Monday, April 14, 2014

Okay ...FINE! and Surgery Update

 Never Surrender: Don't get buried by your Travel Nurse taxes!


I'm going to bring all my tax prep to the ACCOUNTANT'S  tomorrow afternoon and so much as I loathe doing this ...this year ...I am waving the white flag of SURRENDER for doing our taxes.  I hate admitting defeat ...especially when I've done so much ...and I just know there is a simple answer (s) right in front of me.  But my husband retired last winter and even though I have the 1099R right in front of me certain things are not clear to me.  Not only that ...(I must be misunderstanding this), in one section they are saying we spent 2,157.00  LESS for health/dental insurance premiums than what we actually paid as evidenced by their own explanation of retirement expenses earlier in the year.  On the 1099R they have the figure under ROTH contributions OR insurance.  My instincts tell me this is not the health insurance premiums.  (mistakes do happen tho) But then there are other sections with financial figures also not clear.  So between federal and state ...I just want to be sure it's right.  Then NEXT year I will know what to do again.  I will be sure to ask precise questions when I meet with him after his work is complete.  Also this time my delay in tackling this is hurting because now we will be paying for the extension too.  C'est la vie.  I'm going to cut myself some slack.  I admit I don't have the same drive to tackle it and am also happy to wash my hands of it.  I know ...walking paradox ...I am.  :)  I just want to get through the knee stuff and feel like myself again.

And about that ...I spoke with the scheduler today and she removed me off the schedule because as I stated in my previous post I need to see what they tell me on Thursday at the hospital and hopefully it will be a non event that will not suck up a lot of time and I can pursue this ...although now it will be in MAY. What a terrific scheduler she is!  Pleasant, supportive and understanding.  I was concerned they'd think I wasn't serious and I absolutely am!  She didn't cell back because she misunderstood what I said in the message last week and that there was a need to change the surgery date.  And she didn't realize the vascular doc also sent a report to them.  So ...soon ...this will be happening.  My next call will be for the date and I just want to get in there and DO this!

 To be continued ...

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