Friday, January 3, 2014

On the Coldest..Snowiest Night

So ...we had an oil delivery today (now yesterday).  As always - when placing the order, I specifically requested the HOT additive be added since we have an outside oil tank.  This prevents the oil from gelling. Our heat has shut off four times now and with the windchill factor is 14 below zero.  In reading the receipt ...I can see he did not charge for the product ..even though it is clearly indicated via computer and my check was for 10.00 more.  Our family room has electric heat, but I don't want our pipes to freeze in the rest of the house or they could burst - God forbid.  What incompetence and on the coldest night of the season!  Mr SeaSpray has had to reset it 4 times and use a blow dryer on the pipes in the furnace room.  Sleepless night tonight.  Praying to make it through until we can get the additive in the tank.  Governor Christie called a state of emergency because of the snow storm.  I hope Mr SeaSpray can get out to buy the additive and that it hasn't been sold out because of the weather.

08:15 - Call in for emergency service call to repair furnace that locked down a couple of hours ago.
11:20 - Grateful for extremely prompt emergency repair service from local plumbing & heating company.  Outcome: Zero 10.00 additive to tank when oil delivered =  365.40 - 25.00 coupon = 340.40 repair bill.

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