Thursday, December 12, 2013

Steamy, Frustrated and Obsessing ...With a Bit of Mojo Mixed in :)

Good morning all!

It is frigid outside and I am just so HOT! I was so cold when I went to bed that I put two quilts on the bed. (Mr SeaSpray can sleep through anything.) Then around 06:30, I got so HOT ..I kicked everything off and have been ridiculously hot ever since. I swear steam was coming off my body when I let the dog out. It just won't stop. And now I'm about to make the kids some eggs and toast. The up side of this is that I can save energy by leaving the stove off and just hold my head over the pan and cook the eggs from above. Just saying.

Anyway ...have a blessed day! 

Oh ...and I obsessed with a capital "O" in the wee hours of the morning over something ...obsessed with a capital "O" like never before ...and  I still am!  Oh ...and I'm FRUSTRATED ...okay FRUSTRATED and ...OBSESSING with all caps ... and have been since late Monday night ...although it went to a whole new level in the wee hours of the morning today.  Have you ever wanted something to just be a certain way and so you keep staring at it as if  STARING could magically transform something into your ideal?  Well's not working.  Post to follow. 

 I keep writing little posts and am in such a mood to write.  I hope I'm not putting too many up in a short span of time.  But it does feel good to have my writing mojo back.  :)

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