Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Partially Girly ..and Other Stuff Post


And this is me my FB Bitstrip character I've created. I tried to make her as close as possible.  :)

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You can create comic strips too, although I haven't done that as yet.  Some people have interacted in comic strips in fb - funny.  :)

Right now, I'm as happy as a clam her shell ...relaxing in her favorite sea bed.  :)

This is because I am about to take a JAFRA Spa shower ...using my favorite products.  Talk about aroma therapy!  :)  And the products are just wonderful on my skin and hair.  Yes - I sell the products and have been a consultant for over 24 years now ...although for a good part of that time I was operating at hobby status until recently ..which is part of why I have been so busy the last couple of months ...although I am not in full swing yet.  That is because I have other things going on as well.  Anyway ..this isn't a sales pitch since I am not open with all personal information in this blog.  I won't be selling anything from here.  Although ...I will say that if any of my readers who do have my personal info are interested in the JAFRA skin care products can email me privately and i will email my website address to you.  (JAFRA is a quality skin care and cosmetic company that was established in 1956 and is now both a national and internationally based company.) I have set up a Paypal account and there are other ways to pay and I will promptly ship all products to you.  I hope at some point JAFRA will allow people to order directly to the company and products will ship directly from the company as other companies are doing.  But it may be that they prefer for their consultants to have more personal contact with their clients.  Although, I still think that is possible.  And I can tell you that I have used these products for 24 years because they are of such an excellent quality and every time I use them ...I can almost hear my face give a heartfelt and enthusiastic "T-H-A-N-K- Y-O-U!", and see it eagerly drink up the cleansers and creams that I use.  Honest!  :)  Heck ...that week I was an inpatient the first time back in 06 ...for a week ...I heard my facial skin say "W-H-A-T? Help!  What are you doing to me?!), when I used their all in one body wash. Then when I got home and used JAFRA again ...I distinctly heard ..not almost ..distinctly ..."A-H-H-H-H ...THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! All is well again."   ;)  Well ...OKAY ...ALMOST HEARD IT.  honest!  I LOVE their products and what they do for me!  Obviously or I wouldn't be using them for 24 years and giving as gifts. 

Anyway ...after my amazing spa shower ...I am going to use my favorite body products that cause me to feel all soft and they have such pretty scents, get into warm, plush, extremely soft cozy jammies and wait gets better ...I am going to BLOG to my heart's content - all night tonight.  (The guys are watching football play offs :)  And while blogging ...I'm going to enjoy some Pumpkin Spice coffee ...shhh ...but don't tell my urologist.  :)  (That's another post ) It's my favorite coffee and I just HAVE to use it up.

Okay ...enough with the girly posting.

So ...I plan on writing, and visiting my fellow bloggers (I've MISSED following your blogs.), and catching up on long neglected emails.  This might sound boring to some ...but not to a person who is a writer at heart.  It's the first time in so long that I don't feel rushed, pressured, obligated, and scattered ..and really just have some down time. And some of that is my own doing and some not.

This may sound weird ...but for the first time since fall of 2012 ...I feel like the SeaSpray that used to blog here.  And I feel like I am back in my blogging home again.  :)
I actually have a lot to get accomplished between now and February 11th, which is the date of my first total knee replacement left knee.  AND ...there will be NO backing out or changing dates.  Admittedly ...that underlying instinct I have to BOLT is still there.  (Only because of potential surgical risks.  I am expect pain and fighting through it.  I DO  have determination - I will want to prove that and get past it.  I CAN and WILL do that!)  But I will NOT back outI WILL FOLLOW THROUGH with said surgical plans.  Of course ...some of you could probably start a pool ...will she or won't she?  ;)  Pssst!  I WILL! (Although ...I DO wonder what happens in the OR or to OR surgeries if patients, staff and doctor have to travel in a blizzard?)  So ...if any of you remember how much I resisted the reconstructive uro surgery ...going through with this is still a huge deal for me.  I'll discuss that more this month.  I actually have a lot of medical posts ..from a patient's perspective that I want to write.  I have tests and other appointments I have to focus on doing.  One I literally have to bite the bullet and MAKE myself do and maybe I am being silly ...but I will write about that too.  And one decision I made ...I should feel great about ...but am having second thoughts ...but I kind of locked myself in now and won't have the opportunity to see that doc again and I won't call cause I don't want to have to go thru staff ...cause it just  ..or I just don't want to have to explain through a second or third party.  And while I want to say a lot about it ...I'm also not feeling free to yet.  Most people would be WOOHOO! YAY! THANK YOU! And in one way ...I think I should too.  BUT ...I have  ..hmmm ...I...well ...I'll just say I am pondering some things.  But when I do agree ...feel peace ...100% certain ...everyone will know what I think.  :)
So was 8 degrees below zero here last night.  Steam rolled across our floor every time we opened the back slider to let our dog out.  And ...our furnace DID NOT stop running.  Nor did the lines gel up.  That tells me that just as we thought ... the reason we incurred the 340.00 plumbing and heating bill is indeed because the oil delivery guy did NOT put the HOT product in with the oil and IS why the lines gelled up.  As previously stated - it was right on the order slip!  I tried to get some kind of extra credit because of his mistake but a manager said everyone's lines gelled up because of the cold.  I wonder if that is because he forgot to put it in their tanks too?  He said the guy has only been working solo for 2 weeks and he will talk to him.  Well ...I am as understanding as the next person but that doesn't help me feel any better about that repair bill.  So instead of our oil delivery from this company costing us 3.57 a gallon cost us 5.83 a gallon!   I am going to call then again on Monday.  This just isn't right!  We did get oil and so I don't expect the entire bill to be compensated for ...but they sure as heck should do more then crediting me the 10.00 I paid to have the product put in the tank to prevent exactly what did happen ...the lines gelling up and us incurring an expensive repair bill.  And it could've been worse.  Am I wrong to expect they should make some kind of effort to make good on THEIR mistake?  Is this the kind of customer service reputation they want?  So ...I will call them again on Monday. 
Well ...I've been writing this on and off and want to have some homemade soup I made last night.  It was sooo good and just perfect for this cold weather.  Lentil with ham soup.  Maybe I'll take a picture and put up later ...after my spa shower.  :)

I've said it before warms my heart when I know men are watching football.  I just love the sound too.  Or any sport that they enjoy. :)  Although later both sons and a friend are going out to the the late showing of the  newest Lord of the Rings movie. ( I still want to see Gravity.) I'm so happy that our sons are friends and get along so well.  That very much warms this SeaSpray's heart.  :)

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