Thursday, October 10, 2013

omG!!! ...

Oh my GOD! ....she SHRIEKS in the morning shower after the sleep study.

The she ...would be me. 

So ..what happened, you ask?

Well ...the morning, (after the sleep study), while in the shower holding my head under water as hot as I could stand it, I was trying to work out the gummy stuff left on my scalp and in my hair that the tech used to apply the leads that record my brain information.  (cool btw- what they can see during the test)  She said hot water should dissolve it.  So after a bit, I decided maybe shampoo might aid in loosening the gunk.  Then there was a particularly large one stuck on my left upper scalp, near the top of my head in the back.  All of a sudden this big chunk comes loose and I panicked when I felt that it was also a big wad, chunk of hair which point ...envisioning a huge bald spot, I shrieked loudly ..."Oh my GOD!"  I still had to try to work it through my hair and I wondered if I was ripping even more hair out.  I was also trying to figure out what I could do to cover up the white scalp skin contrasting my dark hair.

Then ...I was afraid to look at what was now in my hand, until I realized I had only removed a wad of gauze she didn't remove, that was still stuck to the gummy stuff in my hair.


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