Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rollin ...Rollin ...Rollin .... :)

This photo was taken when the cows were walking across the front of our neighbor's property before they turned in toward their house.  I wish I had a picture for when they were staring back at me, way to the left of this, before they went on the move.  So funny!  And such a surprise.  :)

I added two videos and another picture below this post.   For anyone feeling nostalgic ...or curious ..the first one is with some clips from the show (Rawhide) accompanied by catchy theme song.  I DARE you not to sing along :)  The second video is of the Blues Brothers singing Rawhide.  LOL!  I am gonna be hearing that song and the whip cracking in my head all day now.   Might make for some interesting dreams and or entertainment for Mr SeaSpray if I talk/sing in my sleep.  :)
Once upon a time ...a few mornings ago ...while walking past a front window, I happened to glance outside.  HUH?!   I stopped dead in my tracks, backed up a couple of steps and did a double take.  Three brown cows were looking back at me from across the street.  "Hello girls!", I said out loud. (I like to say hi cows when I see them anywhere.  I don't know why.  :) I think they were deciding if they should cross the street and come on over for a visit.  But then they all turned to walk across the edge of our neighbor's large front yard.  (Pic above)  However, then they decided to walk down the long front lawn toward the neighbor's house.   I assumed they got out from the fields behind this neighbor's house and were heading back home.

I had only taken a couple of pictures and then left for just a minute.   When I returned, they were galloping back in our direction as if they had been spooked. (Neighbor probably yelled at them.)  I was tempted to run out to the fence and sing Raw Hide.  ;)  I'm guessing the neighbor didn't take too kindly to the cow's hooves digging into their front lawn.  Been there done that.  Okay ..not me ...because I don't have hooves.  But we once had a whole herd of cows surround our house ..well on 3 sides.  Hoof holes everywhere!  But I digress.

Anyway ...I was concerned they would come onto the road.  God forbid they should be hit by a car.  That would be bad for all involved.

Fortunately, they stopped ...but then turned and began walking through the woods.  They would have to go through a marsh too.  I was concerned they would make it out to the busy highway or the windy country road in the back.

So I called 911.  And I only did that because it was faster than looking the number up.  (turning computer on, etc., or using the phone book)  The officer wanted to know exactly where they were.  I sad the last I saw them they took off through the woods, heading toward the highway or possibly on the windy road if they went toward the back.  I joked and said I could whistle Rawhide if it would help them.  He didn't laugh.  Okay so poor timing on that one - joking on a 911 call.  Or he was too young to even know what I was offering. Plus ...SeaSpray confession:  I lied to an officer of the law.  I actually can't whistle very well.  Although ..I never said I was a good whistler.  So it's a good thing he didn't say "Great idea Mrs SeaSpray!  Meet us out front."  But ...again I digress.

The officer thanked me - stating they'd send someone out, we hung up and then I immediately called our son who was coming over with the kids.  I left a message on his cell telling him to drive slowly when he got near our area because three brown cows were on the loose.

I admit that I enjoyed leaving that message because it's not often one gets to leave a message telling someone that 3 brown cows are on the loose.  And I know that son would not expect to hear it either.  It's NJ after all.  :)

That being said ...we live in one of the prettiest counties in NJ.  And of course there are others and the OCEAN.  Just giving a little shout out for our often misrepresented state.  NJ is not at all just cities and industry.

Just saying.  :)

So here is one more picture of the girls are the videos with the Rawhide song:



scots little sister said...

You have given me an ear worm....thanks! ;) I will now be humming that all is SUCH a catchy tune and the words go so well. I loved the blues brothers deep man voice...urmmm!

Great post - reading this at 0845 morning and I have some gardening to do, so this has me chuckling about brown cows and rolling, rowling Seaspray..YAY :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi there Scots little sister! :)

Glad you enjoyed it. The Blues Brothers - classic. :)

I've never heard the expression, "ear worm", but how apropos. And I didn't end up hearing it in my sleep- waking up to the tune in the morning. Really thot I would cause I was singing it all day. I'm still hearing that whip - ha ha! :)

Gardening is relaxing/therapeutic - unless bugs bite. I've even found weeding is relaxing. I used to leave it all up to Jim but now I do some too. The best is when it's hot, I wear my bathing suit, set the sprinkler in the vegetable garden and get soaked while picking our bounty. :)

We're leaving to go over to m-i-l's for Mother's day and so I will return tonight to comment on your comment in other post below.

It was a nice surprise to see actual comments in here because no one except another doc recently has commented in ages. Figure I need to get back to decent writing again and visit.

I prefer blogging over fb and miss the old blogging days when we all visited each other. But twitter, fb and other social media more appealing and faster I suppose.

Happy gardening! :)