Saturday, June 29, 2013


just breathe by nunwithagun

And ...NOT to VENT via blogging!

But's a gorgeous day and I'm going outside.

Fighting back tears.

Just b-r-e-a-t-h-e ...

For anyone who follows this blog has nothing to do with anything medical.  And I never will vent in writing.  Just letting off a bit of steam I suppose. 

And now ...I'm going outside!  :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Talk and Pursuing Surgical Consult, etc.


Oh my GOSH!  I am finally cooling off and I've been home in /a/c for the last hour!  I was out scouting out the location of a new doctor (orthopedic) I will be seeing on Thursday afternoon.  I am so EAGER to see this doctor that I will be there with bells on.  Really.  Jingly bells on my flip flops.  ;)  Turns out it is right in the same building as another medical facility I've used and probably will be prior to any knee surgery.  I will write about that stellar medical facility sometime.  Pretty drive over too.

But then when leaving I noticed a garden center across the street.  PERFECT!  I still need some herbs, flowers ...and if lucky maybe I'll even find a hanging fuschia plant ...with pink and purple flowers.  (I LOVE them and have happy barbecue and other summer memories of them hanging on my aunt and uncle's back patio - so pretty. )The sun was beating down.  I had a maxi dress on which is actually cooler than pants, although the fabric was warm.  I was melting in the sun that was beating down ...although most grateful for the warm breeze that was blowing every so often.

She had one fuschia left, but stated that it wasn't in good shape.  I asked what they charge and she said 24.00.  I wouldn't have spent 24.oo on even the prettiest hanging basket.  And I have to say their hanging baskets are exquisite. I imagine they would be quite pretty on a front porch.

I asked to see it anyway.  She said she would give it to me half price.  Frankly, I thought that while it wasn't blooming as prolifically as their other flowered hanging baskets, the leaves looked healthy, there were a few blooms and it appeared more would be blooming and the overall shape of the hanging branches/leaves looked good.  But the basket was broken.. I asked if she had another.  Turned out that she re-potted it in a prettier hanging basket - white which I prefer over the clay color and offered it to me for 8.00.  SOLD!  She said it is damaged.  But I figure it just needs a loving home and some TLC.  I am thrilled. And 2/3 off!  :)

I have not been able to find fuschias for quite a few years now.  Well it turns outI just didn't look early enough in the season.

I also bought some more herbs, rhubarb and strawberry jam, few more little plants and some vegetables.  I just have to get a few more little plants there tomorrow because I miscalculated how many more we need.

That is where I left off last night.  Son had friends over and I made Terriaki Chicken, long grain rice with stir fry vegetables.  Big hit.  :)

Anyway - Wednesday now ..after this I decided to just force myself to go up to another local grower yesterday, closer to my home and again with the son beating down was ready to melt into a puddle on the ground.  But I picked up a few more plants ..including some cantaloupe plants she said were very sweet last year.  A SeaSpray can dream.  :)

By the time I got home after being so hot, then riding in a car with broken a/c needing repair and drinking warm water ...I felt like there wasn't enough ice water to cool me down and even in an air conditiioned house ..took an hour to really feel cool.  I hate to think of never having a way to get cool.  Ugh - perish the thought!

Anyway, I am really looking forward to seeing this new ortho doc tomorrow and getting his take on my situation.  I have no doubt that my current doc is correct in his evaluation.  I am only considering this doc for if I decide to go to a tertiary care ctr to have the surgery done. I still have the same concerns I had when avoiding the uro surgery ...except that maybe it is less invasive and ocmpkicated because it won't be an open abdominal reconstructive surgery with those additional risks of complications. ?  Although, I do know a knee replacement is a big deal surgery and there are inherent risks to all surgeries.  So I get closer ..I will be blogging about it.

Tomorrow is my first step (no pun intended) toward seriously looking at getting this surgery done and walking without pain and getting back to normal.

I guess I also want to know ..single vs bilateral knee replacement?  I am strongly leaning toward single knee replacement.  I have my reasons.

So ...I will make my list of questions later.  And I am also curious to know what he sees on my most current knee x-rays from 2 weeks ago.

I feel a peace within me.  Well when I don't think anything about politics and other world events.  I feel a serenity and I am so looking forward to summer projects ..and summer activities.  Yay ...summer is here!

Happy summer to all!  :)

Oh ...PS! -  I am so happy that this summer for the first time in years ...I found scented petunias!  I got a whole flat in Walmart earlier in the month and also a hanging basket that I decided I am going to break up so I have plenty to plant. I wish I got more! I want many of them planted by our porch so they can be appreciated when sitting out there and/or coming in the house.  I love how their fragrance wafts upward.

The first time I realized that some petunias have a scent was after walking out of the hospital after my shift one hot summer night.  Oh my gosh!  Their fragrance was so beautiful.  They had rows of petunias planted on each side of the front walk into the the main entrance of the hospital and their scent also lined the entire walkway and even around the corner a bit.  I've since noticed that the scent of these flowers is strong at night and in early morning ... enhanced by humidity.

They would be nice in window boxes so the fragrance comes into the house.

PPS ..okay last thing.  I'm still looking for a pretty ornamental grass ..the kind that grows tall and has little wispy things that also blow on top of it and comes back every year.  I still haven't found any, but I just love watching things that sway in the breeze.  Plus tall grasses remind me of the sand dunes at the Jersey shore.  I'd like to plant some in the front and out back.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sunshine SeaSpray!


So THIS is what being a morning person is like.  :)

I woke up with a song in my heart and ready to tackle anything.

Feeling at one with the sunshine, the birds and everything right with the world ...I was ready (in my mind) to hit the floor running.  My knees have other ideas, but even then least I was not having the recent excruciating pain - something new that had developed recently and was bringing me down physically and emotionally.

I thanked God for the beautiful day and felt grateful for the solid night of sleep and minimal pain in my knees.  I actually went to bed at 9:30 pm.  And even though I didn't go to sleep until 1am, I think just relaxing while listening to the radio and reading, still counted toward my quality night of sleep.  I am a confessed and dedicated night owl, who burns the candle at both ends as a daily routine.  That habit has exacerbated since I stopped working.  I've tried to kick the habit ...but as they say old habits die hard.

I am just amazed at how good I felt just because I went to bed at a normal hour and slept so well.  I also wonder if I slept better because I went in earlier?

I was greeted by a fabulously sunny kitchen.  The sunlight glowed all the more off the butternut yellow walls.  Our kitchen is so pretty in the early morning hours and I can totally see why the original owners built the kitchen in the front ...with the mountain view and the sunrise coming up over the mountains.  They must've been morning people. 

So ... when the grandchildren got here all bright eyed and bushy tailed themselves, already excitedly running across the lawn to begin their day here ...I was at the bow window hollering out, "GOOOOD MORRRNING JELLY BEAN!  GOOOOD MORRRNING BUDDY!  (Both one of my nicknames for them :)  How about some PANCAKES and EGGS?"  They were already excited before they got in the house.  Actually ..they are always eager to come here, but I think they were extra excited at this point because of my ultra enthusiasm before they even got in the door.

I was so upbeat - you would've thought I was Mary Poppins.  Chuckling to myself now.  :)

I was never the grouchy type in the morning.  But after allowing myself to become sleep deprived and tolerating pain for way too long morning enthusiasm dwindled down.  Of course I was already aware of how knee issues and poor sleep habits were affecting me, but Thursday morning really brought it home for me.  It was weird in that I was surprised at how good my physical body felt internally after a full night of sleep.  Imagine that.  Just sleeping could restore me in such a way.  Also the lack of the bad pain in those moments.

Anyway ...after pondering this later in the day, I was amused at how enthusiastically I hollered out "GOOOOD MORRRNING, etc.! to the kids.  It reminded me of Robin Williams' enthusiasm in "Good Morning Vietnam."

And I am almost always enthusiastic with them, they are such joys in our lives ... but this was a bit more.  :)

Below, is my favorite Mary Poppins scene from when I was a kid.  If only:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Absolute Worst Food and Will N-E-V-E-R Recommend the Place


Heck ...I will WARN people not to go there!

I just had the worst Chinese dinner of my life!  UGH!  I still taste it after brushing my teeth, having coffee and also a lime with real lime and lemon pieces juice pop.  And it's been 3 hours since we had dinner.

In the previous post I mentioned it being my birthday.  But ..we aren't celebrating it until Sunday, when the entire family can be together to celebrate with me.  And I thought it would be nice to order takeout instead of cooking and just have a small cake to sing Happy Birthday over since the little ones were here all day.  Tradition and all.  :)

I don't remember the last time we had Chinese.  I think maybe in the fall and that was from a different local place.

First ...I ordered regular chicken and broccoli and chicken and broccoli with garlic sauce ...extra spicy.  I repeated my request again and she confirmed my request by repeating it back to me.  Moo Shu Pork, Vegetable Egg Fu Yung and 3 egg rolls.  The total cost was 46.00.  I ordered extra in case our other son wanted some when he came in to get the kids and so we could have some left over for tomorrow.

It was disappointing that they gave us two regular chicken and broccoli and no chicken and broccoli with garlic sauce... never mind extra spicy.  I'd never order 2 quarts of the same thing and if I knew they'd do that ...I would've preferred ordering Sweet and Sour Chicken or Sesame Chicken.  Or tried something different.  But ...okay ..mistakes happen and it's still a treat.

But when I tasted the chicken and broccoli, neither had a good flavor, but were bland ...except for an oil taste.  The Moo Shu Pork tasted better ..but could taste oil.  The vegetable Egg Fu Yung ..also bland and heavy oil taste.  The sauce was good though.

I know the dishes are made with oil, but this was like we ordered a little Chinese food with our OIL go please.

The thing is ...I ended up taking the bottom Egg Fu Yung and there was oil on the bottom of the pan.  It was sitting in the oil.  I decided to just compress it with my hands and oil poured out of it.  GROSS!  then it took 4 absorbent and Bounty napkins to absorb more of the oil out of the egg mixture.  The napkins were heavy with oil.  I ate about half and just could not eat anymore.  It tasted like I was drinking a spoon of this oil straight up.  Again ...GROSS! 

I also wasn't feeling so great at this point.  Nothing could salvage this Egg Fu Yung, but maybe if I had rice with the other things it they may have tasted better... I don't know.  I usually don't have the rice... unless it has vegetables in it.

So, after they all left, I began cleaning up the leftovers.  I couldn't believe that the empty chicken and broccoli had OIL on the bottom if the carton.  Their food was swimming in oil.  My zucchini Parmesan that I bread and fry in olive oil never has this much oil.  So ..I don't know how they cooked this but I will never recommend this place and never go back.

I also called them.  I got the woman who took my order.  I was very polite and said I was disappointed with not getting what we ordered, but I understand mistakes happen.  Then I said I didn't want to offend her but I proceeded to tell her about how awful the oil was... questioning the process ..or maybe they have a different person cooking.  She said it is always the same people cooking.  I didn't tell her that most of the food was flavorless or tasting like oil.  I tried to be constructive.  If I were a in the business, I'd want to know if there was a problem ..or some are that needed improvement.

Anyway, she wanted to know if I wanted something else and I politely declined.

I will n-e-v-e-r eat anything from there again and it was a total waste of money.  Mr SeaSpray didn't like it either.  And the egg rolls were good, but half the size of what you usually get.

I was thinking if this is Chinese food with no MSG ..hold the oil and add MSG please.

Anyway ...this has completely killed my desire for any Chinese food from anywhere for quite awhile.  There is a local Thai place that I hear good things about, but I was concerned it might be too spicy for the kids.  I definitely want to order that sometime.  I do like Thai food.

Our younger son will probably eat the leftovers, but if he doesn't they are getting tossed into the garbage. We never throw the leftovers out.  It was so oily, that I wouldn't even let our dog have any of it ...not even a lick because I didn't want her to get sick.

It must be psychological at this point, but I still feel like my tongue and inner mouth is still coated with oil.  I feel nauseated just writing this post.  I'm thinking maybe a grapefruit will cut the taste. ??

And the thing is ..I did go on line to look up the number and see if there was a menu and I saw there were both good and negative comments.  And just now I went back to look and someone wrote a dirty waiting area.  YUK!

We miss Lotus, the Chinese place we went to since the 80s.  But they moved back to Hong Kong about 5 years ago.  They were the best.
Sooooo ...for my birthday party on Sunday ...I'm thinking, tacos ...which is sort of a birthday tradition with the adult kids, Italian ...or barbecue/picnic types of food.  I'll see what I'm in the mood for on the weekend.

It's kind of funny all I want is pure tasting ...healthy food ..and nothing with oil or fat. 

Bread.  What about dry wholewheat bread with nothing on it?  Would that absorb the taste?

Having a *35* Moment - Birthday Post :)

Happy Birthday

Your friends at Favorite Dentistofalltime Family Dental wish you a very happy birthday. We hope that you have a wonderful day and look forward to seeing you again soon.
See you soon,

I think this is a great idea!  Obviously it's just a PR thing ..but I still think it's a great idea to help your patients feel connected to you ...and/or appreciated.  It evoked a smile and positive feelings in me when I opened the email.

 Mission accomplished.


So ...ask me how old I am.

"How old are you?", you ask.


I get to say that until 4:42 this afternoon.  :)

I think I'm having a 35 moment.

"What do you mean?", you ask.

Well seems many people make a big negative fuss about being 30.  Except my Aunt Janet.  When I was a teenager, she told me that 30 was a fun age because you finally come into yourself.  You're more mature, know more ..don't care so much what others think and feel more self confident.  She made it sound like 30 was when life really begins.

 But other people seemed to dread the big 3 - 0.

Well ...there were some challenges in my personal life when I was 30, but I think 30 was one of the best years in my life.  Thirty-schmirty - the number never scared me. Oh and I got a brand new blue T-Bird that year.  I LOVED that car.  Blue exterior and interior shades of blue ..which I also LOVED, since blue is my favorite color.  And my 1971 used challenger I got in 1974 was my other favorite car.  I still love the lines on that car - so sporty.  Green wasn't a favorite color for a car ..although I did like the white roof.  My two favorite cars.  I think the Challenger was sportier.  People said I looked like the Dodge Girl driving the Challenger.  Bygone days ...  :) 

Anyway ...turning 35 ...must've affected me in some way, because while our older son was in school and our younger one was napping during late morning ...I sat at the kitchen table with my back to the window ...and began writing about being 35Thirty five was the number that caused me to contemplate life, my age and my future that morning.

So ...while 35 was a profound birthday age for me ...the years after were uneventful on my birthday radar.  Speed forward to 50.  Nothing.  50 didn't bother me at all.  Pretty much fifties haven't mattered either.  I actually liked the number 55.  My friend Marian called it the double nickle club.  :)

Five is my favorite number.  So ...I am really good with all the fifties.  I don't like sixes though.  Reminds me of the Anti-Christ number.  So ...I will just have to embrace the accompanying numbers during my 60s decade.  Seventy will be good again because I like 7s.  Eighties ...also good.  I'm neutral with 9s.  And I prefer angular numbers over rounded ones.  So ...when I hit the 100s, the rounded numbers will outnumber the angular  #1, but that's okay because the 100s are just cool - such an elite club to be a part of.  :)

Again I digress.  :)

ANYWAY ... 58 ..feels a little weird.  Actually ..I like both numbers because  5 = grace and 8= new beginnings.  So During this new birthday year, I would like to have the grace to face, get through the things I need to do for myself that I can go off  into some positive new beginnings.

My readers that have followed me know that I've been through quite the urological journey since 2006.  And I've also lost some people dear to my heart ..among some other things.   Actually ...having so many people die ...has also affected me profoundly.  And I imagine it does most people.  And I still have not returned back to work.  At first, I was afraid the other urological relapse shoe would drop and it did and I did not want to go out on a new employer.  However, I'm now, 28 months (as of yesterday - June 17th), post stent removal without a relapse ...I will have absolutely no problem doing an interview because I won't feel like I'm hiding something because I do believe I am healed - permanently ureterally healed.  (I know ureterally is not a word - but I like it)  Ureterally healed ... 'Tis a good thing.  :)

I have been having difficulty with my knees and have been told I am a candidate for bilateral knee replacements. Of course KNOW ...I don't want to do this. And I really have never connected myself to my age - meaning it really is just a number and I believe the essence of who I am transcends age.  Your as old as you act.  I've seen people in their thirties look and act old.  Conversely ...I've seen elderly people seem younger than they are.   Barring a physical illness and/or disability, I strongly believe one's attitude and activity level determines how quickly we age.  And to me as a person of faith ...I also believe faith breathes life into us ...into our spirit ...also affecting attitude. Unfortunately ... I have been feeling older because I have been so discouraged by the knee pain and how it has limited me.  I still pray for a healing miracle, but whereas I was uncomfortable being stented - I knew it would pass and I was ever hopeful I would be permanently healed.  And it seems I was.  But ..the knee pain is pushing me into doing something soon.  I'm thinking early fall.

Turning 58 my 35 moment.  A reflective birthday year for me.

And I like the idea that 58 will be my grace with new beginnings birthday year.  :)

I Could Do This :)

Jericoacoara Beach paradise in Ceara state, Brazil.

OHHHH ...WOWWWW - I'd love this!  And I'd love it even more if there were just two and it was more private.  Or if I could sleep there for the night under a starry sky and a full moon, while caressed by balmy breezes.  (I would sleep so deeply)  Then wake up with a spectacular sunrise.

I would feel like I was one with God. 

This is so pretty.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What If? (Scroll down to read the real background of this magnificent picture)


Heaven's Trail: A place in Ireland where every two years between June 10 - 18, the stars line up with this path.

Can you just imagine how spectacular this must be in person?  Wow!  And what if it was a portal up into heaven?   What if ...we could just start walking on the stairs over the dunes and then transcend into heaven via the star path?

And what if for those 9 days ... we could go up and visit God, the angels and our loved ones ...and then come back down again? 

Oh ...that would be quite the experience.
I saw this picture with the title, "Heaven's Trail"on FB tonight.  Intrigued, I decided to look for more information about this star formation.

It turns out that this picture was taken on the island of Sylt ...a German island in the North Sea, by photographer, Thomas Zimmer.  He calls it, "My God, it's Full of Stars" and you can read the true story about this picture by following THIS LINK to read about where and how he shot this picture.
A place in Ireland where every two years on June 10-18 the stars line up with this path. - See more at:

Friday, June 14, 2013

Diaperless Surprise and Stuff

I'm laughing about it NOW ...but I sure was NOT laughing at lunchtime today.

I had the grandchildren today and the younger one needed his diaper changed.  So, I went to go get the diaper bag.  But unbeknownst to me, he had other ideas and decided to follow me.  I was in another room when I heard his sister running in my direction screaming "POOPIES!"  I rushed back out with the bag, only to meet Grandson in the kitchen ...SANS messy diaper ...which I could see was on the floor at the other end of the kitchen.  And he ...well suffice it to know that I held on to him ..telling him, "DON'T Move!", while hollering for younger son to get everything I needed.  It was quite the PROJECT!  Then he still had to be cleaned up more while on the diaper pad and of course he got a shower and a bath.  Then his sister wanted a bath too and since he was already cleaned in the shower I let her join him tub.  Done with all that, I got them dried and dressed.  I cleaned the tub ..even though I only did it a few days ago. And washed his clothes.

But when I walked into the family room, I saw that Wren ...even though explicitly told she is NOT to ever touch the Longaberger game basket ...had taken everything out and pieces of games, cards, puzzles and other items were strewn everywhere.  And some things were missing and I still haven't found them. Hopefully, our dog didn't EAT them.  Oh ...and she ..the dog ...also thinks she is a kid and I have 3 children to take care of - counting the dog.  She is in the middle of everything with them and wants all the attention I give them.  And today ..right after I got Myles dressed again and all nice and clean ...she went right up to him and licked his mouth.  Planted a big kiss right across his mouth! I don't know why since he hadn't even been eating yet.  I mean when they eat ...if she could she would lick them clean instead of my washing them off.  So ...back over to the sink to wash his mouth.

I'm not complaining at all.  Okay the diaper incident - yes.  But ...I feel very blessed to be able to take care of these little ones.  But it sure was a family circus here for awhile.  :)

So ...what's up with all the rain?  Well least the garden is well watered.  I just hope we don't need an ark to navigate around the vegetables tomorrow.  ;)

It is supposed to be sunny all day Saturday and so hopefully we will get some pool time in.  I can't believe it is June 13th, the pool is open and none of us have gone in yet.  It just seems either we are busy or the weather is not cooperating. It has been unseasonably cool ..even cold at times, with just a few hot days. 

My knees are slightly better than they were earlier this week and so now I am thinking that I must've done something - strained them in some way on Sunday when I was outside.  Because on Monday and Tuesday, I was so very discouraged about extreme knee pain ...with almost every step I took ... I had knife like, jabbing pain with every shift of my knees (brought tears to my eyes), exacerbated when weight bearing and with an undercurrent of aching.  At least the normal pain now feels more manageable by comparison.

And now it's time for bed.  I'm hungry though.  Of course it is psychological when I feel thirsty (even though I just finished drinking over a quart of water the hour before midnight) when I have to be NPO for a procedure the next day.  I just have to be fasting for lab work in the morning.  The worst part though not being able to drink coffee.  This too shall pass. :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bears in Tree

My d-i-l took this picture where they live.  Another bear had been chasing the cubs and they scrambled up this tree.  They hugged the tree branches, enduring a heavy rainstorm.  The other one climbed to a higher branch.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'll Never See Teddy Bears the Same Again ;)

Okay ...kind ....of ...strange ...yet draws me in.  "The kidney is what gives Teddy patience ...with kids."  Ha ha!

That heart looked pretty big.  I wonder where that came from?

Clever video.  :)


I do want to try this later in the season when all the Monarch butterflies are visiting our gardens.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Pity Train...

This evoked my first  ...busted out loud laughing ...response of the day.  Ha ha!  :)

Still chuckling as I reread it.  :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Today is my mother's birthday, June 3rd.  I miss her so much too.  I wonder what she's doing in heaven today?  I keep seeing her smiling face with pretty red lipstick she always loved to wear, her twinkling teal/blue eyes and beautiful red roses.  I guess I associate her birthday with all of Grandma's beautiful red roses at our shore house - June being rose month.  Roses are also the June birthday flower.

Roses happen to be my favorite flower, especially the red ones, although I love them all.

I always liked that Mom and I shared the same birthday month.

  I thought she told me I was born on Father's day... at 4:42 in the afternoon.  But I just checked a calendar for that year and I was born that Saturday.  And I do recall she said I was born on a Saturday.  So ...I must've misunderstood.

Anyway, we have a red rose bush that is growing nicely.  It is prolific with roses far into the summer.  That surprised me because I thought they die off in June. Roses are so pretty and not only do I delight in this rose bush's beauty, but seeing the pretty red roses evokes some special memories from over the years.  I always feel good when I see red roses. :)

Happy Birthday Mom.  :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Some Summer Projects

Photo Credit   

You can see a better picture of what this pretty shelf liner looks like on Bunny's blog.   She shows you the before and after on her shelves.  She did a great job.  :)   I not only wrapped it over the front, but also under the shelf so this pretty liner could also be seen underneath on the higher shelves.

I've been doing projects around the house and one of them is relining kitchen cabinets and some drawers.  I was THRILLED when I saw this liner in Walmart.  I LOVE this design and color and really dresses up the shelves.  So country too.  :)  And it is thick with a grip bottom.  You can even put in dishwasher.  I wont tho because I tacked it into wood.

Then even though I will line silverware drawers ..I like to use paper towels as a liner under the open utensil holders.  I blogged about it once before.  I bought metal dividers in Target some yrs back and filled the large drawer with them. This way there is more order.  And over time crumbs, etc., drop down (how ...I don't know), and then all I have to do is lift the dividers up and remove the paper towels underneath.  VOILA!   Just wash the little divider trays, but no wiping down anything unless there was a spill.  Just replace the paper towels.  Admittedly not as pretty as liner but really saves time and is much easier.

Anyway ...I still have to line the shelves on the cabinet that comes out into the kitchen.  But that is a big job because I have to empty it all.  It's time it was organized anyway.  And have to weed some things out.  The cabinet is double sided and on the table side I'd like to replace the 4 plastic windows (gold) with a glass or something different, but have to find someone that can cut them.

I was also impressed with the amount of liner on each roll.

I just love the color and pattern.  It looks nice with the wooden cabinets and butternut walls, goes nicely with my paprika and cream and blue Longaberger dishes.  Oh and the little burgundy lampshades on the candelabra over the table.  Although for summer I am going to replace those dark lampshades with a lighter fabric - pastel or white.

I also want to get lined country curtains similar to that liner, but they are a bit pricey.  So ..I'm not rushing on that.  And I've decided that I want to paint our front doors exactly that deep red in the liner and I think will look good with the brick, etc.

I love summer, but there is definitely double the work because you have to do outside and inside.  But it also inspires me.  there isn't enough time in the day to do it all.

And swim.  :)

The pool is almost open for swimming.  Just have to drop the stairs in.  But they are heavy and so our son does that so he can go underwater with the heavy bags of sand to anchor them.  Need to vacuum one more time and for the chlorine to diminish somewhat. But ..soon ..maybe even tomorrow.  YAY!  :)