Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brain Freeze (Revised)

Now I know the definition of a real brain freeze.  That is when you are outside in FRIGID weather without a hat from 11pm until 2 am, last night.  I was out there so long that I was getting  GOT a headache.  Of course it also could've been from the uncooperative Christmas lites I was stringing in the freezing cold of night while the rest of my family was nestled toastily (I know it's not a word ...but I like it), in their beds.  I did go inside briefly - intermittently ..to get more lights and drink a cup of tea and to tinkle  Oh and did this SeaSpray mentioned that she tinkled ICE CUBES?  Just saying ...it was freezing out and so was I.  And I'm pretty sure the tea turned to ice tea on it's way down.  Anyway ...when I finally finished ...as I was walking in the house ..I was wondering if my brain really was getting cold ...being that my head is an extremity too.  I mean it seems to me that the skull could get cold and then what?  I mean if it's really really cold ...for a long time. Heck ...you could've flash frozen FOOD on my THIGHS when I got back inside for the night!  They were soooo ice cold when I undressed ...as were my cheeks and nose.  Brrr ...this kind of weather causes a SeaSpray to be so very THANKFUL for HEAT!

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