Friday, February 7, 2014

Scale Quest - Miserable About Test (Revised)

Costco Deal: Weight Watchers Digital Glass Scale $14.99

I am so not in the mood for Monday's test.  I'm doing it though.

Even going to Costco now isn't perking me up.

I didn't get there all week and now I'm watching the kids tomorrow at noon ...and so I HAVE to go and get a scale.  I hope they still have the kind I got last time.  I have found the scale to keep me mindful of weight gain or loss.  Mostly from gaining weight back that I lost.  Except for minimal yo-yoing.  I never should've given it up back in the 80s.  yeah ..I know.  I was a bit slow on the uptake of the value of having one for a couple of decades.

Back then, I had gone to an OA meeting and the speaker there had commented that numbers don't matter but how we both look and feel ..and if we were healthy ...vs feeling the need to conform to a number that may or may not be right for our physical makeup.  Well it turned out that for me allowed me to go into major denial ...maybe some kind of weight recognition unconsciousness because I gained.

Anyway ...I have lost 80 or so pounds ..but vacillated up - down and all around ...but because I went back to my weighing myself 3 times ..sans clothing and after first morning tinkle and then going with the 2 out of 3 number ..or worst one .. that helps to keep me aware. And fortunately I have stayed on the LOW end of regaining.  If only those of us that struggle with this problem could just 100% maintain if not actively losing weight ..and then when ready to lose more continue downward.  If only.

Oh I do hope they have the one I want.  I hope they still carry them.
Mission accomplished!

Although ...I made the mistake of weighing myself 11:30 at night.

Everyone knows the best time is in the morning. Of course I'd have to have a miracle for it to really make a difference.

Yeah ..that's it.

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