Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Not the Only time - Just Most Stressful


It all happened so fast.  Of course that's how accidents go. I had just pulled into the parking lot mindful of the appointment I was heading out to shortly after picking up some things in the LifeLine office at the VNA. So I decided I would just leave my pocketbook in the car since I was going to be carrying another bag with folders and units to bring to the clients that day. I was just gonna breeze in and breeze out again ...off on my merry way. (I really was merry - unless I thought I was driving too close to Newark ...which would only happen if I erroneously went to far down in the busy areas, i.e. ...got lost wandering in the wrong direction.)

Anyway …this particular morning I locked my keys in the car because I also had an established habit of placing my keys in my pocketbook before I lock and get out of the car. Already focused on where I was going next, I tossed my purse, with said car keys and the SPARE on the passenger seat. And the SECOND I slammed the door ...I realized what-I-did.
One of my coworkers graciously offered to call her triple A for me, but first I wanted to try to call the Traveling Locksmith. He said he just happened to be traveling through town right then and was only a couple of minutes away. When he got there he said it has never happened that he was so close to the person that called. He was actually driving right up the road we were located on and in our direction.  No coincidences - I think of it as a God Wink.  He they (God and the Traveling Locksmith - maybe he was an angel.  It could happen. :), saved the day. Of course by the time I paid him ...I practically worked for free that day ...but I often said it was a job I'd pay to do.
Then I did it again ...not long after.  One rainy night ...after I left a clothing store, I realized what I  had done. "Hello ...Mr Traveling Locksmith?"  That time ...I had to wait almost an hour. So much for the clothes I bought on sale. But ...on the upside ...I was able to get help.

Then ...there was the time when Mr SeaSpray and I were dating. I worked down below …an hour away sans and didn't realize I locked my keys in the car until I got out of the office at 5pm.  Future Mr SeaSpray … H-E-L-P! So he rescued this damsel in distress ... left a local town ...drove up to my house in in another town to get my other keys and then drove all the way down to me.  :)

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