Friday, March 28, 2014

How Are They Doing It?

I can't believe my friend talked to me for over 2 hours last night with 2 KIDNEY STONES!  Obviously there are stones ...and then there are stones.  And how about that politician who kept making speeches etc., while passing a stone this week?  YIKES!

Still ...both of them must be registering pretty high on the pain scale.

I never actually passed one ...but I've heard worse than childbirth. ??

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Badger in My Mouth - Not What I Thought

Two badgers emerging from their sett in Cropton Forest at dusk.  Credit Tony Bartholomew.I've never actually had a badger in my mouth ...running around ...maybe frolicking a bit.  And I don't know why the idea of having a badger in my mouth intrigued me so much ...that I just had to buy the product.  I mean really ...WHAT person actually wants to feel like badgers are running around in their mouth?   Yet ...that was the review on line that sold me on the product and I went right out to purchase it that evening.

I couldn't wait to get it home so that I could try it so I could experience that sensation.  Unfortunately, I had to wait until said product was charged.  But ...oh boy ...the anticipation.  :)

And then ...oh the disappointment when I could finally use it.

Let me be the first to tell you .... that you do NOT want any badgers running around in your mouth. 


It was awful!  Rough! And like jackhammers were going off in my mouth! 

It certainly did not feel like what I imagined a badger running around in my mouth would feel like.  The reviewer made it sound like such fun

It was not fun. It did not feel good.  And still ...I tried it 2 more times.  I wondered if I damaged anything.  Oh no ...this product was not for me.  So I packed it back up to return to the store.  Thankfully the clerk refunded that most disappointing purchase.

So what product am I talking about?

The Oral-B electric toothbrush.

I was so happy to return to the Philips Sonicare brand ...even though it was a bit more expensive.  Tried and true - how could I switch?  Well I had no idea something could feel so awful by comparison.  And the badger concept was intriguing.

And I don't know if it was because I was not used to the round head ...or because it operated more aggressively than what I was used to.  Costco had a coupon for it ...which is why I decided to switch brands if I read good reviews.  The thing is I did read some negative reviews.

Anyway ...I wonder why the idea of badgers running around in my mouth sounded like fun to me?  What does that say about me?  I'd like to think it means I'm ready for the next adventure loving and all.  Yeah ...that's it ...adventurous and fun loving.  :)  I could understand if porpoises or those happy little playful otters ...but badgers?   I guess it was something I just had to experience.  :)
I do love how clean my teeth look and feel after using an electric toothbrush.  It's like having the hygienist cleaning every time ...and I highly recommend the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Extra Special St Patrick's Day


 Oooh ..PRETTY in turquoise!  ;)

Why?  I mean ...why is this an extra special St Patrick's day?

Because 3 years ago today ...March 17, 2011 ...on a Thursday afternoon (I can still see the sunlight streaming in through the large windows  at a surgery center (most aesthetically pleasing :), was the last time I had a ureteral stent removed.

And that is a BIG HUGE deal because I had never gotten past 18 months without my ureter constricting completely closed.  It is also a HUGE deal because I avoided the high risk reconstructive surgery.  For awhile it really looked like I was going to have to go through it.

But I am 3 years later ...sans ureteral stents and surgery.  :)

HUGE deal!!!

To me's a near miracle.

I wanted to write something more thoughtful ...but I am under the weather today - and cold ...even tho house warm and I'm dressed in really warm PJs, robe and slippers. I just can't get warm since last night.  (But my URETER is open! :)  And so another time I will write more.   I just couldn't let this day go by without mentioning what a special anniversary this is for me.

I shall be eternally grateful to God and to my urologist ...who together with God facilitated the healing of my right ureter.  God of course being the ONE who HEALS ...but my doctor being the skilled and compassionate vessel God worked through.

Sometime I will write a final post about this chapter in my healing urological journey and life.

So ...Happy Ureteral Stent Removal anniversary to me!!  :)


Happy St Patrick's Day to all!  :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014


I am so mad right now I could spit nails ...all the way to MALTA!!  Someone from MALTA accessed and used my credit card.  How the heck did THAT happen???!   Infuriating and creepy!!  But HOW???

Friday, March 14, 2014

My Most Embarrassing Phone Call ...In My ENTIRE Life

Does anyone want to know why I called Poison Control for myself ...mortifyingly embarrassed at what I did a couple of weeks ago 3:30 in the morning?

 I was so embarrassed that I decided that if I had to go to an emergency room that I would not go to the community hospital in which I know people and would also not want this incident in  my records.  No ...instead I determined that I would either go to a community hospital in NY state or to another hospital the next county down.

Just in case I don't have the courage to write this post, suffice it to know that I now realize it is because of people like ME, that product manuals have seemingly inane warnings, "DON'T stand in water while ironing with the iron plugged into the electrical outlet.", Don't use the weed whacker to trim your mustache." and "Don't gargle with Drano."

Trust me when I tell you there is a product out there that now has a reason to put a new warning on the back label along with instructions for emergency treatment if one disregards said warning.

What a way to get the Adrenalin pumping in the wee hours of the morning!

Just saying.  :)

30 Seconds?

I've heard it said that instead of getting aggravated when we are stuck in traffic ...or something else holds us back, that we should instead thank God for the delay because he could be sparing us from something worse up ahead.

This wasn't much of a delay, but  the other day ...I came up to the traffic light at the end of my road and there were 2 other cars ahead of me.  Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal except that it is a very short light which usually only allows 3- 4 cars at the most and if anyone is distracted or slow to pull out, you will not get through the light.

The 2nd car (in front of me) didn't move and so I beeped my horn.  They pulled out ...unfortunately turning in my direction and then proceeded to not proceed up to the speed limit.  It was hard not to tailgate considering they were driving at about TWO miles and hour.  Okay I am exaggerating but it was under the speed limit.  Fortunately, they didn't stay on the road long before turning off.  YAY!

This road is like a winding ribbon of hills and turns.  As I had just rounded one of those ribbon turns and now on a relatively short straightaway ...I had a clear view of the sun shining down on a woman with sandy brown, curly shoulder length hair, in a maroon colored car, driving with her head down looking off to her right.  She had just rounded the bend and was driving downhill toward me.  Oh ...and when she rounded said bend, she completely crossed over into my lane and continued in MY lane for what seemed an eternity but was probably just about a few seconds.  Oh my God! (I meant that like - HELP!)  I leaned on my horn and she swerved back. She didn't look at me, but I bored holes into her as she passed by.

 I was shaken up, but even more mad in the moment because I think she was TEXTING!!!  Why else would she have head down at that angle?  Okay there could be other reasons ...but most likely it was texting.

I was in alarmed disbelief  when I saw the broad turn she made on this road.  It wasn't like when you take a turn a little too fast (guilty), and you overshoot the line a bit.  This was a wide, sweeping turn as soon as she came over the crest ...OVER the crest in she didn't even know what was on the other side of that CREST ...AROUND that BEND (with a double yellow line), and then continued on MY side of the road. 

God knows I've most definitely made my driving mistakes and I am sorry.  But doesn't everyone now ...know about the dangers of texting while driving?  That's just a double dose of stupid.

People really have to stop letting their phones own them.  What earth shattering thing will happen if they turn them off while driving ...or at least don't use the phones until they pull off the road? 


Anyway ...if I hadn't had that annoyingly slow put-put driver in front of me, I might not be sitting here writing this post now.

I think we would all be surprised if we knew how many times we've avoided physical harm because of some unexpected ...annoying delay.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Best Meatballs and a Myles Pic :) (Revised)

Myles - 3 yrs old ...and I just love that shirt.  :)

These pictures have nothing to do with meatballs - just thought they were cute - the pictures.  And if anyone saw the other title/post about my loving my mammo appointment, that may've been confusing with his sweet picture up.  The title and comment about that was before my afterthought to add the pictures. I just noticed the mismatch when coming in now to turn the computer off.

Also ..I am about to have a fabulous angel hair spaghetti and meatball dinner.  These are ...the BEST meatballs I've ever made ...ever.  I had to keep chasing Mr SeaSpray and son out of them.  Oh yeah ...these meatballs are so good that they just plunged right in ..swimming all around in the sauce.  Okay ..kidding ...but they kept stealing some out of the pot that has been simmering two days in a row.  The aroma in this house is incredible.

Back tomorrow.  :)

I'm trying to stay current with the voice so we can watch the finale live this time.

Now it's dinner time Tuesday and it looks like in my revised post I had dinner at 11:30 pm.  Umm ...NO.  Just when I revised the post.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

SHHHH! DON'T Tell My Urologist ...But... ;)


Oh ..wait ...P-L-A-N-T-S ...yeah ...THAT'S it ....I wet my PLANTS.

Okay ...never mind then.  ;)

Obviously urology has been on my mind as evidenced by last week's post.  There are reasons for that.

Anyway apropos

This sign would be perfect in a urology office ...on someone's desk or as a little plaque hanging up behind the scenes.  Some patients might be amused but others might be sensitive - you never know.  This SeaSpray would laugh out loud at it though.  :)

Hmmm ...urologists must really appreciate wet "plants" ...urine being a urologist's liquid gold and all.  :)

I suppose that could work for a gynecologist too... but urologists ..well URO in the specialty ...need I say more.  Okay ...urogynecologists too. :)


And I can't wait to get out there and water plants.

 Can't wait I tell you.  :)

I imagine that most Americans are experiencing spring fever after enduring this frigid and snowy winter all across our land.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Not a Chance Encounter :)

I had a most interesting conversation at the hair salon yesterday.  It was amazing how we had so much in common with where she lives now and that I used to live there, the people we knew and knew well, both in the community she resides in and in the church she attends.  Yet we never met each other through these relationships.  We shared faith experiences and many other things and our general outlook on life.  She also shared how surprised she was when someone whom she hadn’t seen in years came up to her …happy to see her and told her that she had been an inspiration to him.  (She had no idea.)  Awww ...sweet.   I could see why.   I wish we had more time to talk ...but before I left ...I told her that she was an inspiration to me, in just the couple of hours that we had conversed.  I didn't share problems or anything like that ...but it was just the boost I needed to get back to doing the positive things I used to do.  She really ignited a spark in my spirit for all kinds of reasons and I have no doubt that was not a chance encounter.  :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Entertaining Bajingoland Exam/Procedures and Other Ponderings ;)

I see a pattern here.  I've been thinking a lot about surgery lately ...especially today.  It seems I get a bit zany with my writing when I think about going into the OR or some other stressful medical thing I will have to do.  Hence ...this post.  Yes inspired by the video in the previous post ...but it is a medical venting on my part.  It is what I do.  :)  In thinking about the MANLY self exam video in my previous post I got to thinking about the silver sequined gloves ...and how I like the BLING ...and so I decided that I'd be okay with my gyne or uro docs wearing silver sequined gloves for the Bajingoland exam-procedures.  After all ... a bit of bling in a girl's life  ...'tis a good thing.  ;)

Ha ha!  A bit of bling  - a doctor sporting the silver sequined gloves ...followed by the doctor moon walking over to the exam table ...followed by smooth dance spin just prior to sitting in front of the patient ...what's not to appreciate?

I mean really our doctors do enough for us?  Wouldn't a bit of medical entertainment be conducive to lifting patient morale?  Putting them at ease in an otherwise awkward situation?  I mean what patient has time to feel embarrassed or afraid ...when they are focused on and then through the exam/procedure still thinking about the entertainment just provided by their provider?  Seriously.  ;)

Hey ...I think I'm on to something here.

Why you ask?

Well ...I think medical schools should incorporate patient entertainment into their curriculum. Oh sure cadavers have their place ...but I ask you ...when is the last time a cadaver got a patient to feel up beat ...or even feel ...the beat?  Exactly!   Heck ...I say let the medical entertainment training begin in med school but then the residents hone their patient entertainment skills during residency. No one graduates with out acing not only the written and verbal part of the exams ...but the doctors have to be proficient in the physical  ...dancing their way through that part of the test. 

What?  Physicians are too busy you say?  EMRs, the ACA, heavy patient loads and a demanding schedule with no time to sleep or breathe unless on the run?  Pish posh!  Any doctor worth his salt stethoscope and/or speculum will have finessed the entertainment aspect of the practice.  And what a lucrative practice it would be because I mean ...what patient wouldn't want an entertaining doctor to get their mind off things?

Why the most enterprising, patient savvy  ...oh and skilled doctors will be so in tune with their patients that they will instinctively know what form of entertainment will be most beneficial and conducive to a positive medical exam/procedure.

Of course the more affluent practices will equip each exam room with state-of-the-art sound and lighting effects to compliment the dance routine. But every physician should be able to captivate their patient's attention even when going back to basics with their no frills Patient Entertainment 101 moves.  Just as a surgeon had darned well better know how to operate even with out electricity it is the same for the entertaining physician.  Just saying.

As I ponder this ...oh the possibilities are endless I tell you!

Why limit oneself to dancing?  Surely the specialists will be able to sing and dance ...and even throw in a clown routine ...or maybe some opera.  And the truly ambitions ...yet thoughtful docs will have their staff participate too.  I mean what's not to love about singing and dancing medical assistants or front desk receptionists?  Or an entertaining call to Medicare while trying to secure that reimbursement?

Or a clown shtick?

Or how about entertaining the surgical patient?  I know a thing or to about going to the OR and I think the entertainment should begin with the transport to the OR ...singing and dancing all the way.  Then without missing a beat the OR staff jumps in, with the surgeon being the lead performer?  And off course that's because everyone knows the surgeon calls the shots in the OR.  And can't you just picture a singing and dancing ...stent wielding urologist in the OR?  Or a power tool wielding orthopedic surgeon?  Obviously that little intravenous pre-op cocktail will enhance the patient entertainment experience ...just a bit.   Maybe throw in a little stand up comedy? What a way to go out for surgery...leave em laughing. :)  And by "leave em", I mean the patient goes under the effects of the anesthesia laughing and only leaves the OR doors going directly into post-op.  There will be no other leaving the OR in the vertical out-of-body ...float to the ceiling exit.  None of that!

Oh and how about the emergency room docs dancing their way into the patient areas.  Talk about CURTAIN calls!  ;)  Why Press Ganeys would take on a whole new meaning with patient reviews.  Siskel and Ebert - Move over!

I'm just putting this stuff out there.

As for this SeaSpray that I think about it ...I think I would prefer that my doctor wear silver sequined gloves and/or a blinged up white coat and tap dance his/her way into my room. Yes ...the rhythmic sound of tap shoes on the hard floors along with animated silver sequined gloves would be truly mesmerizing, i.e., distracting from the exam/procedure at hand ...pun intended.   And for the encore ...I could fling turquoise glitter into the air ...adorning everyone in the room.  Oh what fun! Now that is my idea of a positive patient experience. ;)

A Monthly Self Exam For Men (With a Bit of Humor:)

Actually ...I never knew this and I don't think most men do.  I could be wrong.  I hope I am.  And I didn't know that testicular cancer is the number one cancer threat for men between the ages of 15 - 34.

I'm sharing this with the men in my life.  They won't like it ...but ...I'm sharing this.

None of us like to think about ...never mind do self exams ...but they ARE so important and can SAVE LIVES.

There should be more public awareness on this topic.