Monday, November 25, 2013

Embarrassing Gyne Exam :)

Glitter Foldable Flats

Ha ha!  I just have to share this.  :)

So there I was conversing with the PA when she decided to share a funny story with me.

She told me she has a friend with small children who had been rushing to get out the door and to her gyne appointment.  She had already showered but decided to freshen up one more time with a wash cloth.  Later ...during the exam ...the doctor commented, "Boy SURE cleaned up for me!"  She wondered what he was talking about, but didn't ask.

It wasn't until she began getting dressed that she saw glitter on her panties and it wasn't until she got home and wiped herself that she discovered there was a lot of glitter on her Bajingoland area.


I busted out loud laughing in the gyne office and the PA joined in with me.  Ha ha!  I wonder what the other patients or staff thought?

This was especially funny to me because of the  Bajingoland glitter posts and comments I wrote - specifically Turquoise Bajingoland glittter and the subsequent comments in this blog and others. ED Doc Scalpel (miss him and wish he still blogged) and ED Doc WhiteCoat have linked to those posts.  :)

I asked the PA what color and she didn't know, but I was picturing turquoise.

I don't know how she DIDN'T ask the doctor what he meant.  I would think most women take extra care for those exams and so at first it would be like the ultimate gyne compliment.  Okay maybe not the ultimate ..but up there.  Every ...most women want an A+ for hygiene in a Bajingoland appointment. 

My second reaction though would be ...wait ...what?  What were the other patients before me like that you're this enthusiastic?  And WHAT was my Bajingoland all the other times???

And I absolutely would've died a thousand deaths right in the exam room once I saw the glitter on my panties.  And I absolutely could NOT have left the office without getting a mirror out  ...and then on my way out explain to anyone that had ears that I didn't know and it must've been the kids ..honest.  I'd tell the mailman ...anyone.

But if I didn't realize fully what happened until I got home ...once I knew, I'd be on the phone so fast calling their office and if I had to leave a message ..well that would be tricky.  Because while everything in me would want to talk directly to the doctor to explain ...and hopefully not disappoint ;) ...I would not want to pull him out of his routine.  But can you imagine leaving this message with the receptionist ...or on their voice mail?

The doctor's face must've been priceless too ...when he first saw it.  i wonder what HE was thinking?  Funny he commented.  maybe he thought he should know ...compliment her efforts or something.  :)


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