Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Just Go SeaSpray ...GO to the MALL ...Now!

I can't believe I am having to go to the MALL ..NOW ..on Christmas eve and then to Costco ...on Christmas eve.  I don't mind local shopping - that's even fun ...feeling the hustle and bustle with last minute preparations ...but it's home territory.  This Christmas season has not been a Hallmark one ..yet.  I can't believe I am here writing this when I have to go.  I am already praying for a good parking spot.  On the up side ...I just heard on the radio that stores are already putting their day after Christmas prices up ..which causes me to think I really should shop and get the best bargain.  The problem has been knee pain (fortunately I get orthovisk injections Thursday - YAY!)..or I would've done this last week and why I decided I will just do gift certificates - get in and get out.  They all will still have something else to open - small ..but something to open.  I love opening presents and feel that while practical ..gift cards aren't as fun if they are the only gift.  On the other hand - people can then buy whatever they want.  I don't think I've shopped at the mall on Christmas eve since my twenties.  Well car warmed up - time to go.  Well the Carol of the Bells music now in my head should keep me going at a good pace.   :)

Update:  I just breezed all the way to the mall while traffic was all backed up coming back this way.  I felt a bit more Christmassy when I saw little snowflakes ..hoping for snowy for Christmas and listening to the festive holiday music.  I prayed just before pulling in to Penney's parking lot asking for a little Christmas miracle to please park close. I was the 4th car away from the building and bear the bathrooms - which I like.  Except I was withholding fluids and food since just so I wouldn't have to tinkle and also be sure the stomach bug I had yesterday/last night stayed away.  Thankfully that passed!  I also prayed for minimal lines and I just breezed through.  I was only able to shop for one gift and then I did have to go to certificates.  I was only buying 3, but if I bought 4 I got an additional 25.00 off until Feb.  And of course got an extra 20% off the purchases.  I also got myself a couple of things in the same dept.  Robe and slippers for when I have knee surgery in Feb.  Then I breezed through Costco and was thrilled to see it snowing when I was on my way home.  But then I ended up white knuckling the steering wheel because it was coming down so hard I could hardly see and the roads were covered and it was hard to know if I was in my lane.  I kept hitting that noisy side of road part.  Good thing though because other cars passing me were very close to my side.  After I slid ...I put my flashers on to keep people away from me and maybe alert them to slow down.  I even shifted to lower gears.  And I prayed.  There was an accident involving several cars in one of the local towns.  Then when I hit the 2nd major hwy - that was water.  Obviously they had salted on that.  I thought about calling J to say I was alright, but I had to stop at a neighbors to pick up part of a present.  When I walked in and told him how stressful it was driving home - he was surprised because he didn't even know it was snowing.  ha ha ...and I thought he'd be worried.  OH ...and I had to drive in the dark with my SUNGLASSES on because my regular glasses were MIA.  Turns out Myles took them last night and Mr SeaSpray found them on the floor when I was gone.  Anyway ...all nestled in ...comfy and cozy but still have to decorate the tree, wrap and prepare for company tomorrow.  I am so glad there is a bit of snow on the ground.  Falalalalala!  I realize ...I didn't even get to do a Christmas post yet.  This year would've been titled, "Saga of the Christmas Lights."

**And I'm not beating myself up anymore (previous post), but I still can't wait to apologize.

I hope everyone has a wonderfully Merry Christmas!!  And if you do have to work ...I hope your time working goes the way you like it to and you still enjoy yourself and experience Christmas blessings.

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