Friday, May 23, 2014

Laughing My Way Through the Biopsy :)

I often say that Jesus said we have power in our words and how important it is to speak ...believing in positive experiences and outcomes.  Not that you should deny reality ..but that you shouldn't complain ...and allow fear to take over.  I confess ...I have allowed fear to take over regarding this upcoming procedure ...because of the previous experience.  And when we do that will just spiral downward because we are already anticipating the worst ...believing that is what it will be.

I think it's important to understand the facts ...prepare ....but then to get your head in a place where you believe for the best.  Speak positive affirmations.  Pray.  Believe.  Go in to something with the best attitude.

When I was younger and for most of my life ...I truly did just that.

I don't know exactly why or when I changed.  Well ...okay ...I think I do.  But no time to discuss that now.

For a while now ...I have actually been thinking that I have become negative ...vs my usually upbeat, easy going and let live (says me) self.  And fearful.  Oh not wringing my hands fearful ...but I've certainly let those thoughts in more than I ever used to.  And yes ...I've had some experiences that understandably opened those doors, but you just can't give those thoughts a chance to take up permanent residence.

Anyway's endometrial biopsy is going to go well.  I will handle it better than the last time.  It is not going to hurt as much.  I am going to stay ahead of any pain and not lose control to it.  I will focus on breathing and keep good thoughts.  I've prayed and now I am trusting God to get me through it.

Heck ...the Gyne dic, nurse and I will be downright cheerful and find things to laugh at.  Okay well maybe not Gyne Doc.  I'm vot so sure I want my Gyne doc laughing while he's working in the nether regions.  that might be weird.  Although hey ...if it facilitates a positive endometrial biopsy experience ...why not?   A little levity can go a long way.  :)

So ...this SeaSpray is gonna laugh if she feels like crying ...she's gonna laugh if it hurts and even if she's laughing really hard golly ...she's gonna LAUGH.

Okay ...mission accomplished.

 I am now sq2m.  Smiling quietly to myself.  :)

PS - And I will also have a good report.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

39.75 Hours to Go And I Don't Care if a Man Doesn't Have a Cervix

And now ...I'm just going shopping!

 I have been losing weight again and so I hope I don't buy a comfort food.  Priorities SeaSpray ...PRIORITIES!  I could completely zone out with a favorite snack/food while watching the Survivor finale and after show when I come home later tonight. I record it so I can zip through the commercials.

I know I said I'd write a funny medical post next but I'm not feeling it.

Admittedly, it is taking everything in me to resist calling my gyne doc tomorrow to assertively request the OR.   I am weighing the pros and cons.

Admittedly ...I've been fantasizing that any doctor doing this procedure in the office should have to experience it firsthand for themselves.  And ...yes ...this SeaSpray is aware that a man doesn't have a cervix.  I don't care.

I just really do not understand why doctors do this in the office.  I think it should be a prerequisite in their training that any doctor that will be doing this procedure should have to undergo it ...even if it means going up their schwing-schwong.  Just go up a little ways with a some kind of device that will painfully dilate them, taking a tissue sample ...without providing adequate pain relief.

I'm just saying.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Why ...I Ask? W-h-y-y-y-y-y?????

I have to say ...vent ...that I am increasingly becoming more upset about the procedure I am going to have to go through on Friday.  Of course most important is a good report.  That trumps all.  But for the love of God ...why do something so BARBARIC IN THE OFFICE when you can take the woman to the OR?????????

That being said next post will be a lighter one ...a funny (says me) medical post.  :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rollin ...Rollin ...Rollin .... :)

This photo was taken when the cows were walking across the front of our neighbor's property before they turned in toward their house.  I wish I had a picture for when they were staring back at me, way to the left of this, before they went on the move.  So funny!  And such a surprise.  :)

I added two videos and another picture below this post.   For anyone feeling nostalgic ...or curious ..the first one is with some clips from the show (Rawhide) accompanied by catchy theme song.  I DARE you not to sing along :)  The second video is of the Blues Brothers singing Rawhide.  LOL!  I am gonna be hearing that song and the whip cracking in my head all day now.   Might make for some interesting dreams and or entertainment for Mr SeaSpray if I talk/sing in my sleep.  :)
Once upon a time ...a few mornings ago ...while walking past a front window, I happened to glance outside.  HUH?!   I stopped dead in my tracks, backed up a couple of steps and did a double take.  Three brown cows were looking back at me from across the street.  "Hello girls!", I said out loud. (I like to say hi cows when I see them anywhere.  I don't know why.  :) I think they were deciding if they should cross the street and come on over for a visit.  But then they all turned to walk across the edge of our neighbor's large front yard.  (Pic above)  However, then they decided to walk down the long front lawn toward the neighbor's house.   I assumed they got out from the fields behind this neighbor's house and were heading back home.

I had only taken a couple of pictures and then left for just a minute.   When I returned, they were galloping back in our direction as if they had been spooked. (Neighbor probably yelled at them.)  I was tempted to run out to the fence and sing Raw Hide.  ;)  I'm guessing the neighbor didn't take too kindly to the cow's hooves digging into their front lawn.  Been there done that.  Okay ..not me ...because I don't have hooves.  But we once had a whole herd of cows surround our house ..well on 3 sides.  Hoof holes everywhere!  But I digress.

Anyway ...I was concerned they would come onto the road.  God forbid they should be hit by a car.  That would be bad for all involved.

Fortunately, they stopped ...but then turned and began walking through the woods.  They would have to go through a marsh too.  I was concerned they would make it out to the busy highway or the windy country road in the back.

So I called 911.  And I only did that because it was faster than looking the number up.  (turning computer on, etc., or using the phone book)  The officer wanted to know exactly where they were.  I sad the last I saw them they took off through the woods, heading toward the highway or possibly on the windy road if they went toward the back.  I joked and said I could whistle Rawhide if it would help them.  He didn't laugh.  Okay so poor timing on that one - joking on a 911 call.  Or he was too young to even know what I was offering. Plus ...SeaSpray confession:  I lied to an officer of the law.  I actually can't whistle very well.  Although ..I never said I was a good whistler.  So it's a good thing he didn't say "Great idea Mrs SeaSpray!  Meet us out front."  But ...again I digress.

The officer thanked me - stating they'd send someone out, we hung up and then I immediately called our son who was coming over with the kids.  I left a message on his cell telling him to drive slowly when he got near our area because three brown cows were on the loose.

I admit that I enjoyed leaving that message because it's not often one gets to leave a message telling someone that 3 brown cows are on the loose.  And I know that son would not expect to hear it either.  It's NJ after all.  :)

That being said ...we live in one of the prettiest counties in NJ.  And of course there are others and the OCEAN.  Just giving a little shout out for our often misrepresented state.  NJ is not at all just cities and industry.

Just saying.  :)

So here is one more picture of the girls are the videos with the Rawhide song:


Monday, May 5, 2014

Not What the Doctor Said

Yes ...this would be a bad day.  Things can always be worse. 

Well turns out that the message left by the office nurse clearing me last week isn't exactly what the doctor said this morning.  He called me to tell me that based on one of the reports I would have to have a certain procedure.  I did wonder about that and was going to call him anyway this morning.

And even with requesting the earliest available appointment at any office, I can't get the procedure until the 23rd of this month and so I have to think about this for the next 18 days.  I don't recall how long results take.  I did have it once before and results were normal.  I am wondering if there is a marked change as compared to last reports.  I want to call back and ask but what will that knowledge do for me?  And then I 'll be taking up his time.  Although he could relay info through his nurse.  Also, if things are the same, I'd probably feel better about that.

I really wanted this done at the hospital because I know how painful it is, but he really wanted it done in the office.  It's a good thing he isn't a urologist or I might've had stents placed IN me in the office instead of the OR.  Okay ...he couldn't do that (right?), I'm just saying.

I am feeling pretty down at the moment.  But I have to remember that lab results from another doctor were good.  My pap test was normal.  And other things on the 2 ultrasounds were normal.

I'll rally back by tomorrow.   :)

Anyway ...again ...I ask for anyone so inclined to say a prayer for a good report from the biopsy that will clear me (most important), that I tolerate the procedure better than the last time and for peace.

Thank you.  :)

PS-  Eh ...the new Jack Bauer spin off of 24 (Live Another Day), starts tonight - 2 hr episode.  Things already look better.  :)

Friday, May 2, 2014

"Tinkle Toes" :)

Wrenna - I LOVE your new sneakers!

"They're called tinkle toes."

I think they must be called TWINKLE toes because they twinkle like stars.  Like the song ... twinkle, twinkle little s-t-a-r ...  :)  Wait around when I turn the lights off!  Oh how FUN are they Wren!  You could lead the way like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.  :)  

"Mum mum, you should get a pair!

Oh I'd love to have those sneakers when I get the knee surgery.  I could really be rockin' the rehab.  :)

"Mum mum ...we could rock in the rehab together.  What's a rehab?"

Awww ...she's so sweet I could eat her for dessert.  R-u-n Wren R-U-N!  ;)

I do think "Tinkle" sneakers would be fun to wear when they have me ambulating around the halls and everywhere.  I am a kid at heart.  And I love the bling all it's sparkly forms.  :)

Actually, I had these twinkling flip-flops that I wore during my frequent flier urology hospital stays ..way back when. (I'm healed now. :)  I liked that the thick soles were farther from the floor and I wanted that in the shower.  They were also easy to slip on when getting out of bed.  And I always smiled to myself when the lights twinkled with every step.  Especially when the room lights were low.  And in the shower.  :)

Admittedly, this SeaSpray is easily amused by even the simple things in life.  I see it as a gift.  :)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Practical Post - Costco Recommendation and stuff :)

See the explanation at the end of this post.  :)

Well ...forget needing an ark to get home from Costco last night because of all the wind and heavy rain.  All I had to do was take two steps outside our front door where I saw that said ark was on the lake in our front yard.  Sheesh!  Not only that was so cold, wet and windy that with my third step I turned and went right back in the house.   I forced myself to go back outside once I changed into my warmest winter coat with a hood.  I was nervous driving in the heavy rain just going 10 minutes away ...never mind 40 minutes away.  And now it's sunny, warm and a bit humid.  Weather can be so weird.  I'll hit Costco sometime between now and Sunday.  I have to use those coupons before they expire.

Then it is always sticker shock for me when I shop in a grocery store because I mostly shop in Costco.  I spent 261.00 ...although saved 39.00 with their store coupons.  Of course I don't know how a competing store would've priced the same items.  The thing is I KNOW that my purchases at Costco last so much longer.  Aside for a few staples, most of the food  from last night's excursion will be gone in short order.  I did  get a good price on a pork roast though.

Then they had buy 8 of certain items and get them for 88 cents.  So I bought a different varieties of Hanover beans.  But then further down the aisle they had my favorite Goya beans for 79 cents a can.  I picked up the store brand catsup because 88 cents would be a good price ...but then I wasn't willing to use it with high fructose syrup.  The celery was a good price at 88 cents as was the lettuce.  But I really cannot believe how much smaller the packages and cans are and higher the prices are.  Also, I realize a dime isn't all that much ...but it's the principal of it.  Just because they advertise "Sale" in any store does not mean it is the best price for like products.

Anyway ...I have to share about one of my favorite Costco products.  The Kirkland (Costco brand), solid white tuna fish.

A few years ago, another man shopping in Costco stopped me as I was about to pick up the name brand I always used prior to the Kirkland tuna.  He asked me if I ever tried  the Kirkland brand.  I had not.  He encouraged me to try it.  Let me tell you ...once I tasted of the Kirkland tuna, along with the visual of how perfect the tuna is in the can.  (Meaning there are rarely any little dark things to remove.)  It is all pure quality white tuna.  Not only that is packed full with the tuna fish.  You can see that as evidenced by the picture I provided from last week.  I always pack it down to remove the excess water.  In this picture, I am comparing a 7 oz vs 5 oz cans of tuna.  Starkist vs Kirkland  You can see that the name brand squished more than halfway down in the can whereas the Kirkland did not.  Also was even less tuna in the name brand once I removed the darker pieces and scales that are packed with the tuna.  Years ago you could count on solid white being solid white, but as with other things these days ...quality gets compromised.  I also appreciate that Kirkland packs a full  7 oz can.  The price has gone up in Costco, but you get 8 cans for about 14.00 - still a good buy.   I can't believe tuna fish costs that much.  I sure as heck wouldn't buy it from the store if I don't have to.

So ...I highly recommend you give the Kirkland brand tuna fish a try.  You won't be disappointed.

PS - I still LOVE the Kirkland brand paper towels and have also crossed over to the Kirkland toilet paper.  Both are quality products that are more cost effective because they work better and last longer and at better prices than the name brands I had been using.   Just saying.  :)

Gosh ...I really do love that store.  :)

I have a few lighthearted posts to share and will do so with my next post.

1. What caused me to do a double take this morning.

2. A funny encounter with my opthamologist that I'm done feeling mortified

3.  Another adult who shall remain nameless ...that I called poison control for.

4.  Why I called Poison Control for myself  at about 4 in the morning during the winter.  (Now that I'm over the embarrassment:)

5. "Tinkle Toes."