Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some Night Before Thanksgiving Thoughts

O-h-h-h-h! I really do not want to go out in the cold to shop right now!  I just blossomed with a cold and all I really want to do is get in my crazy ...warm jammies and watch a movie while on the couch ...on my back propped up with comfy pillows and covered with a toasty blanket and have comfort food and drinks.  But ...I've procrastinated all day ...and I'm procrastinating now ...and I have to go.

Today turned out totally different then what I was all excited for.  My cousin called last night to inform me that they weren't coming to see us/have dinner out, etc., because it was snowing in the Adirondacks and icy and when she did leave ...she just wanted to go straight through to their main destination.  I was so disappointed, although certainly do understand.  Then today ...while still disappointed ...I am also relieved since feeling awful now.

Fortunately, we are going to my m-i-l's tomorrow and so I am only making a few things here and don't have to do the who;e dinner.  I LOVE holidays and getting together with everyone, but I kind of wish I could just stay home.  Even more importantly ...I don't want to give this to her or anyone.  But ...I will go.  Ha!  Earlier, I noticed we have those blue masks you wear for staining, etc., and I thought about using it ..but it probably wouldn't work anyway.

Anyway, my cousin is calling me tomorrow night to see if we can make plans for on her way back ..maybe me meeting her halfway for breakfast somewhere.  I'm trying to talk her into just go home through this way.  Although, I know her son has to get back to college the next day.  Also ...I know that I too would want to go straight home after my trip when on a tight schedule.  If meant to be will work out.

Well I really do have to go.

I hope to blog later, but if I don't  ..I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving and can share time with loved ones.  And for those that have to work ...I hope your shift goes the way you like it to.

And I am very grateful for so many blessings in my life.  The very next blessing I will appreciate is coming back home with all the groceries and then getting all cozy.  :)

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