Friday, May 23, 2014

Laughing My Way Through the Biopsy :)

I often say that Jesus said we have power in our words and how important it is to speak ...believing in positive experiences and outcomes.  Not that you should deny reality ..but that you shouldn't complain ...and allow fear to take over.  I confess ...I have allowed fear to take over regarding this upcoming procedure ...because of the previous experience.  And when we do that will just spiral downward because we are already anticipating the worst ...believing that is what it will be.

I think it's important to understand the facts ...prepare ....but then to get your head in a place where you believe for the best.  Speak positive affirmations.  Pray.  Believe.  Go in to something with the best attitude.

When I was younger and for most of my life ...I truly did just that.

I don't know exactly why or when I changed.  Well ...okay ...I think I do.  But no time to discuss that now.

For a while now ...I have actually been thinking that I have become negative ...vs my usually upbeat, easy going and let live (says me) self.  And fearful.  Oh not wringing my hands fearful ...but I've certainly let those thoughts in more than I ever used to.  And yes ...I've had some experiences that understandably opened those doors, but you just can't give those thoughts a chance to take up permanent residence.

Anyway's endometrial biopsy is going to go well.  I will handle it better than the last time.  It is not going to hurt as much.  I am going to stay ahead of any pain and not lose control to it.  I will focus on breathing and keep good thoughts.  I've prayed and now I am trusting God to get me through it.

Heck ...the Gyne dic, nurse and I will be downright cheerful and find things to laugh at.  Okay well maybe not Gyne Doc.  I'm vot so sure I want my Gyne doc laughing while he's working in the nether regions.  that might be weird.  Although hey ...if it facilitates a positive endometrial biopsy experience ...why not?   A little levity can go a long way.  :)

So ...this SeaSpray is gonna laugh if she feels like crying ...she's gonna laugh if it hurts and even if she's laughing really hard golly ...she's gonna LAUGH.

Okay ...mission accomplished.

 I am now sq2m.  Smiling quietly to myself.  :)

PS - And I will also have a good report.


Mark p.s.2 said...

Speaking medically, in medical language you want a "negative" outcome. Negative means there is no observable disease in the science of medicine. This comment was meant as humor , humor of the meanings of words in the use of language.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Mark p.s. 2 - your humor/comment is appreciated. :)

Ha! I survived the ordeal (will write about it soon) and am believing for negative results. :)

I should know in 2 weeks.