Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prayer Request

I'm leaving right now for to have two ultrasound tests done.

If anyone feels so inclined ...please say a prayer that the doctors will have Godly discernment and wisdom.  And that I will have good reports on both tests.

POWER in prayer!

Thank you!

Have a great rest of the week!  :)


StorytellERdoc said...

Ms. Seaspray!
I have been absent for a bit...it is great to see you still posting! I hope today goes well for you. I am sending you extra good wishes and energy.
I hope all is well...

SeaSpray said...

Hi StorytellERdoc! I knew that was you just by your comment. You've been missed!

Thank you for the well wishes and good energy. Much appreciated! :)

I'll stop by for a visit tomorrow as I have an *early* morning doctor appt.

So nice to know you are still around. :)