Sunday, April 27, 2014

Early to Bed ...Early to Rise ...Temptation Removed From These SeaSpray Eyes ...and stuff :)

I'm going to relax with a cup of soothing tea and catch up on a little TV.  I'm thinking Mad Men or ...Frasier reruns.  I'm totally enjoying Frasier again.  I just love that show.  :)  Anyway, I'm trying to drink tea again instead of eating at night when watching TV.  Of course we're out of anything good or bad that I might want to snack on tonight.  So, I will be hitting Costco tomorrow afternoon - shopping for HEALTHY food.  And I love that Costco also has organic food and juices at great prices.  I'll go after my eye exam.  Ha!  With YELLOW eyes no doubt! Yellow because of the eye drops he puts in my eyes to test for glaucoma - I think.  Thank you God for sun glasses.  :)

Regarding the ultrasounds, I'm believing that no news is good news.  It's been a week.  My doctor will be back in his satellite office tomorrow and that is where the results were sent.  Besides ...I had good results with my recent lab work that was ordered by my PCP and I'd think that is also an indicator of a good ultrasound report coming my way.  :)

Now if I was a good SeaSpray ...I'd go to bed right now 10:23 pm.  Doing so would definitely eliminate any chance of eating at night.  I've often joked that if I went to bed before midnight, I could lose weight on my beauty sleep diet.  I really would.  All I would have to do is get rid of my night owl ways and go to bed early enough so that I'd be waking up with the birds after sleeping all night.  This is because I usually eat the worst before I go to bed and I don't eat much during the day at all.

Sleeping would eradicate most overeating temptations.

"SeaSpray - you lost weight!  WHAT did you do?"

I slept.


StorytellERdoc said...

Hi Friend!
I will be sending you extra good energy in the hopes it helps bring you good news from your docs!
I eat mostly after 8 pm until bedtime, so I completely understand the sleep diet! You made me laugh!
It's so great to see you blogging (still) when the medical blog landscape has changed so drastically in the past few years. You are a great constant among all the swirling changes!!!
Hope all is good and good news comes your way soon.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jim and thank you for your kind words. I'm very happy to say that I did get good reports on the ultrasounds and labs. What a RELIEF!

Now I just have one more thing to deal with/get thru before I do knee replacement. Hopefully it isn't the big deal I have projected it to be. The upside is it has been a catalyst to once again LOSE more weight. :)

Yes ..there have been so many changes the medical arena the world.

I too fell off a bit from blogging and like I said - do want to improve blog/get back to it IS my bingo - one of them. :) *still thinking about your post. :)

I also like your use of the word "constant." These days ...I think we all can use some positive constants in our lives ...that something that anchors us in a safe port amidst the storms.

Also one of the things I almost posted in your comments but removed was that my friend Iris (died in 2011) was my go-to person since I was 4 - friends for 52 yrs. While I don't grieve ...there are times she would be my "bingo", where I'd be running right to her about things or to have fun. I am grateful for so many things ..blessings. But like I heard an actor say over losing his wife ...sometimes he feels like he's a 3 legged table missing the 4th leg. And then it passes.

Also - if I had a boat ..or flew a plain or a beach house ..definitely beach house on water ...BINGO!!!!! :)

Have a terrific week! :)