Monday, May 5, 2014

Not What the Doctor Said

Yes ...this would be a bad day.  Things can always be worse. 

Well turns out that the message left by the office nurse clearing me last week isn't exactly what the doctor said this morning.  He called me to tell me that based on one of the reports I would have to have a certain procedure.  I did wonder about that and was going to call him anyway this morning.

And even with requesting the earliest available appointment at any office, I can't get the procedure until the 23rd of this month and so I have to think about this for the next 18 days.  I don't recall how long results take.  I did have it once before and results were normal.  I am wondering if there is a marked change as compared to last reports.  I want to call back and ask but what will that knowledge do for me?  And then I 'll be taking up his time.  Although he could relay info through his nurse.  Also, if things are the same, I'd probably feel better about that.

I really wanted this done at the hospital because I know how painful it is, but he really wanted it done in the office.  It's a good thing he isn't a urologist or I might've had stents placed IN me in the office instead of the OR.  Okay ...he couldn't do that (right?), I'm just saying.

I am feeling pretty down at the moment.  But I have to remember that lab results from another doctor were good.  My pap test was normal.  And other things on the 2 ultrasounds were normal.

I'll rally back by tomorrow.   :)

Anyway ...again ...I ask for anyone so inclined to say a prayer for a good report from the biopsy that will clear me (most important), that I tolerate the procedure better than the last time and for peace.

Thank you.  :)

PS-  Eh ...the new Jack Bauer spin off of 24 (Live Another Day), starts tonight - 2 hr episode.  Things already look better.  :)


scots little sister said...

So sorry to read that you are feeling down at the moment. When I think of you I always think of a bubbly, witty cheerful although somewhat anxious person (the latter anxious bit comes from your various health procedures, understandably).
I have been feeling a bit down myself, but a few things changed (meds and mindset) and on Friday I went to the garden centre and bought lots of packets of seeds, and a couple of bedding plants, and spent the rest of the day and yesterday planting them up. It really took my mind and concomitant worries and sadness away for those hours. It was inexpensive and therapeutic. I have alos been planning our garden restoration, and that is fun too.
I sympathise about your doctor not empathising with your wish for where you wanted the procedure to be done. I have been having problems (that have contributed to me feeling down) with my own doctors.
I really hope this gets sorted. I will include you in my prayers.

SeaSpray said...

I'm b-a-a-ck. :)

Hi Scots little sis.

I'm actually up and down these days. Get overwhelmed by some physical things going on and extremely frustrated ..then rally back with a tough it out you can do it attitude. I haven't written on a couple of things so more to it.

I am sorry that you have been having your own concerns too. It is frustrating at the very least when you don't feel heard. Personally I think drs should have to experience what the patients experience and maybe they would see it differently. of course in my docs case then he'd have to grow and endometrium, cervix and vagina. *sigh* he helped deliver our second born and I do like him. But I KNOW how painful this is because I had it a few yrs ago. I recently read that the shots to help with pain can hurt as much as the procedure. I don't know if I should ask for them. ???

His reasoning about not going to OR was risk of anesthesia, if they had to intubate me they might have a hard time, etc. I was a frequent flier to or when I did all that uro stuff and never had any issues I am aware of.

I am wondering if I should ask again. ?

Then of course I will be responsible for a 10% hospital copay and so in office will save money. Although will have copay with him too. I'm still mulling over what to do. Although appt is set for 11am on the 23rd.

It sounds like you will have a lovely garden. And it is fun and rewarding. I don't do a lot but am finding I enjoy it more now that I am older. I love my herb garden and I'd like to try Correna's idea with painting stones except use shells. :)

I don't know if you or anyone has tried to email me but I'm locked out of my email account I've had since 1996 because microsoft put some kind of security thing on and I can't find the new password I meade to prove I am who I say I am. I have a 50 dollar gift certificate in their too and all companies send their confirmations to that one. Oh WHY do people have to be dishonest thus causing companies to ruin a good thing with all their extra security?! (Rhetorical question :)

I hope things work out better for you with your doctors and you feel better too.

So nice connecting with you again. I pray for you to heal where needed, understanding physicians/healthcare workers and many blessings to you and your husband. A-N-D a BEAUTIFUL and BOUNTIFUL garden. :)