Friday, November 8, 2013

Bob Pics :)

Younger son (in Santa hat), put this up in his FB and so I just have to share his compilation of Bob pictures.  Oh my GOSH!  Boy do I really WANT another German Shepherd, but we do have our sweet Faith now ...a midsized GSD mix.  I don't want to say much about Bob in this little post, because someday ...I do want to write a series of posts about the different dogs we've had in our family since we first moved into our house.  Bob was for younger son when he was 12 and was the replacement for older son's sweet dog, Sprocket ...after she passed.  And we can never replace them ...but the new dog does help the healing process as they win you over with their own unique traits.

Anyway ...these pictures do not do him justice as he was a very handsome dog.

And I just LOVE the little puppy eyes/eyebrows and round puppy belly.  :)

I remember that I was so shocked when I was sitting at the table with my morning coffee when all of a sudden he decided to just hop up on a chair near me.  :)  He was still a teenager then - maybe a year old.  And he stayed there even when I left to get the camera.  Ha ha! 

So many captions could go under the picture of Bob sitting on the chair.  "What?  *I'm* human.  Isn't this what we're supposed to do with chairs - SIT on them?"

"Where's MY coffee?"

"Hey ...look what I can do!"

"Oh ...we're sitting at the table now ...OKAY!"

This was also his pack leader period.  Until we hired a trainer to come to the house ...Bob was ruling us

Maybe that infamous picture of all the dogs sitting around the table playing poker isn't so far fetched after all.  Who knows what they REALLY do when we aren't around.  Just saying. 

Anyway ...looking at his chair picture again ...I think Bob would look cool wearing a pair of aviator glasses.  Yes aviators would suit him.  :)

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