Monday, March 17, 2014

Extra Special St Patrick's Day


 Oooh ..PRETTY in turquoise!  ;)

Why?  I mean ...why is this an extra special St Patrick's day?

Because 3 years ago today ...March 17, 2011 ...on a Thursday afternoon (I can still see the sunlight streaming in through the large windows  at a surgery center (most aesthetically pleasing :), was the last time I had a ureteral stent removed.

And that is a BIG HUGE deal because I had never gotten past 18 months without my ureter constricting completely closed.  It is also a HUGE deal because I avoided the high risk reconstructive surgery.  For awhile it really looked like I was going to have to go through it.

But I am 3 years later ...sans ureteral stents and surgery.  :)

HUGE deal!!!

To me's a near miracle.

I wanted to write something more thoughtful ...but I am under the weather today - and cold ...even tho house warm and I'm dressed in really warm PJs, robe and slippers. I just can't get warm since last night.  (But my URETER is open! :)  And so another time I will write more.   I just couldn't let this day go by without mentioning what a special anniversary this is for me.

I shall be eternally grateful to God and to my urologist ...who together with God facilitated the healing of my right ureter.  God of course being the ONE who HEALS ...but my doctor being the skilled and compassionate vessel God worked through.

Sometime I will write a final post about this chapter in my healing urological journey and life.

So ...Happy Ureteral Stent Removal anniversary to me!!  :)


Happy St Patrick's Day to all!  :)

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