Tuesday, December 10, 2013


They say things come in threes and so here is my 3rd mini post. (I'm on a blogging roll and so if interested ...scroll down to follow:) I hate to be so negative after posting two lighthearted posts but I just have to ask ...in case someone feels inclined to answer.

How is it possible ...that a man can murder his wife ...shooting her in the temple at 7:30 in the morning ...while she is sleeping ...and then be allowed to live in his house ...and then within that first year ...have his tracking device removed and be allowed to go where he wants ...so he can still work?  A-N-D ...remain a free man for 5 1/2 years at which point he finally has his trial ...but then after confessing to murdering his wife (in a plea bargain), will only have to serve NINE years in jail?

He killed her in cold blood.

Nine years in jail.

That's it.

How is JUSTICE served in that decision?

And is he a risk to others after he gets out?


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