

SeaSpray said...

Ha ha - for sure! :)