Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Practical Post - Costco Recommendation and stuff :)

See the explanation at the end of this post.  :)

Well ...forget needing an ark to get home from Costco last night because of all the wind and heavy rain.  All I had to do was take two steps outside our front door where I saw that said ark was on the lake in our front yard.  Sheesh!  Not only that was so cold, wet and windy that with my third step I turned and went right back in the house.   I forced myself to go back outside once I changed into my warmest winter coat with a hood.  I was nervous driving in the heavy rain just going 10 minutes away ...never mind 40 minutes away.  And now it's sunny, warm and a bit humid.  Weather can be so weird.  I'll hit Costco sometime between now and Sunday.  I have to use those coupons before they expire.

Then it is always sticker shock for me when I shop in a grocery store because I mostly shop in Costco.  I spent 261.00 ...although saved 39.00 with their store coupons.  Of course I don't know how a competing store would've priced the same items.  The thing is I KNOW that my purchases at Costco last so much longer.  Aside for a few staples, most of the food  from last night's excursion will be gone in short order.  I did  get a good price on a pork roast though.

Then they had buy 8 of certain items and get them for 88 cents.  So I bought a different varieties of Hanover beans.  But then further down the aisle they had my favorite Goya beans for 79 cents a can.  I picked up the store brand catsup because 88 cents would be a good price ...but then I wasn't willing to use it with high fructose syrup.  The celery was a good price at 88 cents as was the lettuce.  But I really cannot believe how much smaller the packages and cans are and higher the prices are.  Also, I realize a dime isn't all that much ...but it's the principal of it.  Just because they advertise "Sale" in any store does not mean it is the best price for like products.

Anyway ...I have to share about one of my favorite Costco products.  The Kirkland (Costco brand), solid white tuna fish.

A few years ago, another man shopping in Costco stopped me as I was about to pick up the name brand I always used prior to the Kirkland tuna.  He asked me if I ever tried  the Kirkland brand.  I had not.  He encouraged me to try it.  Let me tell you ...once I tasted of the Kirkland tuna, along with the visual of how perfect the tuna is in the can.  (Meaning there are rarely any little dark things to remove.)  It is all pure quality white tuna.  Not only that is packed full with the tuna fish.  You can see that as evidenced by the picture I provided from last week.  I always pack it down to remove the excess water.  In this picture, I am comparing a 7 oz vs 5 oz cans of tuna.  Starkist vs Kirkland  You can see that the name brand squished more than halfway down in the can whereas the Kirkland did not.  Also was even less tuna in the name brand once I removed the darker pieces and scales that are packed with the tuna.  Years ago you could count on solid white being solid white, but as with other things these days ...quality gets compromised.  I also appreciate that Kirkland packs a full  7 oz can.  The price has gone up in Costco, but you get 8 cans for about 14.00 - still a good buy.   I can't believe tuna fish costs that much.  I sure as heck wouldn't buy it from the store if I don't have to.

So ...I highly recommend you give the Kirkland brand tuna fish a try.  You won't be disappointed.

PS - I still LOVE the Kirkland brand paper towels and have also crossed over to the Kirkland toilet paper.  Both are quality products that are more cost effective because they work better and last longer and at better prices than the name brands I had been using.   Just saying.  :)

Gosh ...I really do love that store.  :)

I have a few lighthearted posts to share and will do so with my next post.

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