Saturday, December 7, 2013

Almost and Fa la la la la la la la ...

Oh ...and regarding the Jerk face comment below - I am cooling down.  As soon as I can respond without any anger - I will be getting back to Jerk Face.  Ooops!  Not quite yet ...but soon.  I only used one Jerk Face ..oops!  Make that two.

On a more positive note - We just got a beautiful ...tall ...very tall Frazier Christmas tree.  I'll come back about that.  I've always got a Christmas post.  What I don't have is much time theses days and when I do sometimes I let something else steal it vs blogging.

And now ... I HAVE to go to Costco.  It is just ridiculous that I haven't been there since October.  For one thing I like to add the chocolate liqueurs to the basket I make up for the uro office and now I hope they still have them.  But we need everything.  Imagine going to the store and you have to buy everything.  There isn't a cart large enough - not even those big orange flat carts they have.  Neither is my bank account.  On the upside one way they close at 6:30 ...and so I can't spend as much.  that being said ...I am so honed in on my usual stuff that I can get a lot anyway.  I just can't peruse the aisles for other things.  Although ...I'm hoping there is a neat, quality truck for Myles.  he LOVES trucks.  :)  Plus ...I know they shut the doors at 6:30, but they don't shew the people out until a bit later and on top of that's Christmas time ...which means they will be backed up anyway.  And they are more lenient.  I know how to work the Costco system.  :)  Still ...I will definitely have to reign myself in when down there.  I do so love that store!  :)

Anyway ...I'm also thinking that since it is frigid outside ...I can maybe head over to the Christmas tree shop because the food will stay cold in the trunk.  Depends though because I did a lot of standing while watching the trees being danced around.

I may hate myself later for finishing this hot cup of Hazelnut coffee and now heading out.  Oh well.

Gosh ...I just LOVE Christmas season!!!

Ha ha - I'm still brushing pine needles off of me ...and I wreak of pine.

'Tis the season ...

Fa la la la la la  la  la ...

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