Saturday, February 22, 2014

Three Annoying Things

Here is a picture of homemade Turkey soup with dumplings that I made recently.  The dumplings tie into this story ...albeit this story, they were beef stew dumplings.  A beef stew meal finally served ...but not without a bit of stress prior to the making of said beef stew.  :)

I started writing about the nuclear stress test and will put that up later or tomorrow, but in the mean time ...I just wonder these things happen to other people?

So what happened?

A Blood bath I tell you ...BLOOD EVERYWHERE!

Okay ...admittedly not Niagara Falls volume in blood but certainly a ridiculous amount of blood.

I was fit to be tied I tell you!

Oh just so you know it was from stew meat ...but you'd think the cow was right there in the kitchen in the middle of a bloodletting procedure.  It was a large package of stew meat ...but come on!  GEEEE!

It had been a long day and it ended with my having to clean up blood in the kitchen (the counter, silverware drawer, the cabinet, the floor, and the refrigerator), followed by the family room tile, the NEW rug and door mat.  I have this habit of practically gift wrapping the meat from Costco ...using 2 plastic bags on each end but that night I only used one.  Then when I get home ...I place it on a cookie tray so that if any blood leaks out it is caught on said tray.  Except I was careless and placed the large stew meat package on top of the pork chops and also on the hamburger meat.  Anyway apparently got pushed back and began leaking blood all down the back of the fridge and pooling underneath the drawers.  GROSS!  I grabbed it and placed it in a box on the counter ...but said blood also spilled across the floor onto the bottom cabinet, into the partially open silverware drawer and counter and then the box. I was beside myself! This cleanup was the last thing I wanted to do after 10pm and with sore knees to boot! As I removed the meat (gross) from the plastic bag even more blood came out of the meat package and plastic bag, pouring down into the cardboard box.  Son came by at that point and I asked him to take the box and put it outside for now.  Well instead of putting it right outside the nearest door for some reason unbeknownst to me (I was absorbed in cleanup), he took it to the farthest exit which led him through the family room and he didn't know blood was dripping out the corner of the box on the tile, rug and door mat.  I didn't know until I had finished cleaning up the kitchen.  And yes it was only drops at that point but I just was not in the mood.  Fortunately the rug is dark blue and I did get it clean.  I just have to ask ...what the heck?  How could there be that much blood?  It's not like I am phobic about blood ...hence a drop looks like a gallon.  Okay ...maybe magnified by fatigue at having to clean up in so many places ...followed by sterilizing.  Okay ...I AM phobic about E-coli from raw meat and have been known to regale my family and friends with horror stories about it if I see them being careless with  raw meat.  I mean it's not like they fling it around everywhere ...but there are times I do see they could use better precautions - just saying.  And so now this late at night ...I had to clean up extra carefully because of that.  UGH!  Where was the dog when I needed her???  ;)

Then a few nights later, I picked up a full bottle of organic carrot juice ...but it slipped out of my hands.  The bottle hit the floor with such force that it broke the TOP of the twist off lid on said full bottle of organic carrot juice ...which in turn caused about half of the carrot juice to shoot under the refrigerator and under the hutch and across the floor in front of these things ..and onto my feet and slippers.  Now after 9pm ...I was again fit to be tied ...this time ...beyond words.  I think if I had vented ...I'd have felt even worse.  In a silence of disbelief  ...I soaked up everything with bath towels and slid paper towels under the fridge.  I then filled the mop bucket with cleaner and hot water ..first using a hand mop.  But then I got into it and even got a scrub brush and just began scrubbing the kitchen floor.

 It was cathartic. 

A-N-D ...since I have often said things come in threes ...even tho I am not superstitious ...I ended up looking like Casper the friendly ghost the next afternoon.  That was because I was in the process of making dumplings for the beef stew.  The flour wasn't coming out of the bag and instead of just scooping some out ...I decided to create a spout with the bag ...but I also held this narrow Pampered Chef measuring cup up in the air ...higher than my eyes so that I could see the exact measurement indicator in the light. However ...I was a bit too aggressive in encouraging the flour out of the bag and it shot out with force ...not only filling the measuring container but covering my face, hands and chest well as the counter, floor and again with the partially open silverware drawer.  Again with the open drawer.  It is a large ..wide drawer that sticks a bit and so sometimes when busy I don't close it all the way because I know I will just open it again.

At least this was a dry clean up and I only had to vacuum the floor.

I am amused now ...but I was not amused when these things happened.

Oh and the stew and dumplings ...worth the bloodletting and flour debacles.  Says me.  :)

Again ...just a picture of the big pan of homemade turkey soup and dumplings ...perfect for the cold weather we've been having.  I wanted to take a pic of the stew but was too busty that night.

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