Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tea Time For Tax Time and Surgery Scheduling Snafu

Later I sit down to face the paperwork (sorting - although I did do most of that last month - YAY!), I am going to enjoy a nice cup of tea.  This is a picture of the Chai Latte tea I had yesterday.  I would've preferred less sweetness, but it was still a treat.  Tea is relaxing.  I LOVE coffee and do relax with that ...but tea comforting, soothing and relaxing.   Just perfect for the undercurrent of stress I'm feeling over doing the taxes this year.   :)

Darned TAX time!

Tomorrow was supposed to be 2 weeks from surgery day.  More on that when I can.   Well I'll just say that on Thursday, I have to do something medically I was not planning on and don't know what to expect or  how involved it is. Which is also why the surgery is a little up in the air ...for the 28th.  (It's possible if  I can get the PAT/pre-surgery class done in time for pcp to send clearance.  But if I have to continue with some kind of program at this place then I don't think it will be doable.  Close but no cigar.  The only perk in it is it is at my favorite hospital and so I will check out their gift shop on the way out. (Sometimes a SeaSpray's just gotta make lemonade out of lemons - just saying. :) It's a nice little gift shop and they may have jewelery or something I might like.  I've almost always rewarded myself with a little something from there after enduring some kind of test or procedure.  This isn't a test but a potential treatment for something.  I'm still hoping it will just be a short evaluation and no big deal and something she just shows me to do ...or maybe I won't even have to. 

Btw - I really liked the vascular doc.  What a nice doctor!  And the good news is he didn't see the need to do any vascular testing of any kind - YAY!   He just gave me a script to do this.  But ...he mentioned maybe 2 weeks with this and that is what interferes with surgery.  I have no idea what to expect.

I can't believe the different cancellations and rescheduling with different specialists and not just because of me, but also the doctors.  And now this.  Actually I mentioned I was glad that we finally met after all of our mutual cancellations and he was so sweet and all apologetic.  I quickly reassured him that I understood and that it was me too. Gosh ...he's a DOCTOR! Need I say more?  I 100% understand when they meed to change things and/or keep me waiting.  I think most people are dense when they get angry at the doctor.  And certainly not appreciative.   Anyway, they say praise God for the delays.  But now I'm bummed because it is so close to summer.  I wasn't sorry I canceled the October appointment because I really thought I would be doing the surgery by February the latest. Regardless ...I AM doing this surgery! It has to be done.  And I have to get PAST all this stuff.  I am so tired of it all.  And this level of chronic pain is extremely draining at this point.  And discouraging. Admittedly, I came home Tuesday afternoon feeling really down because it seems that I finally get myself psyched (even tho I lamented about time going too fast), and then a wrench thrown into it ...again.  In a way's kind of odd.  How I kept getting delays for different reasons.  I'm thinking maybe the time just wasn't right for some reason.  And I have just given this all to God and asked him to work out all the scheduling and the day of the surgery.  I'm happy with my choice for an orthopedic surgeon.  He specializes in hip and knee replacements.  I've heard good things about him and also the ortho wing in that hospital.  He even did bilateral hip replacements for my dentist who also reassured me of how good the surgeon is.  And this dentist also teaches at that hospital and so I think he'd know of the orthopedic doctor's reputation.  Plus ...he chose him for himself.   There's no higher testimony than that.  :)

Well ...I was going to vent about doing the taxes this year.  But now I think I will just go empty the dishwasher and go back to the paperwork part while catching up on some shows I've taped.  Specifically Shark tank and The Five.  :)  I did everything BUT the taxes once I signed out of the tax program today.  :)  But there are some changes this time around and if I have to, I will just bring it all to an accountant.  I just hate PAYING him though when I've done all the ground work.  Seriously ...I tally all the receipts and have them all categorized.  Okay I still have to do that part but the point is I do allll the work.  I have called him in the past. The last time ...he told me he enjoys my stressing over some of the things when I don't know for sure what to do.  But this is his profession.  I haven't  spoken with him since April 2004 and I don't feel right about that now. I do have a couple of other people to call tomorrow and so maybe my answers will be clearer after speaking with them.

Or maybe I will see it all more clearly when I wake up EARLY ...all bright eyed and bushy tailed and tackle this with the eastern sun coming in the windows.  And I'll have the house to myself without any distractions.

And now it's tea time.  :)

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