Sunday, April 6, 2014

Morning Surprise and Sweetest Compliment (They made my day :)


This morning our son, Chris, surprised me with a new Keurig coffee machine.  (Very Nice!)  It's an early birthday present.  And with a box of mixed beverages, tea and hot chocolate.  Totally unexpected and certainly most thoughtful and very APPRECIATED.  :)

And I loved the expression on his face when he was directing me over to his surprise for me.   Even the big yellow sign he made.  I enjoy surprises and even the thought of surprising someone else.  Such fun!    Thank you Chris!  :)

Then a while later ...I was putting my makeup on and just about done when little 3 year old Myles looked up at me and said,

"Your pink lipstick is beautiful."

Awww ...THANK YOU Myles!

A minute or so later...

"You look BEAUTIFUL Mum mum!" (Emphasis his)

Oh Myles're so SWEET!  Come here so I can give you a big hug!  :)

I shall always remember his sweet words and sincere and adorable expression as he looked up at me.  He totally melted my heart ...not to mention caused me to light up with a bright smile awww of his thoughtfulness.  :)

And this reminds me of another favorite memory ...a similar one involving our youngest son when he was 4.

Here is the link to that sweet story:

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