Friday, January 31, 2014

Ohhh the Irony - Laughing at Myself! :)


So a lighter and much shorter post than my previous one - this just happened.  Can I blame it on 2 days of caffeine deprivation?  I was reading through a list of slang terms used by nurses in Funny Nurses FB site.  GeeEEE! I can't believe I actually considered the following:

5. lantern test
Definition: To shine a pen light in a patient’s mouth and see their eyes light up (i.e. they have no brain).
Usage: She thought Smucker’s could be used as contraceptive jelly. I think she’d fail the lantern test.

Me -"Huh? I never noticed that. I'm getting the flashlight."  Then I read the jelly comment.  Then I went back to the top reread what I must've misread, while simultaneously imagining some hollow space in which light could shoot up through some orifice I'm unaware of.  After all ...I didn't know I had a ureter until I was 50, never mind TWO ureters.   I didn't know I...Never mind.  And I never knew that eye drops can drip into my throat, until they did  ...which still seems weird to me BTW ...because I never taste my tears if I cry.  Because if tears fill the rim of your eyes just as eye drops do ...then how come we don't taste tears from within?  Then still struggling with this ...still ready to run for the flashlight ..I then thought, "Well ..maybe if brainless."  And then I saw that I had skipped "(i.e. they have no brain)."

And this thought process of mine occurred even though I have seen the doctors do this exam countless times in my 20 yrs working at the hospital and also with my own kids.  Not to mention that I never saw my own eyes light up when it was done to me.  Obviously ..I'd see the light too.

Ha - this would give new meaning to bright eyes.  :)

The irony of this doesn't escape me here.

And I'm a brunette. :)

I really can attribute this to caffeine deprivation ...right?  :)

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