Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Joke/Thoughts :)

The kids had cute costumes today.  One was a taco, another a jack-o-lantern and the youngest a cat.  :)  And ...they were the ONLY trick-or-treaters at our door.  So they got a whole lot of candy.  We don't have many children around here now, but I always get plenty of candy ...just in case.

4 yr old Jack-o-lantern (while going around our little neighborhood with her parents), seemed to be calculating her options and said, "If I didn't have parents ...I'd trick-or-treat alll night."  I remember going out a lot longer but I grew up in a large neighborhood. 

After going around here ..they then went to the next town to visit their great grandmother and go around her neighborhood.  And then came back here for dinner.

I would think about going out for Halloween the entire day I was in school.  The only costume I remember was that I was Sylvester the cat ...and had to wear the awful plastic mask and could hardly see out of it.  It also got hot under the mask.  But I did love that costume.  Actually, I can't believe that even in second grade I could walk alone with a friend ...all over the neighborhood.  Our sons did not get to do that until much older.  Parents back then always said don't eat the apples until we check them because there could be razor blades in them.  Somehow ...I don't think parents had to worry about the apples when kids could be eating candy along the way and boy we sure did.  :)  Then ...after getting back in the house, it was always fun to empty the bags ..or pillow cases on the table to assess the collected sweet treasures.  I always gave away coconut filled candy and also Mary Janes.  Blech!

Well ...time to bring the blinking pumpkin inside.

And I can hardly believe that tomorrow is November 1st.  Wow.  Time sure does fly by.

And clocks go back this weekend.  Oh how I do LOVE the nights getting dark earlier this time of year.  And the excitement of the upcoming holidays.  Yay!  :)

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