Saturday, June 14, 2014

SECRETS Discovered!

First I want to say That I did get a NORMAL report for the endometrial biopsy.  Thank God!  I want to write a post about that experience.  It was still a bad experience, but better than the one I had the last time.  There are reasons for that and hopefully my writing about it may help someone else prepare for this experience.  I did embarrass myself 3 times though.  Although I am proud of myself regarding something else.  I will try to write about that experience soon.

 Secondly, for anyone interested I added an update at the bottom of last night's post.
And finally ...on a lighter note ...this happened last week:

Wrenna (5) was with me in our bedroom while I was looking for something. She was on the other side of the bed (her Papa's side), when she noticed a chocolate egg on the dresser. I said she could have it and that papa was a candy monster and sometimes has it for a snack when he wakes up at night.

 After that, she disappeared on his side of the bed for a bit and then suddenly popped up ...all bright eyed, grinning from ear to ear and looking a bit mischievous as she exclaimed, "I know papa's SECRETS!" Secrets Wren?  Still flashing the same wide smile ...eyes lit up ...she thrust her hand high into the air ...holding the evidence ...FOUR SECRETS to be exact. CANDY wrappers that apparently slipped under the bed and dresser. Ha ha! Then I asked  Mr SeaSpray to come in because Wrenna had something to tell him. He cracked up. She wanted to keep the wrappers because, "They're pretty.", but I encouraged her to throw them out, stating that Papa will surprise her with real candy sometime soon. 

Regarding the secrets ...I knew it couldn't be anything bad ...yet I did w-o-n-d-e-r what she was talking about.

 She is so funny.  :)

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