Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mommy, when you wear makeup... (Posted again from a few years ago)

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"Mommy, when you wear makeup - you look like a bouquet of flowers."  (Christopher - 4yrs old)

One afternoon when I was getting ready for work up at the hospital, our then 4 year old son, Chris walked into the bathroom. He wanted to be with me because he knew that I would be leaving soon, so he sat down and talked with me while watching me apply my makeup. (I can still see him there, so cute looking up at me with his big warm brown eyes.) I remember smiling at something he said and turned to look at him.

He then ever so sweetly said "Mommy, when you wear makeup - you look like a bouquet of flowers." I stopped what I was doing and went right over to him and gave him a big hug and told him that was such a NICE thing to say and that I loved him so much. He was smiling so broadly after that and I could see that he felt good about what he had said to me. It was a special moment in time - the kind of moment that touches us to our very soul, leaving an eternal impression within our hearts - the kind of moments that really matter.

Our precious son truly amazed me and warmed my heart that day. :)

(I'm posting this now because I accidentally deleted it from it's original posting a few years ago.  I was linking this to my current post and yet somehow deleted it from that date instead. ?)

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