Thursday, July 17, 2014

Amused Orthodoc, ER Staff and Me :) Bat Post - Part II

This could me with some urology procedures and the endometrial biopsy.  Actually - I really don't react until the pain hits.  But today was EASY PEASY.  :)

Boy sure is a good thing I'm not a trypanophobic.

Or else this would've been one b-a-d day.  I knew I was going to the orthopedic office and then over to the ER.  I had been dreading the ER visit because I didn't want to go through it all all over again. (See previous post) And so my focus was on that.  I wasn't stressed or anything.  I was just hoping it would go the way I hoped.

So anyway ...after getting my 3rd set of Orthovisk injections (one in each knee - not fun), and then a Cortisone injection in my right hand for the trigger finger that has been bothering me since February (yes ...I resisted that too.), my orthodoc with a little almost smile says, "So you're getting more injections?"

No ...I'm done now.

"But you have more injections to get?"

No ...this was the third week of Orthovisk injections and I'm done now.

And then seeing his now grin light bulb goes on and I said in agreement ...O-h-h-h right.  Now I'm going over to the hospital to get the rabies vaccine. FOUR needles in one day!

Then I laughed as it hit me ...that not only did I get 3 injections in his office in 3 body parts but that now I was getting those topped off with a rabies vaccine at the hospital in what I hoped would be my arm.

It was.  YAY!  :)

I don't think most people would be smiling about this if it was them but it is kind of funny.

Then the ER PA was concerned when I said that this was going to be 4th shot of the day and so I showed him.  By then I was laughing at it and they laughed with me.  My blood pressure was up though.  I think it was because I figured it would be a booster but still had the concern about getting whole series and what if the big one has to go in my neck???  Also the PA wanted to hear my bat story (next post) and I was animated while telling it which must interfere with the cuff on my arm.  And it did come down ...although not as low as it should have but I was still a bit keyed up.  They should've done it just before I left.  But they probably figured it was on it's way back down.

Oh and the PA explained that even if I did have to have the Immune Globulin injection that in this case they would not inject into my neck because that could be risky for other reasons.  I'm just glad that shot was a moot point.

Had a nice chat with the nurses while he checked CDC protocols.  And I heard my urologist paged and it seemed so weird to me in one way because it seems like another lifetime ago that I was the frequent flier urology patient and emergent at that.  But no more.   I admit it took me a long time to believe I was done.  I feel like I received a miracle healing.  Someday I will do a final urology post to sum it all up.  :)

Anyway the shot in the arm was uneventful.  I just have to return Sunday for the 2nd booster.  Actually the PA said to come in in the morning because I will wait a long time if I come in in the afternoon.  Also ...I have to say I was surprised that I was in and out of there within about a half hour.  From registration to discharge.  That was a pleasant surprise.  I brought TWO books with me just in case they were backed up or emergencies came in.

And this SeaSpray says wistfully ...I miss working in a hospital.  Maybe someday ...after my knee replacements ...I will work in one again.  Or a medical office, urgent care ...something medical. I just feel so drawn to the environment (I see hospitals as a place where people are helped and have loved being a part of that process) and to staff and patients.  Of course I am not limiting myself to only working in a medical environment.  Something completely different might be presented to me that could take me off in an entirely different direction.  Time will tell.

But I sure am glad to have had the 20 years working in the hospital, with the emergency department and ancillary departments ...but especially Emergency.  And I loved being a support person to medical staff, other staff and patients.  I always saw that job as a gift and still do.  It was a great experience. :)

Now I have a couple other things to do and I want to get in the pool because I heard it will be 50 degrees tonight and I just want to swim a bit.  And I'll write about my Sunday night bat (?) experience in post #3 on this topic in my next post.  I suppose I should link them for future reference.

Ha ha ...I almost asked then for a sticker foe all my injection sites but thought better of it. :)

Oh and after I get the second rabies booster can call on me to get the bats out of your life.  Apparently I am protected from rabies for the next two years.

Bats in your house?

Who ya gonna call?

SeaSpray!  ;)

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