Friday, August 30, 2013

Toilet Paper Post Inspired by Another Blogger :)

Toilet Paper Dress Contest 2nd Place Winner (2006)
 Photo Credit - Winner of 2010 toilet paper bridal dress

I haven't provided a link to other blogs in quite awhile, but I will list one in this post.  And some others to follow soon.

The first one is a post written by Throckmorton that just cracked me up and caused me to go on a quest for information on the product we use in this house.  Quite frankly ...I have found myself obsessing ever since.  Ha ha!

And who knew there was so much to post about toilet paper?  Even though I am adverse to bathroom humor ... I was on a ROLL ...I tell you!  (Yes - pun again intended. :)  Oh who am I kidding?  I've been writing about urine  on and off for 6 years and 9 months now.  Toilet paper writing isn't that far off topic.  ;)

Oh and just one word of caution.  If you are a reader who gets annoyed at conservative views - just skip over the paragraph in yellow.  I did not intend to be serious - but was on another ROLL when making my point.  I hate when I am enjoying a sitcom or movie and then the light feeling is ruined when he writers have interjected politics, especially when they annoy me.  So like I said - just skip over the yellow part.  :)

And finally ...for as absurd as this post is is all true.  Does anyone else besides Throckmorton and me think of toilet paper at LENGTH like this?  ;)

And Thank You to Throckmorton for the inspiration.  :)

HERE is the link to his "Bathroom Oragami", post.  Ha ha!  :)
And now my toilet paper post:

After reading what Throckmorton described - I just HAD to know the truth.  I had a feeling he was right and these sneaky marketing tactics had even infected the Scott Products Co.  Sadly suspicions were confirmed.  I am jaded now ...because even Scott succumbed to the trend of decreasing size to be more cost effective for the company. 

The thing is ...I was having vague ...questioning thoughts ROLL through my mind (pun intended:), but I never let them land.  I always buy the super pack of 36 rolls at Costco, believing it was the most cost effective ..and I know it was ...for a long time.

But then ...fairly recently ...maybe during the last year or so ...I had the transient thought that the whole package looked smaller in some way. I thought it was shorter in length.  I did check the rolls, but they still said 1000 sheets"Heh ... ..still the same.", I decided.  That happened at least a few times.

Then more recently ...I thought, "We seem to be going through these rolls much faster.  Why is that?"

And that was that.  That thought never landed either.

But then ....

Throckmorton's post.

Sure enough!  The Scott roll is much shorter on the metal roll bar.  No WONDER it's been moving from side to side like that!  And is no longer 2 ply but ONE ply!

You know ...they did it with the ice cream, the crackers and cans of food.  And they skimp on the quality of things too.

But for the love of God ...toilet paper too?!  Is NOTHING sacred anymore?!  ;)

You know ...sometimes denial runs so strong.  We see what we want to see.

Maybe it's because I grew up with Scott products.  And we've used them in this house most of the time.  Having septic systems ...we always chose to use the Scott TP because we figured they wouldn't clog a system like the thicker brands.  And as luxurious as the ultra soft brands feel ...I think we went through them super fast.  Of course that might very well be because we're a family used to using more Scott and you simply cannot pull the same amount off the roll of say ...Charmin.  Mr Charmin could put several kids through college AND buy that Jaguar on what we'd spend if we ever switched to his product after being indoctrinated by Scott- just saying.

And so this inquiring mind just had to know more and so I googled about the shrinking Scott toilet paper rolls.  Sure enough, Amazon was filled with complaints.  Some people were pretty angry too.

 Now ...I am angry about the thought of millions losing their relied upon quality insurance and pray we don't.  I am angry about so many important political scandals being ignored by the press and creating a news blackout, so that the majority of the population remains clueless, angry about cheating on election day, angry about people being called racist if they disagree with certain political views and I'm both angry and afraid of what seems to be racial violence increasing exponentially ...when it did not happen like this prior to this administration' s typical race rhetoric and stance on these issues - when they have the perfect pulpit to calm things down - they choose not to.

So a shrinking, thinner toilet paper roll isn't causing me to feel anger.

No causes me to feel jaded, betrayed and foolish.

Jaded just because it seems so many companies are doing this and I am losing hope regarding the cost and quality of once trusted products.  Symbolic of our deteriorating economy.

Betrayed ...because it was Scott - a trusted household product for decades.  It never feels good to lose trust.

Foolish ..because just last week, in Costco I was happy I got an additional 4.00 off on the already cost effective Scott toilet paper package ...only to find out that as even Costco's price went from 19.99 to 22.99 over time - I still believed one believes a fairytale  ...that this was still a great value. You know what they say ...fool me once shame on you ...fool me twice shame on me.

Jaded, betrayed and foolish ... because I fell for the 1000 sheets being advertised on each roll.  They aren't lying ...but it is intentionally misleading.

I had planned on going back down to save another 4.00 during this coupon cycle.  And I so I am going down first thing in the morning so this SeaSpray can get the shopping over with and relax the rest of the day in the sun and pool.  Closing it soon.  :( Anyway -  I hope since it is Labor day weekend Costco will have their usual Cheesecake company on the floor offering free tastes.  For me ...that is the ONLY way to ever indulge in cheesecake because they are tiny portions.  :).  A cheesecake BRUNCH.  :)  I usually like shopping at night to avoid samples - but dessert brunch sounds good to me:) 

(A-h-h-h-h laid plans ...

 I ended up finishing a book last night.  I simply could not put it down even tho I needed toothpicks to hold my eyes open and now my eyes look like too pee holes in the snow.  Anyway much for first thing in the morning Costco run.  If the sun WOULDJUSTCOMEOUTANDSTAYOUT ...I would go in the pool and shop later.  What a crazy weather ..non summer feeling summer!  For swimming anyway.  What to do?  What to do?  Ha!  If I go later than maybe they won't have any cheesecake left.  I really do not need cheesecake ..even in tiny portions.  Truth be told ...I wish I could give up sugar except for special occasions. )

 But (I almost typed BUTT  - HA HA!  :), I most importantly ...look forward to comparing the value of the Scott toilet paper to the Kirklandd toilet paper which ...for a large Kirkland package is still in the teens price range.  I am going to absolutely compare the measurements and the thickness when there later.  If no difference - I will stick with Scott.  If Kirkland is better than Scott can keep their coupon.   We've used Kirkland brand before ..but it left a bit of lint and so I still preferred the Scott brand. Although - I still believe Kirkland paper towels are the best on the market. That being said ...I have noticed Scott rolls disintegrating more easily and doing a bit of the same.  Neither as badly as the Charmins of the world ...but Scott was always better this way.  But now because they've gone down to single ply - it can't stay in tact as it had in the past ...for all those decades.

Why as a woman - and forgive me for being explicit - I was pretty confident that with using Scott tp tissue, I could have a Bajingoland exam without fear of residual paper product in the area.  Just saying.  Why ..with the other brands ...I bet for years ...doctors could discern what color bathroom a woman had by the color of the toilet paper left in those nether region areas ...or at the very least what color the bathroom was that she just used prior to coming to the office.  That of course is assuming  the doctor had the discerning mind of a detective - piecing it all together.  Not the paper ..the patient's bathroom decor.  For years ...I loved the Scott pink paper ...or green at Christmas.  I was disappointed they stopped selling toilet paper in colors.  Why Scott ...W-H-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y did you stop those pretty colors????

  But ...I digress.

Gee ...toilet paper must be more important to me than I realized because one night ..maybe a few years ago - not exactly sure ...I had a very clear dream of white Scott toilet paper.  And in this dream plain as day ...i saw a bright white roll of new and improved Scott toilet paper.  the difference?  It was textured!  At that time they did not make toilet paper.  But guess what?  Shortly after that their new textured toilet paper was on the shelves.  The only difference from my dream is my dream created a different textured design - unlike any I've seen on any roll.  It was a good one.  Anyway was an improvement.  They managed to add texture without making it too thick.  Weird - right?

Oh and since writing this post,  I have discovered:

1. There is an actual World Toilet paper blog.

2.  Duke is going to switch from one ply toilet paper to two ply.  (not sure when this was/is)

3.  I don't actually know if Scott only manufactures one ply now or if they also sell 2 ply rolls ..depending on the retailer.  I was finding info on both one and 2 ply by Scott.

4. That I could actually STILL write MORE on this topic!  :)

I will return to inform the inquiring minds reading this post doubt waiting with baited breath learn which product is the most cost effective.  Scott vs Kirkland?  Also ...I need to look at the measurements of the single Scott tp rolls being sold in Walmart.  It sort of looked larger, but I immediately dismissed it when I saw that they charge 99 cents for one roll and I concluded that indeed ..buying 36 rolls at Costco for either 18.99 was the better bargain.  But ...maybe not if it is a larger roll at Walmart.  Or maybe it is ...? 

To be continued ....

PS - just one more thing about toilet paper.  Years ago our local Shoprite (grocery store), someone had been sticking little pieces of paper with a typed scripture verse on each one.  I had gotten a few and so did my friend Iris.  We actually appreciated it because they were uplifting.  But someone must've reported it because the person stopped doing it.  I did guess who it was and I think it was sweet and rather creative - although I can appreciate that some people would've taken offense ...I suppose.  It wasn't so PC back then though.  And those little secret scriptures,  remind me of Post Secret readers.  Some have sent in secrets stating that a message on paper randomly left in a book in a library or somewhere... saved their life or helped them in some other way.  Neat idea!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Great News! :)

Since this is a urology post ...  the perfect cartoon.  And boy oh boy - it's a good thing urine doesn't fall from clouds.  Just saying.  ;)

I had my follow-up appointment with my urologist yesterday and so ...guess what?

  ***My renal function in my right kidney has gone from 30% last June 37% this August.*

At first I thought he said it was 30% and I was thinking it went down from 33%.  Then he told me it went up to 37% from 30%.

Tears welled up in my eyes.  They were happy tears.  RELIEVED - HAPPY tears.  I went from abject fear sheer delight.  And I am forever grateful to God and to my urologist.  :)

I know miracles are bigger deals - but this does feel close to one.

I believe he said it healed and I can't believe I don't exactly  ...remember every word he said about this.  As a matter of fact ...I probably don't need a dye test I was going to have prior to my knee surgery ...just to be sure.  I admit ...I still might want it as concrete proof.  I don't want to be lacking faith.  Sometimes you just have to BELIEVE.  Take that leap of FAITH!

And even tho I consider myself a person of faith .... it is because of my past history with this ...I would just feel better with the dye test.  And normally I would be thrilled with this news and glad to be cleared and I am.  I'm actually in AWE that I avoided that reconstructive surgery ...and of course thanks to God and urodoc.  But is pretty amazing because the odds were most definitely against me.

But ...a picture is worth a thousand words.  A picture ...actually seeing my right ureter open and dye flowing freely.  NO more doubt.  It will settle it for all time for me.

I am conflicted about this right now. 

Does it make sense to anyone ...that I just want to see the concrete picture?  I think it is because I have had so much fear and concern for so long. And I know - so get over it already, right?   AND it has been 29 MONTHS since I had the last ureteral stent removed.  The renal function went UP!

But I was also told by my orthopaedic doctor, that if an infection occurred after my knee replacement, he would automatically put me on 2 years prophylactic antibiotics and if an infection got into the new knee, that knee would have to come back out.  Then what?  Does the ortho patient go kneeless (I know not a word - but I like it:) for awhile?  And obviously there would be a repeat surgery at some point.

If I never heard that - I would not think twice about it.

 But - I did.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bladder Jig :)


Well ...after looking up the definitions, I see would've ended up in the Men's room, because my guess would've been Stamen.  And it wouldn't be the first time I ended up in the Men's room and that time there was clear sign on the door. 

You can read about that here.  :)

Regarding this cartoon, I reasoned Stamen for the Women's room because I was thinking the Women's room door is usually before the Men's room and I don't know why I think that and actually might just be determined by what direction one approaches the rest rooms from.  So, then I thought well Pistil ..sounds masculine ... and sounds TOUGHER in a MANLY sort of way.  PISTIL!  And S-t-a-m-e-n sounds s-o-f-t-e-r ...gentle a woman. But then Stamen also reminded me of something male.  Then I tried to picture the parts of a flower.  But I still didn't know what they do or which was which if I was even picturing the right things.  Flower sex? Too many thoughts and my bladder would hollering to me by now.  :)

If this were real life ...this guy and I would've been doing some kind of bladder jig together outside these doors.  :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Bathroom Surprise - Scream or Catatonic Worthy?

 OHDEARGOD!!!  A friend found 7 snakes in her jacuzzi tub today!  SEVEN!!!!!  She saw them slithering down the bathtub drain when she went back into the bathroom.  I would not be able to shower or use the toilet ..or sleep!  NOT until I knew why, where they came from and was assured the problem was remedied.  Can you imagine sitting on the TOILET and a snake or two or more slithering up???   Last I knew she is using sticky traps and called a local person who handles snakes and has a snake pit on their animal farm.  I absolutely would HAVE to know how they got in and that it would be fixed - forever fixed. This is the stuff that nightmares are made of.  SURREAL!

The wildlife people thought it may've come in after a mouse.  But it went upstairs and probably laid eggs in the jacuzzi that hadn't been used in a while.  OHMYGOSH!!!

They are Northern Ringnecks and can get up to 2 feet long. 

The next day the wildlife people took them outside and oiled the sticky stuff to set them free.  The day before she threw one out the window.  I really don't know how she slept that night.  Brave ....brave ...brave!  And the toilet?  UGH!!!

Anyway - I found this on youtube:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Extreme Naivete :)


 I hope this post isn't offensive to anyone.  I am not at all making light of the patient's situation, but my naivete.  It's an ER nurse's favorite story about me and even though it happened so long ago, she STILL cracks up whenever she recalls it.  She was my very first friend I made at the hospital.  She was the first one to invite me into the back with the ER staff, during my first solo shift on the job.  She now lives several states away, and months and sometimes years can go by before we talk ...but we always pick up like we never parted ...just like good friends always do. And we still laugh at this story, that thankfully had a good outcome.

Some years ago ...well 26 years and 4 months ago ...I was still fairly new at working in Emergency Registration.  When this incident happened ...I wasn't exactly a newbie ...but it certainly was a situation I had never encountered during my previous 9 months of working in that position.  And that position required us to closely interact with the patients and emergency department staff when we were in the emergency department.  Meaning, that because we needed to get patient information for the patient's chart, along with signatures ...and/or explain certain things - we were often right at the patient's bedside if they were brought directly into the ER via ambulance.  Also, if they were called in before we could get said information from the patient or whomever could assist with providing what we needed.  So ...there were different reasons the registration staff would have to be in the patient areas.  And as a hospital employee, of course anything we would see or hear was to be kept confidential.  We also might be called on to assist with something simple if it was a particularly hellacious shift in which they needed an extra pair of hands in the moment.

 My point is that registration staff saw a lot of things that a typical office receptionist would not see.  My other point to make is that because I was not a licensed medical person ...I saw a lot of things that I knew nothing about - but learned over time through on the job experience.  Among the many patient illnesses and injuries I observed over time ....I learned what a kidney stone patient looks like, or what patients compromised with COPD or asthma look and sound like, what a compound fracture looks like, or nasty lacerations with muscle and fat exposed and lots of blood pouring out of the gaping wounds, swollen head traumas, multi-traumas and even what death looks like.

Admittedly ...what I am about to describe did not require a medical license to ascertain ...but perhaps life experience ...ahem ...of another kind.  Well ...okay ...perhaps if I had understood what happens with electrocution ...I might not have jumped to the conclusion that I did.

And so now I will explain.

It was a warm, cloudy spring evening ..just after dinner was over.  The ER was empty.  I was hanging out with the staff when they got the call that a man had been electrocuted on the job at a local company.  The staff went through their usual preparations - setting up in the cardiac room and then waited for his arrival.  He was brought in via ambulance in short order.  

I rushed the chart right back to the doctor ..which also gave me a clear view of the completely naked male patient on the cardiac stretcher.  I immediately averted my eyes, left the chart with the doctor and exited the area as fast as I could ...feeling sorry for the patient that I had seen him totally exposed.

 I was also perplexed as to why the staff weren't all hovering over him frantically doing all that they do in these emergent situations.  Where were the nurses?  Why was he so still on the stretcher ...on his back with his eyes closed?  Oh NO!  He's dead!  Did he die?  That poor man.  Electrocuted so badly like that.  Like he was CHARRED!?

I don't recall if I had any more patients between when I left and when I went back in to see how he was.  Actually - I don't remember anything else about that shift ..either before or after that patient.  The visual has stayed with me though ...that and the head ER nurse's busting out in extreme laughter after I expressed my sincere concern for the man. I should clarify that ...she was laughing at my naivete regarding the patient's status.

A bit later, feeling very concerned, I walked in to the break room and asked, How is the electrocuted man?


I feel SO SORRY for him!



"He's going to be alright."

Oh GOOD!  I thought it was really bad and that maybe he was even DEAD because he's burned so badly.

"NO he's not."

But he looks DARK all over and even his PENIS looks CHARRED!

My friend erupted into extreme laughter and then when she could finally contain herself ...she said ..."He's NOT BURNED ...he's HISPANIC!"

OH?  THANK GOD!  I thought he was a WHITE man and the electrocution CHARRED his entire body and he was DEAD!.


More extreme laughter at my naivete.  :)

I was soooo RELIEVED for him.

And I learned some new things too.  :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Favorite Light Breakfast and New Business, etc. :)

My breakfast this morning-one of my summer favorites.  Admittedly, with 4% cottage cheese, but I prefer it.  South Jersey melons and Costco blueberries, always so sweet. The delicious melon came from Dale's Market on Newton-Sparta Rd.  What a terrific Garden Ctr!  Well stocked, good looking fruits/vegetables and other food too.  My weakness, blueberry-yogurt covered pretzels. :) The owner has such a kind face.  I plan on giving them first consideration anytime I have plants/shrubs to buy, because not only do their nursery items look great, but also because of the stellar assistance the owner and staff have given me.  I also believe it is important to support small local businesses.  I'm happy to see that they seem to be quite busy.

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Dentist, Butterflies and Bumble bees :)

bumble bee on a zinnia

So what do a dentist, butterflies and bumblebees have in common with a SeaSpray?

 I'm waiting ... waiting .... okay ..I'll tell you.

 One extremely HAPPY SeaSpray that is just THRILLED with her new dentist!

And the beautiful ...even tho only temporary replacement he put in this morning.  I keep looking at it.  :)  I can't wait to see the finished product in a couple of weeks!

I know I have repeatedly said I will write a dental post about what my former dentist and why I have lost complete trust in him ..and professional respect.  yes ..I would still be respectful and I don't hate him ...but he withheld proper care ..even tho I was asking for things to be done.  But that is just too much to write right now.  Instead ...I want to focus on the positive and that was the dental experience I had yesterday morning.

This new dentist so nice, congenial, gentle and encouraging.  I was surprised that he self disclosed personal info about his own medical history to encourage me about surgery, the surgeon and the tertiary care center I have chosen to be operated in ...all of which he spoke highly of. Coming from a doctor - that means a lot.  He certainly did not have to do that.  And as evidenced in how well the temporary looks just behind my upper right eyetooth ...he is obviously skilled.  AND ...his  staff great too.  A perfect fit for this SeaSpray!  And I will recommend him to everyone.  My family is switching over even though our former dentist is on our new plan too.  I appreciated that he kept commenting on the whiteness of my teeth.  They were since I was a teenager ..although I do occasionally use a little whitener, but not much at all. Years of coffee and tea take their toll.  I was glad to hear I am at the high end of the brightness chart.  I like that he got a kick out of my story about when I was 14 ..I had the brainstorm idea for Iris and I to let the ocean white water rush through our teeth ...thinking it was a natural whitener. And inspired by a funny rain story he told, I shared a heartwarming, cute story about intentionally taking the little kids out in a heavy rain storm on a hot day ...with our clothes on.  That was the point.  To be different and carefree. (I wrote a post about it some yrs ago :) And my friends little girl, while jumping in a puddle exclaimed, "This is the BEST day of my life!"  He said he'd remember that, and thought it was a great story.  It was fun too.  :)

And I was feeling concerned when I was trying to find a new dentist, because how can you really know until you experience them working on you, etc., ?  But ..I was impressed with his on line bio ...because of his appreciating small towns, still teaching in NYU and the Tertiary care center I am going to and because he donates his time to several different organizations ..and that spoke compassion to me. I feel like heaven handpicked this dentist for me.  Not far from home and I even like the office.  Win win, win, win and so on.

Anyway ...I came right home and immediately went all around the yard to fill up a vase with different types of colorful Garden flowers, along with butterfly bush flowers, lavender and mint leaves and a variegated green and white vine sprig.  And then I tied a pretty lavender wired bow around the vase.  Wrote him a thank you note (and he is just beginning his work with me:), because I am so grateful and happy about his work.  I know I am in good hands now.

And the butterflies and bumblebees were following the flowers and me around the yard.  I felt like the pied piper, only instead of using a flute ...I carried beautifully scented, colorful flowers.  I was concerned there could still be a bumblebee in the mix while driving back over, but fortunately the ride was uneventful.  Anyway, mission accomplished.  The women loved them and placed them on the reception counter.  The card was addressed to the doctor, although I did compliment his staff too.

So, then I went to the dollar store and bought 6 more clear vases for giving more flowers away when the opportunities comes up.  Also some little shells to put in the bottom of the vases for a summery effect.  :)

And I know it may seem like too much to do too soon for some people I hardly know ...but I have been upset for a long time with my former dentist and the work he wasn't doing and then knowing we might not have dental insurance soon ..I was afraid my teeth would break after our insurance stopped.  The point is ...I am just so happy and grateful for the work this new dentist is doing AND ...that he validated my concerns.  He has been careful not to knock my former dentist, but yesterday he did say, "You NEEDED this done."  His assistant used to work for my former dentist and twice she just said, "You're in the RIGHT place now."

And now I want to get right outside and go in the pool because it is pouring rain and muggy.  So fun to swim in the rain too.  I don't know why ...but I just love being in heavy rain.  :)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sumer Gardens, Kids and Cake :)

Kids are here ..cake coming out of oven ..going to have aqua icing with pretty pink crystal sugar and I dyed cake aqua.  So summery.  :)  We are going out to pick yellow beans for dinner as soon as the cake cools.  These are the large flat yellow beans and wowee they have some kind of good flavor!  Even raw in the garden.  :)  I also made an excellent cucumber salad with fresh cukes, onions and dill from our garden.  I love to be able to grow these things and also that we do not use any pesticides.  Oh ...about the pole beans - Wren thinks it is a Jack in the Beanstalk type of stalk growing up into the clouds.   So cute.  And both little ones just love helping with picking the vegetables. :)

*Update - I was so surprised to see how much the little ones LOVED the fresh cucumber salad.  Glad it was a hit.  :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Great Report and Medical Mystery (to me) Regarding What Happened to Me Yesterday, etc.

I am happy to report that the uro M/A informed me that the doctor said my preliminary renal scan reports look great!  Thank God!  I will be seeing him for a follow-up to get the details and future follow-up plans.  I do believe I am healed.  This is near miraculous, considering 4 surgeons recommended the reconstructive surgery, etc and how poor the prognosis looked for remaining open.  Someday, I will write a final post on this urology chapter of my life.  :)

The following post is about what happened to me yesterday evening and then into the wee hours of the morning.  And out of the blue evidenced by my previous post yesterday just prior to my leaving.  I wish I knew what the cause was.  And I make comparisons to what happened to me back in August 2007 - only worse back then - but different too.  I wish I knew so that I could avoid this in the future.

I am delighted about my preliminary news though - absolutely delighted!  :)

I am not feeling so well.  When I wrote my previous post earlier, I was feeling good and shortly after left for my friend's store down below.  Then about 10 minutes out from her store, I began feeling awful. I wanted to pull over but would not be anywhere for help ..except for cars passing by.  And so I kept driving.  I managed to get there and then called her, telling her I was in her parking lot but couldn't come in because I felt so awful.

I didn't know what to think.  Was it blood sugar?  Did it have anything to due with the Mag III renal test with Lasix yesterday - although, I never had a problem with that in the past. And I did eat earlier so I couldn't imagine low blood sugar.  It was just a tomato sandwich - first one of the year with a tomato from our garden.  And a small piece of rhubarb/strawberry pie - very small.  I did forget to have the cottage cheese I had wanted and so I hadn't eaten any protein yet and now it was almost 6pm.

I felt shaky without shaking , nausea but not really, weak, tired and becoming mildly anxious because of what was happening.  She was worried about me, but I didn't want to bother her and fortunately I git the idea to have some peppermint sugarless gum.  That seemed to help me and I left soon after.  Then began feeling it again and so had a spearmint gum, which began to cause me to feel ill again and so I went back to peppermint.

I felt so awful ..I was wondering if there was anyway it could be connected to something urologic since I had just had the Mag III renal scan with lasix the day before and thought to call urologist on call and run it by them before calling pcp.  I also thought I might have to go to ER.  I didn't want to do any of it.  I just wanted to get home.  And I thought this because I remembered that I had a similar experience in August 2007 after a uro experience.  August 1, 2007 to be specific. (I am weird in how I remember numbers and dates.  I even checked in here because I recall writing about it after and sure enough august 1st. - Just a quirk that amuses me sometimes:)

Also, I have never had a problem with renal scans in the past and it was a around 27 hours later - but I also never monitored my blood pressure after one either.  I was wondering if there is a chance my kidney got such a workout that it did cause a temporary reaction.  ?  Is something wrong with my kidney this time around because I've been really aching since the test.  Even though I also know that happens to me sometimes anyway ever since the first uro relapse in 2006.  (Btw - Admittedly ...I do not know the urology protocols for follow-up after a person has a large kidney stone removed, etc and that first urologist did follow up with a KUB in October - 3 months after my last stent was removed ...but is it advisable for the urologists to do another follow-up ...maybe 6 - months to a year after that ..or was my case just highly unusual?  I know that is water over the bridge and I don't know that it would've made a difference.  Well ..the only thing that could've been done is corrective surgery and then I would not have gotten kidney damage.  It's easy to look back with 20-20 hindsight.)

Again I digress.

And so I drove through cats and dogs falling heavy rain ..and slow in parts because of Friday evening traffic.  I thought about going into Weis Pharmacy to see if they had any urine testers, but was afraid I'd pass out.  I tried drinking water too.

And I prayed a lot and even sang a Christian song to keep my mind off it as best I could.  I prayed to drive safely too.  Maybe I was selfish to keep driving feeling that bad.  And let me tell you ..windshield wipers in motion do not help a sort of queasy, dizzy feeling person.

Finally ...I pulled into our driveway, but was too weak to get out.  I beeped 3 times, hoping Mr SeaSpray could help me in because I was afraid I might pass out.  I wanted to beep more, but I also didn't want our neighbor who was on his front porch and seriously ill with cancer to come over to help me.  I know he would have, but he has enough to take care of himself.

So ..I sat there trying to get the strength to walk inside.  Thankfully Mr SeaSpray came out and helped me in.

I crashed on the couch.  The logical thing would be to test my blood sugar, but I let the needles run out.  I know my a-1cs are in the 6.6 range or less and fasting was last 130 in a lab test in July.  I'm not prone to low blood sugar either.
I did take tramadl for knee pain around 1pm and I don't like how I feel on it (always makes me feel a little ugh- hyper ..maybe ...not sure how to describe, but admittedly always feel a bit of resistance before I take it - but my body has always been sensitive to medications and alcohol), but it does help the pain somewhat and it is not the first time I have taken it.  I-buprofen/N-SAIDS are bad for the kidneys and so I don't go anywhere near that now.  Although - I would take 600mg of I-buprofen if I felt an impending migraine come on, but fortunately I have not had a Migraine in years.  YAY!  :)

I did take 1500 mg of Metformin as soon as I got home.  I take it at dinnertime anyway.

 I remembered that I had a similar experience in August 2007 after a uro experience

After Mr SeaSpray came home with dipsticks and when I didn't feel so awful, I tested my urine 3 times and no color registered that matched the chart.  The color on the stick stayed exactly the same and so I assume that means sugar was fine. I also read that if your ketones are high the color won't register, but I had eaten cottage cheese when I came home and so I was not in fasting mode.  I assume you can have them for other reasons though.  ?  regardless - I was not concerned about elevated blood sugar at this point.

To be continued....
Update Friday night:  I had to stop writing this post because another wave of whatever it was was hitting me again and so I again checked urine -color on stick still didn't change.  I verified this wasn't an expired bottle and the date was current.

I began taking my blood pressure and that was high.  186/87 kind of high and so I took my med for that.  It came down slightly - 178/94.  So I stayed up all night to monitor it.  I was concerned about this because in August 2004, I woke up with a headache one day, didn't have any I-buprofen - the only thing that works for me that will eradicate a headache if I treat it early.  But I had to be at work early that morning and needless to say the headache pain exacerbated.  One of the nurses at the VNA graciously took my blood pressure and it was higher than normal, but I had clients to see and had to work all day.  I could only take Tylenol which will not  help me like I-buprofen does - not even close and so I worked with a wicked headache all day.  My head hurt so much that I couldn't even stop at the store to get I-buprofen.

Fortunately I had Percocet left over from June, when I had my second ureteral stent removed (different urologist back then and it was right after having had my first and last large kidney stone.  I had endured 2- 2 week stints of stents and newbie uro patient that I was - thought I was forever done with urology - hahahaha! :)  But I digress.  Anyway ...I learned that night that even Percocet would not remove the headache and it wasn't migraine proportions - but close.  I decided to monitor my bp with a wrist cuff.  My only activity was reclining on the sofa watching tv and still the bp was creeping up.  Then I decided to turn Seinfeld on, thinking laughter would help.  I called a friend who worked at the hospital who encouraged me to go to the hospital.  Still I resisted.  But when the numbers were something crazy like 220/over 127 (not exact but definitely in those high ranges), I went to the ER.  Nurse said to ER doc that I basically triaged myself, he sent over for a head CT which came back normal.  then gave me a different hypertension med then I had ..caused me to sleep a bit and I was good to go.  Then the following Monday, my pcp at the time switched me to theat medication and have been on it ever since - even tho it is an older one.  I have this thing, that God forbid I should lose hair from one of those medications and this one does not do that and so I stay on it.

Anyway ..that past experience is exactly why I stayed up because I felt I should be sure it wasn't going to escalate to those high numbers again.

I did a couple of loads of wash, folded said wash and watched TV.  I just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to spike up higher.  But when at 04:00, I saw it only went down to 158/98, I decided to take a second hypertension pill. Thirty six minutes later it went down to 133/76  Pulse 71.  Half hour later 142/77 and I went to bed.

And I am happy to say that today, my blood pressure has been in the more normal ranges for me.

I have no idea why that happened to me yesterday and into the wee hours of this morning. ????

I should probably tell my pcp and I will, but first I am running it past my urologist to to be sure there isn't any correlation to this and the test.  I really don't think so - but I don't want to tell the pcp and then he gets all crazy about switching my medication - especially if I don't really need to.

I am grateful for the good news I got from the uro M/A today that the doctor said my preliminary test results are great.  Yay!  I am still just wondering tho if that test could cause that.  Although the blood pressure spiking in 2004 had nothing to do with uro testing and I had been opened up, ureterally speaking (I know people don't speak ureterally ;) ...with those two stents and so my kidney was fine then.  That damage occurred over time after that.

The difference between this incident and the one back in 2007 in how awful I was feeling is that this was not as bad.  Close ..but not only enough to cause me to wonder if I should be seen in the ER.  And the circumstances of that day were different as well. And even though I felt like I might die - my BP was not escalating.

Maybe some people just have these weird things happen periodically with no explanation for the cause?

The one thing I am going to do is ask my pcp for a renewed prescription for the glucometer needles and I guess new test strips.  Oh and he knows that I don't test.  I told him that I don't want to put myself through that since my numbers are not high and he didn't say anything and so I assumed it was alright.  But I sure as heck should be prepared if this ever happened again.  because I wondered could it be low blood sugar ...even though I had eaten only a few hours before. ?  And if it was, I would've had some honey as soon as I walked in the door.  And I suppose I will get those little sugar tablets to keep in my purse.  I admit this did scare me ...although ...I don't think it was a diabetes issue either.

And that brings me back to ??????

Thursday, August 8, 2013

That Moment ...and a Few Other Friday in August Thoughts

That moment ...the next morning ...when you realize you told the m/a in the uro office you weighed 4 pounds more than you do.  Not much I know - it's just a female thing ..pretty universal ..I think that we would n-e-v-e-r ADD weight on for our med recs.

And I KNOW that after last night's Creamy Champagne sauce over chicken and pasta and dessert ..that I did NOT lose weight yesterday ...oh and a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie at home later too.

I know ...BAD SeaSpray ..BAD!

It was so good though ..just saying.  :)

And now ..A pie shared a pie all the sweeter.  I'm leaving to go down to a friend's store and surprise her with a nice big slice, on a pretty tropical plate with beachy napkin and a fork. :)  We both had been commenting how we were craving strawberry rhubarb pie.  She bakes pies too and she hasn't been able to find rhubarb. So this is just perfect!

My side is still aching after yesterday's renal scan.

Oh and I LOVE this new facial cream the company I work for sells.  They advertise it as a pleasurable experience on the skin.  OMGOSH it!  I STILL feel it!  Kind of cool, tingly and refreshing and my face feels so soft.  It always does but this is a quality cream.  Wow.  Can't wait to share it!  :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Renal Scan #11

I just love that song and think it's funny I keep hearing it during the scan.  They make me hold still though and so I can't move to the music in my head.  Although ...I think it might be interesting to see all those pretty nuclear sparkles dancing around in my kidneys on the screen.  But I guess the urologists (I mean radiologists - urologist on my brain) - haven't learned to read dancing kidneys yet.  ;)

And now 11 doesn't work with the tune of the song, Mambo #5 ..11 being two syllables and all.  I was always going to do my own song about renal scans to that tune.  I hear it in my head every time I get the scan.

Anyway ...I know the drill well to the uro office fro the foley and then to the hospital for the Mag III renal scan with lasix.  It's weird when you've been such a frequent flier that staff remembers.  I guess I'm just a memorable SeaSpray.  ;)

So why am I nervous?  And even feeling a bit shy?  Even going to the uro office?Although - I will be glad to see them.  :)

Not the foley catheter though.  I honestly don't feel any affinity toward the catheter.  Good thing they don't have feelings.

Also, I don't have to do the Bajingoland land position so frequently anymore and that is part of it to.  For awhile there I was just in the mode ...but now ...not in the mode.   Although I could never do this test without a foley bag.

And another thing ...I hate that I have to drink 32oz of water an hour before the test.  I can't and so have to down it in a half hour ..most of it anyway.  God forbid I started, had to go and got stuck in traffic.

I guess ...I am believing I am healed and have been distancing in my mind - from urology issues. That is a good thing.  I lived with fear about it all for far too long.

And this month the 17th (also our older son's birthday), will be 29 ..yes TWENTY NINE MONTHS since the last ureteral stent was removed.  That just HAS to be a good sign ...don't you think?

I'm happy that a certain friend is coming along to keep me company.  She's a nurse and so I have things I want to discuss with her ..we have lots of catching up to do since it's been awhile since we last connected.  And we'll be going out to dinner afterward.  It's nice to have something to look forward to after a day of procedure and tests like that.  :)

I still pray that urodoc will be able to give me a good report.  I believe he will ...but will feel better when he does.  A-n-d ..I suppose that is the other reason for nervous - I just want to hear the good words.

So that is my day tomorrow.  :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

On a lighter note since my previous post.  :)

'Tis a BETTER day today.  :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013



Or 10 pain!

That moment ...when you are in the far corner of Target ...that you realize (just in case you entertain ideas of denial or postponing), you DO need and WILL have the total knee replacement ...because you also realize that you spent to much time shopping by the time you got to that far corner in Target and you now want to cry because you now have to walk all the way back up to the registers excruciating pain.  And then during said walk are contemplating whether or not it is ten pain on the pain scale ..and then have the the thought it's a 12 pain ...knowing full well all medical people will secretly feel disdain toward you that you would even think pain could be more than a 10.

So then you come back to 10 pain ..but then remember the kidney stone pain and so no it can't be 10 pain.  Or even stent removal pain ..except that is over quickly and so maybe this trumps stent removal pain.  But then no ..if the ureteral stent was pulled out over and over and over again ..that would even trump kidney stone pain and you couldn't possibly walk with stent removal pain.  But then you did walk with kidney stone pain ..even though you couldn't wash up or brush even just brush your hair.

So then you decide okay this is an 8 or 9 ..or a 10 in ortho pain. But then you think it can't be a 10 in ortho pain because you couldn't walk with a broken leg.  So then you conclude ..numbers don't matter.  You can't go on like this want quality of life back and you WILL do whatever you have to do to get free from all of this and move forward ...sans pain your life.

Well ...if the ureteral stent removal and kidney stone pain thoughts were going through my mind then suffice it to know the knee pain was up there.  Can you imagine dreading just walking up to the front of the store and then you're also calculating the steps to where you parked and also know the pain you will experience when you sit because you've been standing too long.  Imagine a knife being shoved straight up both knees, in that sitting moment. 

It's ridiculous I waited this long and now all of a sudden is overtaking me!  But then if you know my SeaSpray uro history ..avoiding surgery isn't a surprise.

Needless to say - I did not make it to Costco last night.  And I realized I can't go to the boardwalk this summer and do some other things I wanted to do.  I let fear cause me to let my life slip by before my eyes.  Denial runs strong because I can't believe that only now am I truly aware of what I've been giving up.  I wonder how many other people do this?

Well ...while I know it will be challenging ...I hope my knee replacement surgical experience will be as positive as my meniscal repair experiences.  I had put the first meniscal repair off, but when I finally did it ...I was sorry I waited so long and I tell every one to hurry up and get that meniscal repair because you will feel so much better right after surgery.

And it isn't the pain of post-op and rehab that is stopping me.  It is that I still have the same surgical risks I would have if I had had the reconstructive uro surgery.  I am a strong and determined person and I absolutely would/will push through the pain and I know that the more you do the better it will get.  But ..I can't control the risks in the OR and post -op.  It was the only reason I tried so hard to avoid the uro surgery and why I have delayed this.

The one thing I did not do for myself and could have to reduce risks is to lose more weight.  I am ashamed of that and wonder why I just don't do what I know to do?  One of my friends told me to do the knee surgery - then I can walk, exercise and lose weight more easily.  I hope that is true.  And I am not giving up on losing weight prior to surgery.  Also would help the knee pain.

One last thing ..and again denial is strong because I was slow on the uptake of this too.  Normally ...anytime I have an idea to do something - go somewhere ..I just DO it!  And I kind of knew it was happening ..but I guess dismissed it.  But now I realize ...I mean really realize ...I have NOT been doing even the simplest of things.  Like thinking ..I'll just run out to do this or get that - whatever ..and then instead, I just keep blogging or doing something in the house because I don't want to deal with the pain of walking long distances.  I still have pain in the house or yard, but can at least usually sit down.  And all the while ...getting less and less exercise.  Also, it was alarming a few weeks ago to read that sitting is considered the new smoking.  Oh no!  I've always been happy that I never smoked and glad I didn't have that risk to my body, but now to learn that sitting is just as bad.  YIKES!

Fear is the undercurrent of my denial ..and it can be crippling.  No pun intended ..or in this case is literally true.  Because the less I do ...the less I do.

So matter what ...I am calling the orthopaedic surgical scheduler Monday, to get myself on for an October surgery.

And now ...Costco is calling me.  3rd try is the charm - for sure.  :)

PS - I need to hear some encouraging knee replacement stories and I also want to know about any bad ones - what could've been done better during pre-op and post -op?  I guess I need to find some kind of forum to join or at least read through.

Update:  Finally!  Costco is a fait accomplis!  I suppose one could say that at some level, I must not have wanted to.  Now at 382.00 dollars later I am having buyer's remorse - but even Costco is raising prices and I know still better than in the store on some of what I bought.

Friday, August 2, 2013

So ...don't you just love it....

I wrote the following post on and around July 4th and am putting this up now since I don't have anything else right now.  I really am not a klutz ...but goofy things do happen in my life.  I'd like to think these things happen to everyone, but that I just appreciate the humor in them ...AFTER the fact and I love to share amusing things.  Even at my own expense.  :)  After all ..if you can't laugh at yourself ...

And now I am heading to Target ..then Costco because I never did make it down there as planned and now we are out of EVERYTHING because I keep holding off for things down there because I know I save money there.

I have a follow up renal scan next week.  I am expecting, yet still praying for a good report.  I'll come back about that.

I am happy that I have recently reconnected with a friend across the pond and I feel like we are pen pals.  Sweet.  :)

Happy weekend to all! :)

So ...don't you just love it:

 When  ...soda sprays all over you and everything?

Fortunately, I anticipated this on July 4th ..and fortunately ...I was wearing a bathing suit.

I was trying to fit something in our refrigerator when I knocked a full unopened bottle of root beer on the floor.  At first I was going to just put it back, but then thought I had better open it outside.  It's a good thing I did because ohmyGOSH ...that bottle shot soda out in 4 directions with such force, while I screamed, while trying to get the cap off. (It was so COLD) I and my new bathing suit with white trim at the top was SOAKED with soda.   Sticky, sweet, ant bate is what this SeaSpray became after that.  I screamed so loud while trying to get the cap off, that one of our sons came running from the other side of the house.  I guess I just didn't get the cap off fast enough.  And I then needed to hose myself off.

When ...after the company leaves and you are in relaxed rinse the dishes mode ...using scalding hot water with the sink sprayer ...said sink sprayer button gets stuck at the same moment it slips in your soapy hand that it sprays directly into your face and not only soaks you, but the cabinets and the floor ...while your simultaneously screaming and wrestling with that possessed little hose?  Okay ...I am a screamer when things take me by surprise.   I just react.  :)  Sometimes I scare anyone around me, but usually they end up amused because of whatever calamity has occurred.  Think LUCY.  :)  Oh and thankfully, the scalding water temperature had cooled down to warm.

When have a doctor's appointment, you're dressed and ready to go ...except that you just have to brush your teeth after you finish that much desired mug of coffee ...but placed said much desired mug of coffee on your vanity ...just on the other side of a full glass of water, but then your hand slipped when you went to get something else off the vanity at which point you knocked the water over ...that in domino mode, then knocked the much desired mug of coffee over ...which sent the coffee flying into the nice crisp, outdoor clean smelling sheets you just put on your bed the night before, the NEW box spring and the quilt ...AND then had to clean books, the vanity, some smaller things and the floor ...sans cup of coffee?

At that point, I figured ...okay if things come in threes ..I'm done.


Three more a week later!

When drive to the doctor's office with the sunroof open so you won't be asphyxiated from the smell of spilled nail polish?  It turns out that last week, I neglected to put the nail polish top on tightly and it leaked out onto the plastic console in the cubbie under the dash.  But it wasn't until after I was en route yesterday that I moved what was covering this mishap ..that this awful smell permeated the entire car.  Not healthy!

When get to said doctor's office and they think you should've been there an 55 minutes earlier ...even though you KNOW the office person scheduling your 3 weeks in a row appointment ...said when scheduling, "Let's just keep them all at the same time.", and you agreed with HER idea.  You agreed so much that after the first appointment, you wave goodbye to the sign out desk, stating you don't need an appointment card because you will be back at the same time next week.  Then when they call you for a reminder, you immediately pick up the phone, say "Hi - I know what time to come in." and say goodbye.  But it turns out they say you can't be right because they have their anniversary barbecue outside. But ..I was right and stewed about it over the weekend and when saw doctor and m/a had to explain before I'd let anything be done.  The m/a said she had since talked with the woman and I was right, but just in case I still wanted doctor to know.  He was gracious as always.  I think she just forgot about the barbecue and then I blocked any chance of confirming appointment stating I knew the time.  And someone must've changed me, but not told me ..which again ..I did tell them I knew.  Normally ..I always want a card - but I KNEW we agreed on the same time 3 weeks in a row and my 3rd appt was at the originally scheduled time.  The second appointment mishap can be chalked up to miscommunication. I rest my case.  :)

When pick up some items in the store and then find out your credit card is declined?  WHAT?  I just used it!  AND ..they don't take checks!  I put the stuff back.  Then, I panicked and couldn't get home fast enough because that should not have happened.  I was worried about fraud.  But alas ...I placed some large orders from my direct sales company, and some other things and had not yet put it back in.  And that would've been alright, but then I used it for other things.  I normally would not do this and I guess is why I didn't think about it.I never did that in all my years of having credit cards.  I won't let that happen again.

When get undressed in your bedroom with the lights on, hang some things up ..only to realize that Mr SeaSpray did NOT pull the shades down ...again.  It's been a year since I put the shear white with blue roses sheer curtains up that obscure the fact the shades are up or down.  I still get caught if not thinking about it.  *sigh*  I ducked down fast, but I didn't scream.  I should have screamed and woken him up.  Of course ..ultimately the responsibility is with me.  I know I wrote a post about this happening when it first happened and yet ...I still get caught.  Geee!