Monday, December 23, 2013

Beating Myself Up!

I was a HALF hr late for my uro appt and couldn't be seen tonight (which I certainly understand) and I feel awful!  The worst part is I hope this doctor that I respect so much ...doesn't think I don't value his time and respect him and that he knows something must've been going on and to say it was a challenging day would be an understatement.  I should have  CANCELLED!  Still beating myself up and it's been 3 hours now.  This will bother me all Christmas week until I see him next Monday to apologize face to face.  And while I've made some goodies for the Christmas basket - began Saturday - I couldn't get that done either and so trying to decide if should leave tomorrow or bring in next week.  I could just use what I have and bake again on Sunday and won't be all this rushing around.  They won't even be there all day tomorrow or on Christmas and so it will sit.  I'll figure it out.

I did leave this awesome (was a lot of work) holiday spice bread for them ...but I am sure he would've preferred a punctual patient.  *SIGH* 

I feel like walking shame ..because this is the doc that has done so much for me ...gone the extra mile so many times ..through thick and thin.  I feel so terrible. :(

The receptionist was sweet and told me some other patients were having a hard time with appts too.  I wonder if that's true.  2 wrongs don't make a right tho.

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