Saturday, November 30, 2013

A SeaSpray Morning (ABISHED! :)

I didn't do it and nobody's sayin otherwise.  Capish?

Earlier this past week ...Wren and My had just arrived early one morning and before their coats were off ...Myles asked me what we were having for dinner. Then Wren asked for her usual order of eggs and toast. I decided to surprise them with bacon. I let them help me break up the egg yolks and stir in the bowl. They also add a little salt and pepper - but I hold their hands too ...for that.  :) They know the routine and per my request ...eagerly chose their own place mats to use on the table.

 For some reason, they chose to wait at the table instead of running off to play or watch a show on TV.   But breakfast was taking longer to cook because of the bacon factor.  So, they also chose to fuss with each other since they were sitting side by side.  (They usually sit on opposite sides.)  So,  I had to intervene. And once that little skirmish was resolved, I again admonished them that they had to sit properly in the chairs and not bother each other.

 Then as I often do with them when I am making it clear ...I said, "Capish?!"   It's our thing (I never did it with the boys or their older sister), and they know that when I say that in such a final ..although positive tone ...I expect that will be it.  Situation resolved when they say it back. Then I know we all understood each other.   And they always smile and then run off to something else.

So, Wren responded with, "Capish."   My usually says, "Abish."   Ha ha - so cute!)  But he just did not want to this time.  (he can be feisty and stubborn sometimes.  If you show anger - he gets worse.  So, I usually look for upbeat ways to get my point across.  And if necessary ...he gets a time out until he apologizes, etc. and he will go sit in the green chair and wait.  :)  And this time, I wanted him to acknowledge me and so I repeated, "Capish?!" 

 Nope! He was not gonna answer me this time.

I put the spatula down ...and transformed into the "Capish monster." Yes ...yes I did. Can we chalk it up to post (Insert that "M" word here) hormones (Did I just admit to The "M" word ...never mind post? ;) and leave it at that? All I'm saying is I can blame everything on hormones now - even if not true.  :)  And this Capish monster was wearing a  plush hot pink robe with Scotties and snowballs on it.  Certainly not my prettiest robe (although cute - says me) ...but I'm always drawn to Scotties and it's soft and warm.  Besides ...everyone knows that I was a fashion plate in that robe by Capish monster standards.  Just saying.  ;)

So ...from the other side of the kitchen ...arms up an in a silly monster voice only a girly in pink Capish monster can do, I said "C-A-P-I-S-H!" ... while walking slowly across the kitchen.  I repeated it until I got over to them. They were laughing so hard. When I got over to My, I said it really loud while I tickled his neck. He just squealed with delight, with Wren laughing heartily by his side. 

 Then I went back to the stove.

Myles wanted me to do it again, but I said I had to finish making their breakfast. He asked again and I said I couldn't. Then he hollered out, "ABISH ME!" Ha ha! Of course I had to then. So ...we played the "ABISH Me" monster game a couple more times, except now they were both laughing and dove under the table each time I walked over to them.

Then later that day ...during dinner, My looked up at me and sweetly said, "I like the way you cook." Awww ...he melted my heart ...right then and there. And Wren is so funny, because she always asks me what we're having for dinner and then will often say things like, "I don't like chicken.", or "I don't like carrots.", but she really does. I always say, "Yes you do like chicken." (or whatever) ...she'll respond with, "No I don't.", but she usually eats all the things she tells me she doesn't like.

Kids are just so darned CUTE! 

Especially when they are being ...ABISHED.  :)

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