Friday, March 14, 2014

30 Seconds?

I've heard it said that instead of getting aggravated when we are stuck in traffic ...or something else holds us back, that we should instead thank God for the delay because he could be sparing us from something worse up ahead.

This wasn't much of a delay, but  the other day ...I came up to the traffic light at the end of my road and there were 2 other cars ahead of me.  Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal except that it is a very short light which usually only allows 3- 4 cars at the most and if anyone is distracted or slow to pull out, you will not get through the light.

The 2nd car (in front of me) didn't move and so I beeped my horn.  They pulled out ...unfortunately turning in my direction and then proceeded to not proceed up to the speed limit.  It was hard not to tailgate considering they were driving at about TWO miles and hour.  Okay I am exaggerating but it was under the speed limit.  Fortunately, they didn't stay on the road long before turning off.  YAY!

This road is like a winding ribbon of hills and turns.  As I had just rounded one of those ribbon turns and now on a relatively short straightaway ...I had a clear view of the sun shining down on a woman with sandy brown, curly shoulder length hair, in a maroon colored car, driving with her head down looking off to her right.  She had just rounded the bend and was driving downhill toward me.  Oh ...and when she rounded said bend, she completely crossed over into my lane and continued in MY lane for what seemed an eternity but was probably just about a few seconds.  Oh my God! (I meant that like - HELP!)  I leaned on my horn and she swerved back. She didn't look at me, but I bored holes into her as she passed by.

 I was shaken up, but even more mad in the moment because I think she was TEXTING!!!  Why else would she have head down at that angle?  Okay there could be other reasons ...but most likely it was texting.

I was in alarmed disbelief  when I saw the broad turn she made on this road.  It wasn't like when you take a turn a little too fast (guilty), and you overshoot the line a bit.  This was a wide, sweeping turn as soon as she came over the crest ...OVER the crest in she didn't even know what was on the other side of that CREST ...AROUND that BEND (with a double yellow line), and then continued on MY side of the road. 

God knows I've most definitely made my driving mistakes and I am sorry.  But doesn't everyone now ...know about the dangers of texting while driving?  That's just a double dose of stupid.

People really have to stop letting their phones own them.  What earth shattering thing will happen if they turn them off while driving ...or at least don't use the phones until they pull off the road? 


Anyway ...if I hadn't had that annoyingly slow put-put driver in front of me, I might not be sitting here writing this post now.

I think we would all be surprised if we knew how many times we've avoided physical harm because of some unexpected ...annoying delay.


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