Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Good Morning! May We All Have a Wonderfully God Blessed Day! :)

 Photo credit to son, Chris.  The sun was just above the mountain when my baby blues first saw the day.  :)

Coffee made.

Bacon on.

Eggs ready to go.

Wee ones will soon be here ...overflowing with an energetic joy in anticipation of  a day at our house.  They both always hit the ground running to our front door ...with big smiles on their faces every time they get here.  I'm always just as excited ..lots of hugs and our dog just as happily howls with excitement, wanting to be right in the middle of us all.  A family circus for sure.

 And here they are!

 Faith, our dog ... is already up and looking out at them through the the window, howling out the announcement of their arrival. 

Let the day begin.  :)

Ha ha!  I wrote this just before 8 a.m. and it's taken an hour just to come back to post it.  They sure do keep me busy.  'Tis a good thing.  :)

Myles immediately made a beeline over to the music with an acoustic guitar playing and sat down right in front of it to listen.  I do think he is musically inclined and should be cultivated in him.  He seems to be drawn to anything musical.  He could actively engaged in something and if something musical comes on the TV or elsewhere he will just stop to watch/listen right in his tracks. Some days he will say, "Play music Mum mum." It is so interesting when a child clearly demonstrates a talent/interest for something he/she may do later in life.  He also seems to have a lot of drive and likes anything involving physical activity ...and especially balls.  I think he may be good at sports.  I also have to redirect and tone him down from climbing and other excessively physical things when in the house.  (he had two time outs this morning ..the second one longer and with him facing the wall until the timer went off.  He is supposed to think about why he should not have done what he did.  Then when the time out is over, we briefly discuss it again and then he has to apologize  ...gets a hug and is off and running again.

 I wish we had one of those playhouses/swing sets with the pseudo rock wall to climb on.  They would both love that.  :)

Wren is busily creating some art work right near me.  I thought we could have some craft time at the table later.  One of the things being ...make a thank you card for their Papa.  There was a note on the counter this morning telling me bacon and eggs were in the fridge.  Awww ...that was thoughtful of him to take before work to buy those things.  He probably skipped breakfast.  I had lamented the night before that I never got back down to Costco to finish shopping and so wouldn't be making the breakfast they like to have.  I didn't expect him to do that though.  :)
I am amused that this MORNING post is going up now ...at 1:21ish.  Like I said ...they keep me busy ...delightfully busy.  Shortly, we're going to decorate for Easter.  Funny thing ...Wrenna wanted to eat lunch by 10 am.  Then I remembered I had told her we would decorate for Easter after lunch.  Per Master Myles request,  I  baked a "green cake" and even tho I'm not a fan of food coloring ...I made it a green swirl cake and it will have green icing.  Just a simple tuna casserole and salad tonight.  And baths.  They love getting a bath here.  I do it when I can so they don't have to do it after getting home later.  Myles will ask for a bath all day on some days.  I still remember how much fun it was to play in the bathtub when I was little.  :)

Also ...I totally did not realize my car had to be inspected in March.  This is because we got it in August and I guess I just thought I'd do that in August too.  So now I have to drive over there this afternoon.  I'd let Mr SeaSpray do it, but if we were stopped I know I'm the one that would most likely get a pass.  And I really hope it passes because I damaged it on one of the winter glaciers around here.  But I will post on that another day, along with a poem about my parking written by younger son when he was 10.

Oh and earlier Myles came over to me asking for a snack.  I told him I was making lunch now.

Then from around the corner...

Wren, "Mum mum, you know what that means."

What Wrenna?

"EASTER d-e-c-o-r-a-t-i-n-g."

Ha ha ...nothing gets past our little Miss Wren.  :)
A simple day ...that may seem boring to some ...but I feel so very blessed to be doing these things again.

And when I get past the knee surgeries and rehab ...I will be able to do so many more outdoor activities.

4 weeks from yesterday is the first knee replacement. 

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