Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First Do No Harm?

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These would be fun to give to the dentist.  Check out other creative cookies (great ideas), from this website HERE.

Wow ...I never knew it could be this good ...at the dentist ...even though my new dentist is doing all the same annoying ..frightful things that the other dentists have done.  Except with his hands ...there just isn't anything painful ...not even the Novocaine.  Not the drilling, pushing, pulling, probing ..none of it hurts.  Not only that ...and I still chuckle at this ...with a good measure of wonderment too ...I truly look forward going to the dentist.  And I have DREADED that my entire life because I've always been sensitive ...probably overly sensitive.  And the fear comes from all the times that hygienists or dentists do something that just zings you in a painful way.  Not in this office.  This dentist IS the poster dentist for wanting to go back to the dental office again.

I also have the utmost trust in him and want to refer the world to him.  Not that he needs it ..but he is just that good.  I even like how he discusses things ..teaches even. He's gracious, kind, supportive and obviously SKILLED.

I know I keep saying I want to write what I feel the former dentist did wrong and there is just so much ...I have to get in the mood.  But I will ...and then I am going to use the post to refer to when I write him a long letter.  Which will begin with thanking him for the good things, .i.e., care in the first decade with him.  I will compliment his staff and office.  But the latter part while it will not be filled with angry accusations ...I most definitely will be itemizing all the times he withheld care ...even tho I repeatedly expressed frustration and concern and more.  And it will mention how he destroyed my trust in him ..which is sad because I had really liked him and the care he initially gave.  There will be a lot.  And I will n-e-v-e-r be able to recommend him to anyone.  While I won't go on a crusade to trash him ...I will be honest if someone brings up his name and are thinking of going to him.  Frankly ...I wonder if I am doing the wrong thing for NOT reporting him in writing to our previous plan. ???  But I am not out to hurt him.  Although ...he sure didn't consider what was good for my dental care.

While again discussing the difference in care with the new dentist ...I ended it with I feel like I have been violated through omission of care.

The reason this came up is because of the stark contrast in results after being with this dentist only since August.  And as soon as he stepped into the room with me I eagerly and gratefully told him how I no longer had the problem that I continually complained about in the other office (there were many) and could hardly believe it and with all my heart ...THANK YOU!

And his work is so much better too.

I take care of my teeth.  Brush, floss, and mouthwash.  But a few teeth were beginning to break on the inside and this other "dentist", would always say ..."Why don't we wait on that."  And I admit I was slow on the uptake because I did trust him and figured he knew best.  Although ...admittedly ...I was feeling like something wasn't right either.  Last spring - 2012, was the final straw.

I am so serious about sending him a letter, that I may spend the money and send it certified so I know he gets it.

And after I do that ...I will let it go.  I will forgive.  I am trying to now ...but I have to say what I think first.  My orthopaedic doctor thought my idea was good and it might help future patients.  I told this dentist too and he said it was a good idea, but if my goal is to help other patients be careful how I choose my words.  I can do that.  I know to keep things in "I" statements and I never call people names and so that won't be a problem.

I really feel I was wronged as a patient.

Today, I even asked this dentist if dentists have a code of ethics and he said we could talk about that, but then our conversation went ortho later.  I am guessing that since they are doctors they took the Hippocratic oath first and then dentists must have their own.

To be continued ...

One more thing ...I guess he didn't respect me either.  because he obviously ignored my concerns and requests.  And if we had not been able to get this other insurance after Mr SeaSpray retired ...I would not be able to afford the major work I am getting done now that could've been fixed when I was the other dentist's patient and still had the insurance.  Just saying.

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