Thursday, November 28, 2013

Even the Burned, Badly Iced Cookies ... (Thanksgiving Post)

Growing Deep Roots of Gratitude

For the first time in 38 years, I am missing the Thanksgiving celebration.  This cold that I thought wasn't a big deal ...has turned into a miserable one and so I stayed home.  I was going to go ...suck it up and just go ...but then I thought that might be selfish because my m-i-l is 83 going on 84 and an aunt just turned 81 and I didn't want to risk sharing this stupid upper respiratory infection.  I also thought about wearing one of those blue masks that one wears when working with chemicals, but it probably doesn't contain germs like a medical one would. ?  Plus that would be weird.  And then I thought about just going over for dessert, but then that would be silly - to possibly expose others to this when I am there for just a short time.  So I am ..just home alone.  Normally I love quiet time, but this is such a special holiday to share with others.

So ...I decided to bake more pumpkin cookies ...just because I could.  I'm very careful about handling food normally and even more so if ill.  And I'm not sneezing or coughing.

Well probably wasn't my best idea bake when feeling this poorly.  I kept screwing up this recipe that I have been making for 36 years.

 The first batch wasn't baked long enough and the icing was wrong from the beginning because I lost moisture by cooking it higher in the beginning and everything I did to try to compensate just made it worse.  And it was too thin on the cookies.  I even tried re-baking them with the icing on - not good.

The second batch of cookies came out burned on the bottom and a bit on top.  They weren't even bad icing worthy.  It's the first time I used parchment paper and I thought if you use parchment paper that cookies won't burn on the bottom.  They burn.  And like I said the top did as well.  I must've gotten sidetracked when the timer was going off.

Then I again tried to fix the icing but it just didn't dissolve correctly and seemed granular.  It is supposed to be smooth.  So I tossed it out and started over.

 The second batch of icing was perfect.

The 3rd batch of cookies were exactly what these pumpkin cookies should be and were topped with the now perfect icing.

  The 4th batch of cookies burned on bottom again, but not on top.  I iced them anyway.

 I never make these mistakes this badly.  Oh and I really burned my forearm, underneath toward my elbow.  Of course every year my joke is know I'm baking as evidenced by the burns you see on my hands or arms.  :) This time the door came back up on me when I was getting the tray out.  

I am chalking up my baking debacle to the cold medicine in combination with feeling wiped out.

Anyway ...I don't have the stamina to bake the fresh batch I've mixed together and so that is covered in fridge and I'll do that tomorrow.

So, I watched a bit of TV news but then switched to QVC.  Hearing the show hosts talking made it seem like someone was here.  And now I want that burgundy Bose radio/music player with CD changer for only 600.00 (wish list), and I want that little smiley Scrub Daddy sponge.  Oh and the long, extending, bendable ...magnetized flashlight wand.  :)

 It feels lonely today.

 It is so weird for me to not be happy with alone time.

And then it hit me ...boy ...I am feeling lonely ...on this Thanksgiving Holiday because I'm not celebrating with my family or anyone.  But ...imagine how people feel during the holidays or most days because they don't have anyone in their lives to share love and experiences with.  

 I will see everyone in a few hours when they come back home.

And imagine what it is like for people who don't have any food to eat ...not even burned ...badly iced cookies.  They might even be so hungry that those cookies would taste pretty good.

And some of those people might not be able to get warm because they live without a heat source.  They don't have the option of getting toasty warm and cozy ...under a soft quilt in a heated home.  Just last night I was feeling so grateful to get out of frigid temperatures ...made even colder my the strong wind whipping around me.

Also, it is such an annoying and frustrating feeling when you have so many things you want to do and your body just laughs back at you and says ...NO! 

But I know this too shall pass.  It's just a stupid cold.  There are other people who wish a cold was all they had to contend with.

So... I am very grateful for my family and friends and the many blessings in our lives.  Thank you God ...for all of our blessings and even for how you bring us through the tough times.  Thank you for loving us and all that means to all of us ...even though we often forget ...or sadly don't know.

 Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah! 

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