Monday, December 9, 2013

Just Call me Trigger

Eh ...I thought a picture of Trigger was better than a middle finger.  :) It's now resolved ...thanks to a cortisone injection in my hand.  Of all fingers tho was my MIDDLE finger.  Somehow just seemed obscene every time my MIDDLE finger popped out.  I guess it could be a good excuse if I did want to do that to someone.  OOPS!  That darned trigger finger of mine!  :)  But the truth is I only gave the finger once in my entire life.  Suffice it to know that I was p-r-e-t-t-y mad - obviously ...if I felt driven to that.  It was a cloudy Friday morning in September, 1993.  The person known to use that gesture was taken aback.  In retrospect ...I don't know if it was funny or scary that I did that.  But sure did make a statement.  :)  Actually doing that would be akin to Mary Tyler Moore doing it I suppose laughable ..or scary.  :)

But back to this trigger of mine.  It began this past July.  I just woke up one morning and my middle finger just popped open from the closed position.  It didn't hurt, but was an annoying feeling you know you'd rather not have.  I mean it is so much nicer when all your body parts don't call attention to themselves ..right?  then you know they're working because they go under the radar.  When something is wrong ...they get your attention.  Well ...unless you are thinking about said body parts ...but then that is a different kind of attention.  But that's normal.

A-n-y-w-a-y ...I thought it was just some kind of arthritis.  But I don't have it anywhere in my body except in my knees.  I never thought to tell the orthopaedic doctor when I was there.  But then when I went in for the shoulder issue - now 100% resolved - I mentioned the finger.  he said I should've mentioned it sooner because the shots aren't as effective if patients wait.  Fortunately for me worked and it didn't even hurt that much.

Oh and my supportive friends?  They laughed.  Ha ha!. :)

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